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  1. For disembark is it correct to say that "if vehicle moves ONE, unit transported can disembark and shoot BUT if vehicle moves TWO, unit transported can only disembark?
  2. Yep I can see that. What I mean by "still the biggest character missing for me is Obi-One, or Yoda" is that between the three (Lando, Yoda and Obi-one) the last two I think were more influential for the Rebels than Lando.
  3. Even though I'd like to see Lando at some point, still the biggest character missing for me is Obi-One, or Yoda. They could come to counter Palp who has no matching counterpart
  4. Any ideas on what happens if a heavy is wiped out with the troop(s) inside?
  5. Not everybody that buys the game is an english speaker, and on releases the information is in english. Only later they are translated, so thank you.
  6. regarding the rule of hit vehicle hits trooper inside initially it seemed that it would be 1 for 1. I read it again and now it sounds to me that it could be when the heavy gets hit (lets say 3 damage) the unit inside still gets only one. Whats your interpretation?
  7. Yep the T-47 still is a beauty to see but too expensive. Another good thing the land speeder offers to rebel players is the free movement which is lost in not using the T-47. I still would like to see bikes for the rebels though! I think its not only thematic but it makes total sense to the rebels nimble nature. I agree that at this point the best counter to the tank will probably be the RT's. Even though I'll have to consider how many to use as after seeing the snowies devastation with flame throwers I realized how good they could be on the Rt's. Hei I dont mind you having a different opinion. Thats great...unanimity is dumb. What is sad is to criticize someone for having a different one. Cheers.
  8. Well let me put it through another perspective. Maybe you havent noticed that I am a newcomer in the forum and I think the other guy is too. we are the the two players that have been snapped at. Two things are important 1) newcomers are outsiders and come in with fresh perception of the game. If a feeling (eg. of unbalance) is recurrent even from outsiders then maybe their is some value for moderators to listen. 2) New comers dont know and shouldnt be worried if veterans of the forum are tired of a theme. There are better ways to approach people than snapping at them.
  9. well I'm only answering again because you are asking. as I have been criticized when giving my opinion. it seems to me that the Imp units points are rewarding but that the rebel powers are starting to get expensive. T-47 for a year now is still not much playable. Commandos are great but scouts are even better for same points. some argue the same for red guards and wookies (I haven't ran the Red guards yet so I cant say). The Imp blaster mobility makes it useful while the rebels FD laser cannon fixed position is not being much used. In this case it risks to become the second rebel unit that has lesser use due to its weakness while for the imps what to use is a more a matter of choice. In this topic (speeder and tank) I fear that this differential may increase. As someone said before to have the speeder effective you'll need to spend almost as much as the tank naked and still it wont have the same punch/ resilience as the tank. An example of what could be Imp points totally worth it, and Rebel power getting more expensive. These differences collectively can unbalance a game.I only play for fun, not competitively (I'm not that good) so I have both armies to play with friends and family. Sometimes at the local stores. Even though I love playing the Rebels I actually play much more Imps as most of my "opponents" prefer rebels. I remember in the beginning it was tough to win with the Imps. With new units coming every month I found that its getting easier and I have been more careful in choosing the troops to have a fair game and fun for all. Beyond that what I normally see are tables with more players running Imps than rebels. It can be that more people just like the theme better but its not crazy to say that this could also be more than preferences.
  10. I back you again. I made a comment earlier on about your statement and I was charged to be ranting. Well I am also concerned. This GAMEs system is based on points/ powers. More power more points and vice versa. I have being experiencing that the Imps points are totally worth and justified while the powers of the rebels are getting expensive. This can push the game to unbalance
  11. That would be great, Lol!
  12. yep I agree with your assessment and it only makes sense as the weapons they carry are not the ones targeted. But we also have to consider that with the 1 to 1 damage to the unit inside probably single units with lesser life points would be dead at the speeders threshold.
  13. Really I am ranting, because I agree with some but not all your opinions, I am ranting?
  14. Well if that was your point, it wasn't clear for me. My point still stands, the tank is a heavy that has similar chance to hit as any ground troop (remember it has a free turn and can have the secondary 360 gun). You'll have to protect your troops the same as against any other rival troop. So I dont agree that line of sight is a significant demeanor for the tank. Not against the Rebels which the discussion was about. If you are facing a ATST well then all units are in disadvantage as the Rebels only have the Air speeder. I dont have to show you anything, ok. We all have our experiences and I hope we respect each others. The point I make is that the balance of this game comes through points/ powers. More power more expensive and vice versa. I have experienced that the Imps points are worthy while the rebels powers are becoming expensive. This can throw the game into unbalanced.
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