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  1. LOL The rule book looking more and more complicated, (Dripping with Sarcasm:) GREAT JOB. Y'all need to make a HUGE ADDENDUM mainly :KEEP IT SIMPLE, Resolve what you can. So what is the plan FFL? Make the game not casual, add in more confusing rulings as fast as possible to make MTG rulings look like cupcakes? Tries to stay cool and goes to glossary for some of the most silliest rulings: -Cannot vs must/may, cannot vs permissive: What a mess, and y'all removed the lock out strategy great job! This ruling seems like it was made to stop a strategy nothing more or less. Probably due to some kid freaking out that they can't play anything! People need to accept the pitfalls/consequences of the cards they use, Pitlord has messed me up before, it sucks, but whatever just discard it! and never play it, simple especially vs a fellow Dis player. - Smaaash: Here is a card that could SIMPLY add ''may'' as in ''Play: Owner MAY stun a creature'' unlike Biomatrix Back-up which DID NOT need the ''may'' SO are we going to see these cards in the next print run with the wording replaced? (doubt it, great MOAR confusion) -Shadowself and the armour: Very SIMPLE it even is on the Shadowself card '' Damage dealt to non-spectre neighbors is dealt to Shadowself instead'' SO WHEN DOES THE KNIGHT TAKE DAMAGE? think about it, it doesn't because of Shadowself's selfless ability. Does shadow self have armour? NO. Damage is damage, Shadowself's ability supercedes the damage taking so armour is never even touched unless shadowself has armour=Simple not complicated but made complicated by this silly ruling. -Spangler box and Kelifi Dragon: Did it leave play? Yes. When Spangler box leaves play the creatures underneath it enter into....um play again? So YES the Kelifi dragon needs to have the amber again, a better example in this situation would be Truebaru. The present ruling here is complicated and convoluted, not at all SIMPLE. My only issue with Spangler box is if my opponent doesn't have Logos as a house in their deck can they choose Logos to activate Spangler Box? That should be a no, players should only be able to choose from the houses of their deck, thus this allows STRATEGY for the usage of Spangler Box once per game in those situations otherwise the Logo's players bat the box around, that is the gamble of the Spangler Box. -T1 Wild Wormhole/Phase Shift: Turn 1 Wild Wormhole allows you to play the top card of your library, in fact it forces you too. Phase shift allows you to play a non-logos card this turn but don't forget the ''MAY''. So may I play another action if I am the first player on the first turn? NO, Why? Whats the difference? ''MAY'' and you already played an action, Phase Shift. Wild Wormhole forces you play the top card it isn't ''Play: Player MAY play the top card of library'' it is SIMPLY ''Play: Play the top card of your deck''. -Wild Wormhole and the Kelifi Dragon: Resolve the card as best as you can (I don't know how many times this line can be reiterated throughout this rant), so if the card can't be played it goes to discard NOT back to the top of the deck. There is consequences to every decision, this ruling removes the consequences and risk of Wild Wormhole. -Xyilo Bolter and the Bad Penny: Bad Penny is Purged Duh! Active player chooses like the old Biomatrix Back up ruling, SIMPLE but in this case there is no choosing the bloody thing is Purged! Purge is not a may it is a must! This current ruling makes Bad penny, Dextre abilities waaaay more powerful than they should be and removes some of the logic and balance behind having Purge abilities in the game. Purge was designed to deal with these problematic creatures! You might as well have a new ability called ''Unpurgeable'' written on Bad penny, Dextre, etc... -Flank: ''If a battleline only has one creature in it, that creature is on both the left and right flank and is considered a flank creature.'' That is asinine, gets out dictionary, Verb 1. be on each or on one side of. "the fireplace is flanked by built-in bookshelves" So in this example of the definition of flank implies that if the bookshelves are considered creatures and you remove the shelves than what is the bloody fireplace flanking? NOTHING. Wow what a great ruling so Staunch Knight is forever,basically, flanking. Are you serious? These rulings are the ones that make the least sense, are the most needlessly complicated and also have some of the easiest answers when you think about it. The people deciding these present rulings are killing the fun of this game and have it seems very little understanding of the strategy behind some of these cards, the waves these rulings create and most of all a complete and utter lack of keeping things SIMPLE. .
