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  1. I was able to give a pile of ships away to the awesome folks who attended the Sacramento Campaign Against Cancer event. My daughter and I had a great time, and lots of folks got ships to take home. I'll be focusing more on my beloved Scum moving forward. I did manage to take some better shots of my imperial purple squadron before giving them away:
  2. A few more working shots. I'll get around to rephotographing these. PSA: Don't melt one's interceptor with a hairdryer when in a hurry. 😉 My flight of Firesprays. Love this ship! My PRIDE black one. T-70 canopies are my personal ****. I can paint other small stuff well enough, but there's something about this sculpt that gives me problems. N'Dru needs a significant price drop. L3-37's vaporwave coordinate boat. My purple shard imperials:
  3. Here's a jewel scarab (genus Chrysina) inspired Guri:
  4. Here's a Koshka Frost-inspired Firespray. I love this chassis -- definitely my favorite ship to play and paint.
  5. It has been a minute since I've posted -- my lights broke, and I just got things fixed this morning. Here's a Koshka Frost-inspired Firespray: And here's my Guri, inspired by beetles in the genus Chrysina (formerly Plusiotis):
  6. WIP shots of the purple T-70 I've added to my Rainbow Resistance. Next up: A YT-1300 that reflects all of the members of this squadron.
  7. That's a pretty slick color scheme. Should be eminently doable. And that might be how I finally get around to painting a YT-1300 ... *wheels turn*
  8. @Ghosthacked -- that's what I'm going with. I started on a test scheme, didn't like it, and am starting again. The T-70 is a difficult ship to paint!
  9. Finished "The Pink Pig". The Aurebesh says "EAT - ME". Still undecided on what colors to paint the T-70 I'm adding to this squadron -- Orange, Teal, or Purple?
  10. I finally finished "The Pink Pig," my MG-100 StarFortress that fits into my Resistance "Rainbow Squadron". Not going for Power Rangers or Voltron with this squadron, but whatever. 😉 The decals say "EAT - ME" in Aurebesh in a couple of places.
  11. Loving the military livery, MasterShake2! Here's my RZ-2 "Rainbow Squadron":
  12. Finished the RZ-2 A-Wing component of my Rainbow Squadron. (Voltron, Power Rangers, etc. comments unnecessary). I'm ~30% through my Pink Pig, a pink MG-100. The T-70 is going to be teal, orange, or purple -- haven't decided yet.
  13. It'll be fun, regardless. I've got some neat decal ideas to go with it. I'm also thinking about emulating this famous Porsche racing livery: https://jalopnik.com/say-oink-to-the-trufflehunter-of-zuffenhausen-5714143
  14. Work in progress on my Resistance "Rainbow Squadron". Upcoming additions include: Yellow & Blue RZ-2 A-Wings, a big pink MG-100 bomber, and a purple or orange T-70.
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