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  1. I don't care which way this ruling goes. I want clarity. If R4 + Cova work, the combination will be a bargain powerhouse. Expect play and a points increase down the line. If R4 + Cova doesn't work, Cova will still be good. Just not super-efficient-extragood. I'm happy either way.
  2. After three pages of heated debate here, how every many other pages of debate on other fora, and folks submitting this rules question directly to FFG via its rules question form, FFG *must* be aware that this rules interaction is begging for an official ruling by now. I'd bet that the internal FFG discussion is heated too. *grumbles*
  3. I'll eventually get around to doing most or all of my collection, but for now I magnetize all ships I paint and the ships that my daughter and I fly regularly. I've had great luck from K&J. I use their R421 ring magnet. 50 of them is $11, plus $5 for shipping. After a bad experience using R421s and the little ball bearings, I've switched entirely to using two R421 rings per ship: One for the ship, and one for the peg. Using 2x ring magnets keeps the ships nicely horizontal in play. The bad experience I had with ring & ball involved a squad of five TIE bombers. Even though I glued the balls in the center of gravity of the ships, they'd still end up at all sorts of crazy distracting angles during play. I do have two notes on using R421s: 1) You've got to keep track of their polarity, so that all of your ships work with all of your pegs. If you mix polarity, you'll have a mix of incompatible ships and pegs to keep track of. 2) I don't magnetize my ships until after they're completely painted. I use a lightly glued-in peg wrapped in masking tape to hold my ships while painting.
  4. Right on @Force Majeure, thanks for adding those to the index!
  5. @Force Majeure, any chase you might add the IG-2000 showcase page to the index? Cheers!
  6. WIP shots and notes in my repainting blog/page.
  7. All done (except for another coat of gloss on the canopy). ... I loved how my Kavil turned out, so I decided to repeat the scheme but *bigger* and *weirder* for this ship. Again, I'm happy with my design choices, and frustrated by my execution. ... I'm looking into some 1:1 classes with a teacher to help me work on execution.
  8. Argh, it's too late but that would have been a heck of a good idea. Everything is drilled and pinned.
  9. Progress continues: I've started the highlighting, and am getting there on the canopy. I'm going to have to freehand retouch the rear right "leg," since the green masking tape stripped the pattern. The front left "leg" has snapped a couple of times, and I've attempted to repair it with superglue and plastic cement. I'll probably need to reinforce it with a brace underneath.
  10. I'm working on a mod and repaint of an Aggressor for a close friend. I love the look of the stock Aggressor -- it's so weird and "alien" looking, and it reminds me a lot of a Belostomatid (predacious water bug -- pretty nasty little buggers): & In order to give the Aggressor a bit more of an insectoid feel, I added another pair of "legs". I spent a lot of time trying to decide how they should be posed -- either out front (for capture) or behind (for speed/travel). My wife and daughter convinced me to keep the legs posed for capture out front, and so I got everything drilled, glued, and pinned in place. The final result sort of reminds me of an orbweaver sitting in its web waiting for prey: Anyway, here are the WIP shots: New "knees" installed Testing the pose. Final pose, green on appendages painted in and masked for body paint and stenciling. Airbrushing done -- lots of cleanup and detailing still to come.
  11. Someone on Reddit "sketched" my Kavil Y-Wing. I'm really flattered!
  12. I worked up Kavil's Y-Wing in preparation for having his points drop. Ha. That was overly optimistic. Still had fun with this one. Added a chin turret from a Decimator, and a couple of guns from a Star Viper. This is a sloppy paintjob, but the colors are striking and "evil."
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