  2. Hi Cleansing Wave is crazy when you realize it heals everything and NOT just your own and then you get amber. Last Game I used it after my opponent had Poison Waved the board for 2 damage, I had 2 Cleansing Wave's handy and healed 5 each time to a total of 10 amber in that turn:P
  3. Hi Why the Magic lingo? -Most of the terms in Keyforge are just a variation on a word commonly used in MTG (Magic the Gathering) for legal purposes, ex: Ready is just like referring to the card as Untapped/Haste; I am sure if Garfield could've used words like ''Tap'', ''Summoning Sickness'' he would've. - Quite a lot of Keyforge players have knowledge and familiarity with other CCG's, one of the most popular being MTG. - It is faster to explain to a new player in terms they are familiar with. Multiplayer: I played a game of 4 players recently with Keyforge we merely just decided that certain cards lingo would be considered a single player instead, ex: Grabber Jammer, Aether Spider affect one player only. The game went very well so it is quite possible to play multiplayer Keyforge even now without a set dedicated to multiplayer interactions. Quickstory of the game: The game took about 1 hr. 1 of us had 1 key and the other 3 had 2 key's. My friend with 1 key was super salty but in the end was able to forge a key in a turn with Key charge and Witch of the Eye brought back Key Charge and was able to make another next turn. I think after such a successful multiplayer game, Keyforge needs to enable more multiplayer as the game was even more fun with more players vying to make keys and even if one player gets close, the others kept them down:p
  4. Hi Everybody Hope y'all are enjoying Keyforge as much as me. Mahn' that Poltergeist clarification thread is just like a Bad Penny haha. I wanted to share with everyone a scenario that happened yesterday: My opponent had 2 Elusive (Elusive: The first time this creature is attacked each turn, it takes no damage) creatures out so it would take 4 creatures to kill them, 2 per creature. My buddy felt super confident despite me having 4 brobnar on the field of battle, ripping and raring to go. So on my turn I played Warsong ''For the remainder of the turn, Gain 1 amber each time a friendly creature fights'' and proceeded to gain 4 amber that turn because the War Song was strong that day with these Brobnar singing loud well hunting and fighting those Elusive Shadowed Elven Thieves. By the end of the game my buddy was like, '' Dayummmmm that was a sick play, never would've thought about Warsong's interaction with Elusive and making it into a Brobnarian advantage''🤩
  5. Hi I doubt there is truly a WIN WIN deck out there because each deck depends on the players preferences and style of play. My first deck I ever got is Mars/Brobnar/Dis, Professor J Chronocode, it has a very subtle sacrifice your creatures for advantage with Soul Snatcher and Dust Imps, also the deck is very flexible. I think any deck that is flexible will win more often but must be taken into consideration with the players ability, LOL every time I play one of my Keyforge decks I learn something new. Personally I would love Brobnar/Untamed/Dis as my favorite housed deck because Muscle, Ramp, and Tricks. I have recently got one deck with that amalgamation, Flame-breathing Haukea of the Fires. The deck may lack the creatures and combos I was dreaming of but it does have Key charge AND Chota Hazri so it possibly can make 2 keys whenever in a game, which I find interesting because you can only ever have 1 Key charge per deck but Chota for all intents and purposes is a living Key Charge LOL😁
  6. Cool thanks for the advice, it doesn't hurt to ask😎
  7. LOL I admit the greed monster was strong in me when I bought a box of decks and was going to give them away as a Xmas Draft event but luckily I managed to open a Maverick and a horsemen deck before we began the draft with the 12 decks from separate purchases at my LGS. Out of 14 decks I have accomplished most of what I wanted, still want to get a Brobnar, Dis, Untamed deck though I think that will be my favorite if it has dust imps and pixies and soul snatcher. Sanctum Soft Landing, cards that are specific to another house in another house like that other player who had a Brobnar Pitlord and no Dis=LOL. I am pretty happy with my simple Untamed Wild Wormhole, it has come in handy: randomly😁 I have one deck that is misprinted, like 3 to 5 of the cards are off center, it's pretty funny but I am unsure if I am allowed to use that deck in tourney due to the off center backs and fronts, do I get a freebie? Hahaha
  8. Each of the 10 decks?, like everyone had a maverick? That is some kinda lucky indeed. I have mostly bronze and yellow archons so far. My only Maverick out of 14 decks, X. Steele of the Cackling School (Untamed, Logos, Sanctum) is a Untamed Wild Wormhole in the same deck with my Logos Wild Wormhole, each one in a different house LOL. Funny how that one Maverick card in Untamed can have some super silly plays. New theory: Has anyone noticed that their symmetrical Archons tend to be better decks?🤨
