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  1. Will Static proc as 4-LOM says you get 2 Ion tokens, Static says when you gain 1 Ion Token?
  2. Go and try it out on Vassal, see how it flies for you. Best option to see it for yourself and decide, as some lists can be good or bad, but is it good or bad for you, or do YOU enjoy flying it? To answer your other question, Predator is only way you can have soft double mods here and you will spread out with your Nantex, so Treacherous will not see a lot of procs. Treacherous will be more reliable in a list where the Nantex hides behind say Vultures initially, so at R3 potshot is really not a fun option to shoot at with normal weapons, still even, Treacherous seems a bit treacherous as been stated earlier to take, not finding a really reliable option for it. It was definitely a talent that sounded better than it turned out to be. I will make space for Chertek regardless, as you can just take Crackshot instead of Predator on him, then he is the same cost, but he gets his rerolls already. For the bid and cracks, that is what you need to test what works for you. The i4 range is a bit weird for bids. (Another reason why we should say f**k the bid and play balls out for fun)
  3. 1. Yes, no action if you bump. (Pinpoint is not the ship's action, it is a chassis ability, so can perform this on a bump) 2. Yes, turret cannot stay in the same position. 3. Only turret arc, not your bullseye. 4. Within the arc range 0-1. Bit ambiguity here, but I read the rule as 1 part, so applying to the arc AT range 0-1. 5. Yes, orange tokens are removed end of the turn under normal conditions, including tractor tokens for medium/large base ships. (You are thinking of Ion token, which is a red token and they do not go off at the end of the turn.) Large base ships, once they receive 3 tractor tokens become tractored, so then you move them per normal large base ship rules (so sideway barrel roll) 6. No. 7. No, as game mechanics get injected in the ability que before player abilities (such as gaining a stress token. In the RR there is a good example of Jake doing a linked action, his ability states he can do an focus action if he does a BR or Boost, but seeing it was linked, the stress is received before the pilot ability completes, so not able to gain a focus action for himself on his linked action). So you will get the stress as you hit the debris, so not able to perform an action then. So with my understanding of the rules, this might be 1 way of gaining a tractor token, without rotating the turret. You do meet the requirements to do the condition prior to receiving the tractor token, so should work imo. This can be analysed more just for final clarification. 8. Yes, if you mean yourself, you did not land on the rock during your maneuver, so you do not skip perform action. You still will not be able to shoot though.\ 9. Yes, same as above, rocks do not prevent actions. It is part of action exactly for that reason, that you cannot get a willing stress, and then just take a tractor token to be passed on by ensnare later on, without the need to shift the turret. As if you are not able to perform the rotate ACTION (being ionized, being stressed, Damaged Sensor Array card, other action preventing things), you cannot do your chassis's ability, so it severy limits you. If it was mandatory, you would be able to even more bs shenanigans. The ship has a good ceiling, think it adds something new. Initially people will not like to play against it, but it has the same effect, say sas the Triple Ups. They were not nearly as good as the forum went nuclear on it, it was just the unknown factor when you are new to play against that list and once you know how to play against them, they do not have anything other tricks, so knowing how your opponent is going to play, is already a big advantage for you. The confusion do comes in more about tractor rules than the ship self, but this will learned over time. Then adding the double tractor and then the action upon it, is a different spin of things, but is actually just 1 step more to do, than say Fine Tune Controls etc (as in, ship let you perform something after it moves, in this case, partial moves count as well), but after a few games with it, the game flows again as people know the rules and interaction of the ship.
  4. Some people just want to see the world burn...
  5. A ship could never lock itself, the rule was there in past RR, so Matchstick was not the problem. The rule wording slightly changed to "A ship cannot acquire or have a lock on itself", to prevent like a Resistance Transport with Crew Amilyn Haldo and Astromech M9-G8, to lock another ship round 1 and then transfer that red token onto yourself (which means you have a lock on yourself, in the old wording, this only stated you cannot acquire a lock on yourself, but the discussion pivoted around if the red token can be moved to yourself later on, by Haldo, so then you have yourself locked, but you did not acquire it via a lock action on yourself), in effect, causing you to have a Predator in your whole firing arc.
