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  1. Shadows of Brimstone, Forbidden Fortress by Flying Frog Productions is a great dungeon crawler with some wonderful mini's if you're interested. Also, the Rising Sun board game has some great miniatures.
  2. I can't say that I agree. What if, as a GM, I want to allow my players to assassinate someone, like a Daimyo? The whole assassination could go wrong and his guards walk in just as they get that first thrust in. A Skirmish starts with the Daimyo wounded, but able to add something to the fight. I could think of more ways where this could happen. Not everyone plays L5R the same way.
  3. Does anyone have an idea how best to tackle this? Should I just pick the ring with the highest rating?
  4. Does anyone know if there's rules for new adversaries in the book? Like Hanemuri, Fudoshi, Oni etc. Also, how's the adventure? (Without spoilers)
  5. The Dutch web shop I buy my L5R books from says the Shadowlands book will release March 15 and the Mask of the Oni will release March 19.
  6. When you have more fatigue than endurance, any hits on you are critical strikes. That's what you die from.
  7. The work "fake" states that it is, in fact not poison. If it was poison, it wouldn't have been fake...
  8. When your players investigate a cave-in at the Kaiu wall after an earth quake They all come out with at least one serious wound (Damaged organ, loss of limb etc. ) At least half the party is afflicted and in serious need of a cleanse The entire party really needs to go to their school to get that extra school rank
  9. Hansisaf


    Thank you all for your replies. I have some great ideas from your suggestions and I'm concocting something to use next wednesday. I'll let you know how it went! [Edit] We'll probably get Hanemuri and Fudoshi with the new Shadowlands book. Can't wait to see what FFG made of it.
  10. Hansisaf


    Hey guys and gals, How would you handle Hanemuri (shadowlands bats) in combat? I don't think there's any rules for swarms of small creatures, is there?
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