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  1. Anyone talked to their flgs and found out how they're handling the new 'open play' nights? It's sort of unclear from the article exactly what the intention is. You can turn up and play, or attend a tournament or whatever. So it seems like 'open play nights' are actually designated _nights_? It's seems like it's more a case of "play 4 games at the store any time during the month". Does that line up with anyone's conversations with their stores?
  2. Was running demo in a vader list for a while. At least every couple of games I'd roll 4 blacks from the side and get nothing. Reroll with ord and get nothing. Reroll with vader and get 1 hit. If it happened once, then fair enough, but this was a regular occurence! I no longer play the list.
  3. The Attack Frig and Victorys are the only things I don't see on the table regularly.
  4. I haven't seen any update on what this actually is. Have I missed it or have FFG just not announced anything about it yet? Would be useful to know what the actual premise of it is, especially for those of us coming from further away, making it impratical to build a fleet on the day. Adepticon site says: 03/31/19 Star Wars: Armada Team Game Day: Sunday | Start Time: 10:00 AM | End Time: 2:00 PM | Game System: Star Wars: Armada | Event Type: Tournament | Age Requirements: Mature (16+) | Experience Required: Some | Total Capacity: 40 | Remaining Capacity: 18 | Cost: 20 One 180-minute round. Team Event: This Team Event requires two players to form a single team. Only the Team Captain is required to purchase this event ticket. The team registration fee covers all players on a team. All team members are required to purchase an AdeptiCon Badge.
  5. Cool cool. Guess it's just a cut and paste error as suggested then. They're certainly doing destiny too, so.. The store haven't replied, so we will probably find out for sure at the end of the event.
  6. The event is on the ffg page: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/events/2018-regional-championships/armada/ I've posted on the facebook page for it to see what they say. I was looking forward to chasing dice, so was a bit miffed that they don't seem to be among the prizes.
  7. So, the article is here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/11/14/the-fleet-is-yours/ It lists prizes as: 64: Alt-art Kuats 16: Plastic Nebs 8: Dice 4: Evade tokens Is that what people are getting at regionals so far? Our local regional is listing prizes as: All Players - Regional Championship alternate art card Top Sixteen - Set of tokens Top Eight - playmat Top Four - plastic card So just trying to figure out why they're different. Thanks.
  8. that's why i've started playing with no squadrons! muhaha!
  9. Because I only registered on here today, so mods have to check my posts before I'm allowed to be a real boy. Tournaments are generally pretty chilled and a good place to just get some practice or learn things. So don't worry too much about being green, folk are pretty helpful and patient. They will probably try and blow your stuff up tho, so be warned.
  10. There's a wee tournament there this Sunday. Just £5. Else, I'm not in west London, but could pop over there for a game at some point
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