  6. Saese procs when another ship's dial is revealed, but the wording is to another maneuver of the same difficulty/speed, there is no reference to your revealed move (which has been stated what is printed on the dial basically), so my understanding will be that R4 does indeed change the for example a 1 hard to a blue, so you can do banks or the other side, as all are same difficulty and speed. This is how the consensus for Nien/Hera seems to be, that your revealed move is what you see, but you change it to same difficulty, where Nien does make the banks blue, so you can change from a 1 blue forward, to a 2 bank, which is printed as white but Nien makes the maneuver blue. I will say this is the same interaction as for Saese.
  7. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Separatist Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z334X72W13WW219WWWW216W220Y279XW208WY279XW208WY279XW208WY279XW208WY279XW208WY279XW208W&sn=XY List&obs= Dooku (with Tractor Beam, Heightened Perception, K2-B4, Grievious Crew and Title) and 6x Trade Drones with Struts.
  8. No, the rules state, the turret have to point to a different arc it did prior to the rotate action. Even with a bowtie turret, you cannot swing it 180 and claim it is pointing to a different arc, as the turret is seen as a whole and if it was front/back , it is still front/back. So no double tapping with VTG or such out of the same arc with a bowtie.
  9. It is a good point, when I checked the maths, I did realize I am basically comparing Finn with PC as I use it on both, but then it means you are getting shot to use on both cases, where the case is often, you are not shot at at all that turn, so then Finn > Rose. You are shot at, Finn takes less damage, but then his return shot is worse off. Spending your focus on defense and taking a normal shot yields Finn with 2.426 evades and 1.1 hits. Rose have 1.719 evades and 1.5 hits. Putting them closer. Also being i2 in a Pod I think is more of an advantage then being i3, as less chance of a block and Rose's ability do require more formation flying, so more limitation. That they differ 3 points is an accurate reflection of their worth and difference, as depending on the scenario, both have their uses. Seeing Rose is 3 points less, I will say as the original question was "bang for your buck" and Finn being a wet noodle with no actions, you convinced me that Rose have that right in variety of circumstances. P.S. You did mention it though, you can open up Finn with upgrades, ie. PC on Finn or C3P0 with Finn (for less offensive, but adding the support) synergises nicely with his ability, where you punch above your weight if left alone, if shot at, you can be tanky for your points, enabling other ships to do their thing. Nice for his points
  10. Assuming you have a focus and heroic on both and both attack and defense happens at R2, not obstucted. So 2 dice being thrown per instance. Both also happens in multiple attack arcs so Rose have full procs. Attack Finn - 2.594 hits Rose - 1.875 hits Defense Finn - 2.426 evades Rose - 1.719 evades They differ 2 points, but that is a substantial difference. If you deny the action, Finn without a focus means about nothing, where Rose on the other hand, depending on the attack arcs, still have some bite, but regardless, I will agree Finn is better than Rose for bang for buck though.
  11. And to add more confusion. German Nationals it was ruled R4 does not stop Cova from Proccing.
  12. Good and informative read. Like how you split your Vassal turns with photos. Will do regular check ins for new reports. Can you expain the "Gate is Down" method by Dee Yun? @GreenDragoon Thank you in advance.
  13. Ok, playing it currently like that as we did argued you do have a dial revealed and you just take it verbatim of what you see on the dial to resolve the ability.
  14. On the topic of Struts. How do you compare your dial with Ric Olie for his pilot ability? It says you skip your execute maneuver, although you still reveal your dial. Do you use what you dialed in or does it not proc for him? It is not a major issue if Ric still gets to proc as you just dial in a 5 forward or 3 turns to equal him, but that opens up Dinee again, so yea, what do you guys think? If you executed no maneuver, do you still have an active reveal dialed?
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