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  1. Sounds like you could use Log. Everybody loves Log. It can roll down stairs and if your kids want to play its great in pairs. Just watch out for your neighbor's dog. If you get hungry it'll be a great snack. Easy to transport around on your back too. Overall I'd say that Log is better than bad, it's good!
  2. I'd like to see them add an upgrade that goes in the hardpoint slot on the t-47 that gives it an ordinance slot. Pretty much trading the tail gun for missiles. This would make arsenal 2 useful and give a possible range 4 weapon to the unit.
  3. The T-47 seems to have multiple small issues that when combined cause the lack of desirability. The main weapon is range 3. This is good for troops on the ground but bad for a vehicle that is pretty much designed to fight other vehicles. It has to get in close to do damage but all other vehicles have a range 4 option and are able to shoot first. The main weapon is fixed: Front. This means that it has to fly directly at whatever it's shooting at. Direct attacks are the only option and this telegraphs its moves making it easier for enemies to prepare and counter. Speed 3 Compulsory move. Most lists have their units staying somewhat close to each other for various effects. Even if it is able to shoot at one of the units on the outskirts of the enemy formation the next turn will almost force it to fly directly into range of more units that can return fire. Arsenal 2 requires being in a bad position. In order to use the added hardpoint weapon the T-47 needs to be surrounded by enemy units. The current options are all Fixed: Rear which only allow it to shoot at a different target than it would with the main weapon. No focusing fire on a single target. This results in at least 2 units ready to return fire if the attack was unable to take out the targets with a good possibility of more. Critical hits are easier to get when more dice are being rolled. These issues result in the T-47 needing to be in an undesirable position on the board to perform it's job. The physical defense is good with cover 1 (2 with wookiee help) and full armor. Red dice would be nice but the white dice keep it more inline with the movie performance. The defense problem is positional defense and what most people are experiencing when they say it's weak and dies easy. There is no hiding behind terrain or staying back and shooting from afar. Avoiding combat all together is an option but this results in a felt waste of points that could have been used more effectively elsewhere. I would like to see a hardpoint upgrade that gives the T-47 (and possibly the AT-ST) the new ordinance slot to trade additional guns for missiles/bombs. It should be Fixed:Front to compliment the main gun along with the arsenal 2 and could add a range 4 weapon. This would allow the T-47 more combat options and possibly a different roll on the battlefield. An ordinance option that drops mines would be interesting and would let the T-47 to be played completely different.
  4. You can use it to place R2-D2 on a building to prevent him from completing his secret mission because he is unable to climb or clamber so he can't get down. This takes him out of the battle and Darth Vader doesn't have to kill his old friend.
  5. You get to choose which of your dice you use when you roll half of them so the 2 red and 1 black is allowed, though 1 black and 2 whites is good for a challenge.
  6. I've found nail clippers work well to free parts from the sprue too. They are cheap and available in different sizes.
  7. If you have a 3D printer or know someone who does, there are a few on Thingiverse that you could rescale and print up. I think there is a Lego version of the gun that you might be able to find too. You could also try ebay to see if there are any clone trooper miniatures from other games that could possibly work. Do you need the whole gun or just parts of it to add to another miniature?
  8. I don't think you can choose the medial droid due to the way it's worded on the card. It says that you "may suffer 1 wound" which sounds just like if the unit was taking damage and doesn't specify a mini in the same way that force choke, which does allow you to select a specific mini, does. I could be wrong though.
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