  9. This is one of the things I like most about keyforge: learning to use what you got, figuring out the nuances of your decks synergies. I bought 2 decks the day this game came out, Professor J. Chronocode (Brobnar, Dis, Mars) and Heroine of Bloodworld (Sanctum, Dis, Logos). I quickly understood how to play the Professor deck since it plays close to my style in MTG, Aristrocratic Aggro. Aristrocrat is a strategy in MTG that involves killing your own creatures for benefits, it is the only deck out of my 14 decks that plays this way and can force your opponents into some silly predicaments. My other deck Heroine of Bloodworld plays more like a control deck with the lowest creature count out of my decks, 11 but it has so much control that any long game inevitably goes to Heroine. Both these decks don't look that powerful but both are so sneaky at doing what they need compared to my powerhouse, The Apprentice who shrouds weaponry (Brobnar, Untamed, Sanctum), at 24 creatures and 14 doubles that deck is pure aggro and the strategy is simple: crushing board presence. What makes it quite interesting is that that deck also has subtle strategies that at first are not noticed like using Cannon on my own creatures to than use Cowards end and not lose that creature because it is now damaged but it is not flexible like the aforementioned 2 decks. When I taught my buddy to play, he bought some decks we did a draft, we each chose a deck and opened them. The first one he immediately opened was like my Heroine deck which he won with. So he opened the second deck and lost to the deck I drafted, my coolest deck, Dagen, Autoputer Inventor LOL. Dagen is a very combo-centric deck that wins by making a lot of amber in a turn, does not have big creatures and does not want to fight things, usually; all in all a very take me out of my comfort zone of play style deck which equaled out to a awesome deck. I have to use chains on that deck when I play now haha. I think that is what I love most about this game: learning the nuances of your deck, knowing that that combination of cards is uniquely your own and that your mission if you choose to accept it is to learn how to best play your deck* Cue Mission Impossible music😁 P.S. I pity the player that gets a Maverick Pitlord and has no Dis
  10. Cool, I still note that players that don't have Logos as a house typically don't choose Logos just to use the Spangler box. Yeah I love those types of cards that let you use a card as if it is of any house, ex: Mack the Knife or Remote Access😄
  11. I have one deck so far called The Apprentice who Shrouds Weaponry (Untamed, Brobnar, Sanctum), that has the most artifact interaction compared to the rest of my decks😁 LOL even the name suggests what that deck will do.
  12. I have a combo-centric deck Dagen, Autoputer Inventor (Dis, Logos, Mars) all my Mars creatures can die to Ammonia Cloud which I thought was super silly but as I played the deck more and more I realized that I typically should archive that card with any other cards that can destroy creatures or affect amber which allows a ''toolbox'' approach to games. Typically I prefer to play Ammonia Cloud first than drop my Mars creatures down like they just sent out a cleansing cloud of Ammonia before they land. Since the damage stays on creatures the 3 damage tends to allow my weak mars creatures the ability to finish off, on average, the other players creatures if they attempt to fight them.
  13. I finally got a maverick card at 14 decks. X.Steele of the Cackling School, (Logos, Sanctum, Untamed), the deck has 2 Wild Wormholes in it, LOL, one in Logos and one in Untamed (Untamed Wild Wormhole makes sense)🤩 My Horseman deck, Aguirre the Decorously Slithering (Dis, Sanctum, Shadow) has 3 Shadow self and a bunch of taunting, most of the time that deck will force you to attack something other than horseman. Hahah and I also have a deck with Troop call and one Niffle Ape...
  14. I agree Spangler Box is weird. I have noted though that most players won't use the box once you purge something of theirs unless they are playing Logos, in fact my buddy and I had a conversation about if you could even choose Logos if you didn't have it as a house for your deck.
  15. That is what I thought was extra cool about Nexus, that since your ''untap phase'' is at the end of the turn; if you start your turn with exhausted creatures/artifacts they don't get ''untapped'' till the end of the turn. I first ran into a similar situation with Night Maneuvers ''exhaust up to 3 creatures'', than remembered the order of game flow, LOL suffice to type that card is way more fun now😁
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