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  1. Zhuding

    I want to play AHLcg but...

    That's very kind of you, really appreciate! So can I find images of promo/book cards in those three websites? I found BBG file has files of six book investigators..
  2. Zhuding

    I want to play AHLcg but...

    Thanks, The promo cards in those novellas are truly exclusive right?
  3. Zhuding

    I want to play AHLcg but...

    I'll try play solo first, coz I was not comfortable when I had to 'control' multiple Characters in games. Currently I'm still calculating the shipping cost from US to China, and I find that the more products I buy in one single package, the average shipping cost of each product would be reduced. I would love to try playing two investigators at the same time! Thank u!
  4. Zhuding

    I want to play AHLcg but...

    Thank u, I don't have Facebook, may be I should try other social apps as u recommended to use tools for finding player groups.
  5. I first saw mansions of madness, and quickly grew interest in it, even download the app from Google store to catch some spirit of the game. However I don't have enough table space and a computer near the table, so I have to cancel the idea of buying one copy... Then I turn to its 'sister' game AHLcg, it doesn't need as much space as Mansions of Madness does, And I had my experiences in TCGs/CCGs like: MTG, Hearthstone and Gwent, when I know there is A LCG that no 'boost packs', and I got exactly same cards with anyone who bought the same product, I was crazy... Then I start to watch videos, browse forums and comments, figuring where to buy and how much is the shipping cost... Simultaneously,I've asked my colleges, brother and girlfriend if they have interest... I was unhappy about the fact that I'll have to play solo now, coz they won't play... Also in my country Asmodee sell only Chinese editions of the AHLcg, which are still need to be corrected, there are some translation errors on cards.... I was so eager to play the English Edition of the game, even called the Asmodee compony service in China for purchasing, but they just don't have any English copy in stock. In the end, I am here want to ask you how can I find a playmate or 'create' one, because I want to experience 'co-op' more than solo. Yes, I currently don't own the game, but I will, this game is on my must-play list, I love those cards and horrific stories.