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  1. I am also in that group obessed with the game and just because you say so doesn't make it true. But good try.
  2. 1. But you have nothing to support your argument either for this. This is just what you are hoping it is. Nothing states that other abilities can't happen while this ability is resolving. This isn't the breaks. This is something that clearly isn't properly defined in the game. There are strong arguments both ways and until they make a ruling this is going to cause issues for tournaments.
  3. The example shown does not prove that it is discarded as soon as played. Point 1: No where in the rules does it state that you can't play other cards while a card is in the middle of resolving. Point 2: This also is an assumption as there is no definition for Resolve. However, for Foggify this is likely where the part "as much of the ability as possible" would come into play and is discarded at the end of your turn and you being the active player.
  4. I guess the key word we need a definition for here is Resolve. Do things resolve mean to acknowledge that the effect is activated and then it remains in effect until card states otherwise or does it mean seeing every consequence of that effect through to the end?
  5. When does Library Access hit the discard pile? Per the rule book it states: ACTION CARDS When an action card is played, the active player resolves the card’s “Play:” ability and, after resolving as much of the ability as possible, places the card in their discard pile. From my read of this then Library access is either discarded at the end of the turn OR discarded once you have stopped using its effects. Once it goes to the graveyard it is no longer in effect. Either way the graveyard recursion shenangins people talk about shouldnt be occurring with this card. Can we get an official ruling on this?
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