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  1. Whenever it hits, if it does, then I'm sure to buy it.
  2. Followed quickly by the "Guess we'll have to kill him" moment, and then the "oh god he's killing us" moment. I hadn't realized that he was a mystery figure to the Empire, but I haven't read much of the new canon stuff. I read Tarkin most recently, actually. Next of Lords of the Sith.
  3. You brought up some good points, but I can't fully agree with this one. Anyone who researches the Sith, at least enough to know of the Darth title, should absolutely know that Darth Vader is a Sith. Since Palpatine doesn't go by his Sith name, however, they should assume Vader is the master.
  4. I dare say Crix's days are numbered. I believe my player wouldn't try to usurp the Empire. At least, not until after RotJ. But that's only until they upset Vader.
  5. Thank you! I'll certainly keep this in mind as I write the adventures. And I'll keep in mind too, so thank you!
  6. Hello! RCadeGaming here. I'm currently waiting on my new core books to start a solo campaign me and a friend want to do. My player let me know that he wants to be a Jedi during the clone wars, but wants to fall to the dark side during the Dawn of Rebellion era. I was wondering how one might have a darksider in the greater Rebel Alliance? During the days of individual cells, it'd be easy, but after that? I have no clue.
  7. I'd change this to: "Once per encounter as an incidental, the character may spend two Destiny Points to add two Setback die to any skill check. They can then spend a third Destiny Point to add two Boost die to one skill check this encounter." And you could have add ons to this ability to change the number of dice, or even add straight advantages or successes. Maybe even the price. Later I'll see if I can type up something on the other two. As an aside, I would have a house rule that requires this signature ability to be attached to a universal spec.
  8. I've lurked for a while, but I'm hoping to post frequently soon. I am currently replacing all three of my core books (water damage T.T), but I have a heavy preference for Force and Destiny.
  9. I know that TFA Beginner Game isn't getting a core rulebook, but with Dawn of Rebellion and Rise of the Separatists, we have two books that explore different SW time periods. The more I thought about it, the more I realized... After RofS releases, this is really the only time period FFG can still explore. So, does anyone know if this is getting an Era Sourcebook?
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