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  1. With only 3 decks, I got two of the same house combination myself (even in the same order: Dis, Logos, Brobnar), yet they both play very differently. Part of the metagame is that "what if" of getting houses you've got before: keep, trade, sell? I embrace that and intend to keep both decks.
  2. PillarNexus

    25th DOOM anniversary

    I figure once DOOM Eternal is out, they'll have an expansion in the works soon after. Hopefully.
  3. PillarNexus

    Managing the library

    My solution was to make a box from card-stock and tape to hold the cards upright while keeping all but the top-most info (number and name) hidden. With that, I added cards to stand taller than the regular cards and have the number range of the cards behind it written on them for finding them easier.
  4. PillarNexus

    Is keyforge going to eat Magic alive.?

    Someone walking away from Magic may not necessarily get into KeyForge; if Magic falls, it will be from player apathy more than competition. That's still an 'if' though, as my local game store still has a player base for it. There's also players of multiple card games, so people playing both could happen. The main focus should be on making this game and its player community grow.
  5. PillarNexus

    New expansion?

    I hope so. I'd like more map tiles to work with, official Deathmatch rules, and more scenarios.
  6. PillarNexus

    Dice limitation

    As a matter of personal preference, I've always considered the dice to be limited to what's available. It may affect the challenge either way, but that's fine with me.