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  1. White Dwarf works. They now have Spike! for Blood Bowl. In fact they use White Dwarf as well. They are the number one rockstar when it comes to fanatical fan bases. If FFG want the same following - that is the only way they will get it. FFG already have a poor man's magazine via the "FFG News". FFG even tried a 4 series battle report - it was good - just have a look at the log statistics. Problem is - FFG only did it for 4 weeks and only at a time when it was too little too late. To generate drive - you need to keep pumping out content... Put out a strategy guide, put out a painting and modelling guide.. put out a conversion corner... the hobby is more than world championships. If you are going to release unpainted models that require assembly - realise the game is more than a game but a hobby - so fuel the hobby. A few years ago GW was only trading at some GBP400. Their sales plummeted. Now GAW.L is at a phenomenal GBP3150. Why? Because they went back to their roots - rereleased classic games that their community loves - Necromunda, Blood Bowl, small games. When you listen to the community and go back to basics - you win. When you turf products and screw loyal followers, you lose. FFG I feel are going down the latter path- whether they are trying to bite off more than they can chew by releasing so many Star Wars derived products as possible to capitalise on IP at the expense of their own IP, or perhaps they needed to axe Runewars to get back their GW IP licences and be on good terms with GW, I don't know. What I do know is, it's fairly clear it is a death knell for a great game, and with it a lot of customers will permanently distrust the brand after investing, being let down, and feeling that FFG hasn't given it the fair development and active promotion that it needs. The other winning formula that FFG have developed is a game that is resistant to piracy by 3D printers or counterfeit or proxy models. It is the only game system I know where you buy a boxset just for a single card within the box content (apart from XWing). Whether that is a good thing or not in the end perhaps might need consideration, but FFG have a product that GW would kill for! GW's biggest problem? eBay and the secondhand market which prevents them from gaining sales. Runewars is unique in that way where the unit is more than the miniature, but the command dial, the unit card, and its upgrade cards that players need. A 3rd party can't just make similar models and profit off it. Runewars is a winner. FFG just need a fantastic product manager that can capitalise and execute. They need to poach an exGW marketing guru and learn how to build fanatical fan bases. FFG needs FFB to survive and thrive
  2. That and the fact that the "Upcoming" list is devoid of anything to do with Runewars makes it quite a sad situation in deed. Perhaps as a community the only thing left we can do is to petition FFG to reconsider their position and not drop Runewars development. After all if we get 5000+ people petitioning FFG/Asmodee (perhaps via change.org) to the new powers that be, perhaps that may help them realise there is a market for Runewars Miniatures, just an untapped demand that they have yet to properly capitalise on due to poor execution. Failing that we can always just boycott FFG - I'm fairly sick of companies turfing products - the last company to do that lost my support and my business. So, it's either back to Age of Shitmar or Euro boardgames (or is that Asmodee's ploy all along... root up the entire board gaming industry so all that is left is for everyone to play Settler's of Catan?). I think not - Runewars is worth fighting for - it is quite possibly the best battle game mechanics in any war-game to date. As a community we need to show FFG/Asmodee they are really rooting it up (turfing their CEO, re-making X-Wing - what were they thinking...., rooting Runewars..) If anyone on these forums is a cunning linguist able to craft inspirational words of change - then change.org might be our only and final hope, before Runewars follows the list of FFG games that are now long forgotten.
  3. Yes I am. There's a formula that seems to have worked and if one wants to develop a "fanatical" fan base, one would be wise to observe what the competitor is doing and has done and importantly how they started - similar multiple mini games, mini war-games, a small following - heck they didn't even have "world nationals".... and yet their name is more synonymous with this genre that FFG half heartedly attempted to enter and SHOULD have dominated - FFG has the superior gaming system hands down! It just needs to capitalise on it. Anyone who knows anything about wargaming can attest to the excellent mechanics of the Runewars Minatures game - it's pure genius. Shame the miniatures don't compare and the price point too high - but that is all forgivable in a 1st edition of the game - did you see what the competitor's first edition miniatures were like? How would i save it? 1. RELAUNCH with a better more value added starter boxset. Add sexy terrain! Perhaps even consider pre-painted miniatures - that worked for X-Wing. But don't lose your existing fan base by calling it second edition - keep it 1st edition, just make it more sexy. 2. Set up a fanatical fanbase - more than just 1 post every 3 months on the FFG news page - a real physical magazine that the outlets can get their hands on and distribute. It doesn't have to be specific to Runewars - it can be an FFG magazine - perhaps called "Red Dwarf" that showcases hobby aspects of the game and other FFG games. "Free" expansions and rules and errata via the magazine - make us salivate every month for it.... 3. More battle reports, strategy guides - more units, BIG dragons, pegasus, giants, monsters, daemons you name it everything large and sexy. 4. Piggy back on what's hot right - I bet the sales of a certain army in a competitor company are doing well right now after the release of the movie "Aquaman". Expand on your own IP. Heck you have your own IP unlike the competitor that had to rename and rebrand everything under foreign names and lost half of its player base as a result. Nurture the IP and don't dismiss it - it's yours! I can go on - heck if FFG are reading this and serious about saving their game, please feel free to contact me and I can provide some counsel on where they went wrong and how to move forward. The two best games FFG have ever created and they aren't concentrating efforts on it - Runewars and Descent. And to me that is pure sadness...
  4. NOOOooooooooo!!! Don't let it die. Runewars is THE BEST fantasy wargaming battle system I have seen, and I've played them all! There are players trying their hardest to setup a player base everywhere and build critical mass - we're trying on the other side of the world and growing. You will get sales! You just need to promote it more now that you have a decent option base. Your starting prices are also too high! - If you reduced prices and re-market energetically, with monthly FFG news - the scene will grow! Give promo discounts to the retailers to stock Runewars under a new release campaign - same version - just new bundles - perhaps Uthuk versus Latari starter sets. Release a monthly magazine, with not just FFG news, but battle reports and articles on Runewars, terrain building, painting, strategies, clubs. Learn from your competitors how they got off the ground 30 years ago... Don't kill it - let it thrive...
  5. Calling all closet Sydney RuneWars players! They say RuneWars never took off in Sydney - Time to change that! We have setup a Sydney RuneWars players FB group to help us build up a community, find some games, and get some battles happening - perhaps even a tournament or two. Come join us at Sydney Runewars and help us build up the Australian Sydney community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SydneyRuneWars/
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