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  1. Something I'd like to try and see if it works a little better for pacing: Instead of having the faction token/s move when the agenda deck runs out, start the game with a quest marker pointed at the top spot of the faction track. When the agenda deck runs out, take the other quest marker of that color and put it on top of the first. When it runs out again, remove one quest marker then move the other one spot down the faction track. If the quest marker hits the bottom, then normal rules apply for moving faction markers the next time the agenda deck runs out. It would make solo mode a little less frustrating, I would imagine, but it could make the game too easy. If anyone tries this out, let me know how it affects gameplay and length.
  2. The easiest expansion for A New Dawn would be to add a dozen or so Civilizations; that they haven't even done that has me wondering why they haven't. It's unfortunate because this game has the map style that I like and it makes for a reasonable entry into advanced games for starting players, but I'd like to have more things to play with in game to justify playing it more than a few times with the same players. I even picked up the other Civilization, and the other, other Civilization, but I'd like to see more done with this one.
  3. I was wondering if anyone's tried this and how well it works out: For a 5-player game, set up the map as a 5 by 5 grid with four civilizations on the corners (one each) and the fifth in the center. The corners orient their tiles as coming from either edge of the map, but the center can choose any orientation.
  4. With only 23 Investment tokens, is it acceptable to use alternative tokens to represent Investment tokens when they run out or are the available tokens all that are allowed? At 5 players, it would severely limit investing to have so few tokens available per player, so having more would help.
  5. During the second step of the encounter, provided the active player put credits on it in step 1, the chosen opponent has no credits. Does this mean the active player will automatically get the reward or is paying 0 credits allowed to force the step 3 test anyway? Yes this came up during a game and brought it to a screeching halt because, as I argued, not paying any credits is choosing not to pay and therefore ends the encounter in the active player's favor, but the opponent argued that since it says to match the amount or pay as much as they can that paying 0 credits counts as paying as much as they can to take the step 3 test. (I won the argument for now but the wording really needs to be "can not pay" instead of "do not pay" if it's going to be clear.)
  6. For those who've created Deathmatch rules for DOOM, how'd you go about it? I keep rolling ideas in my head of how but nothing seems fair enough. Having another game (Adrenaline) around that caters to Player versus Player free-for-all combat is nice, but I'd like to make use of DOOM's combat system because I like DOOM. I'm still hoping for an expansion with Deathmatch rules, but I'd like something to try out in the meantime.
  7. I was surprised when I saw Android on the list of Upcoming as Awaiting Reprint; I'd love to get this again and run it with the group I usually play with, because I think they'd enjoy it. The question I have is when I can hope to see it available again and if they'll change/update anything. The Learn to Play/Rules Reference approach for many games of late would help Android a lot. Has there been any news or anything about a new edition or reprint coming soon anywhere? What else are players hoping for with the return of Android?
  8. While useful for surviving battles, it's only good for that; winning requires getting the SPECIAL tokens that will help with the quests, gathering the agendas to help build influence, and making the most of perks, gear and companions to get through the game. Also, no amount of armor will deal with Rads.
  9. I keep thinking about how to do it, change the way the game ends, and I've got one idea: as soon as one faction hits the bottom, using excess moves to push back the other faction, the game can keep going; running out the agenda deck won't move the factions and no story card can move them. Once the faction struggle ends, anyone can declare victory when they've got the points for it. Alternatively, for extending the game: whenever a staged card that progresses the faction markers would be trashed, it's set next to the agenda deck; when that deck runs out, if there are any cards next to it, then those cards are removed but the faction markers are not moved. Since I haven't heard anything for some kind of organized play for the game, I think every player group will make some kind of solution that fits their interest with it and that'll be fine.
  10. With only 3 decks, I got two of the same house combination myself (even in the same order: Dis, Logos, Brobnar), yet they both play very differently. Part of the metagame is that "what if" of getting houses you've got before: keep, trade, sell? I embrace that and intend to keep both decks.
  11. I figure once DOOM Eternal is out, they'll have an expansion in the works soon after. Hopefully.
  12. My solution was to make a box from card-stock and tape to hold the cards upright while keeping all but the top-most info (number and name) hidden. With that, I added cards to stand taller than the regular cards and have the number range of the cards behind it written on them for finding them easier.
  13. Someone walking away from Magic may not necessarily get into KeyForge; if Magic falls, it will be from player apathy more than competition. That's still an 'if' though, as my local game store still has a player base for it. There's also players of multiple card games, so people playing both could happen. The main focus should be on making this game and its player community grow.
  14. I hope so. I'd like more map tiles to work with, official Deathmatch rules, and more scenarios.
  15. As a matter of personal preference, I've always considered the dice to be limited to what's available. It may affect the challenge either way, but that's fine with me.
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