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  1. Yasss, I will have to give it a try ;-)
  2. I've also heard about it... how do you fly it? with vader besides the academies, and Soontir flanking?
  3. Very useful piece of advice and we'll explained, thanks so much, ChaDresh!
  4. One of my concerns about this list is how to fly Maarek. Should he be part of the swarm? (To make the most of the block and Howlrunner's ability) Or maybe a block of 3 ties, with Maarek and Duchess flying on their own...?
  5. Hi! I've heard amazing things about this list, which includes I5 pilots: TIE/sk Striker: "Duchess" (42 + 2) + Predator (2) TIE Advanced x1: Maarek Stele (46 + 3) + Marksmanship (1) + Fire-Control System (2) TIE/ln Fighter: "Howlrunner" (40 + 1) + Crack Shot (1) TIE/ln Fighter: "Mauler" Mithel (32 + 1) + Crack Shot (1) TIE/ln Fighter: "Scourge" Skutu (32 + 1) + Crack Shot (1) Have you tested? What do you think about it?
  6. Yep, I tested it yesterday and it wasn't bad, but it didn't feel entirely right... Next weekend I will test a variation, replacing versio by a barrage-bomber, something like this: (43) Howlrunner + swarm tactics (23) Academy pilot (37) Scimitar Sq + barrage rockets (53) Soontir Fel + crackshot (44) Countdown Howlrunner will fly besides academy and bomber ties, with Soontir flanking and Countdown as a kind of 'bait' trying to absorb the damage... I'm not sure, but i will give a try :-)
  7. Hi! I'm thinking about the idea of building a hyperspace list including some ties, but without being a swarm. Something like this: (40) Howlrunner (40) Iden Versio (23) Academy pilot (53) Soontir Fel + crackshot (44) Countdown No room for upgrade cards (only crackshot for Soontir). Just 200 points. My idea is to fly the 3 ties together, with soontir and the striker as flankers. What do you think about it? Thanks!
  8. Great, I will give that a try 😉 Thanks for the advice!
  9. Maybe something like this? ========================= TIE/sk Striker: "Pure Sabacc" (44 + 9) + Elusive (3) + Shield Upgrade (6) TIE/ln Fighter: "Howlrunner" (40 + 3) + Swarm Tactics (3) TIE/ln Fighter: "Wampa" (30) TIE/ln Fighter: "Night Beast" (26) TIE/ln Fighter: Obsidian Squadron Pilot (24) TIE/ln Fighter: Obsidian Squadron Pilot (24) I've never flown a tie strike before, so I'm not sure about its upgrades and strategies...
  10. Hi! I'm thinking about the idea of having a Tie semiswarm, maybe combined with a Tie striker as a flanker. If I start with Pure Sabbac, for instance, there is enough room for 4 good ties, or maybe 5 generic ones. What's the best choice? Have anyone tested anything similar?
  11. I think it's a very interesting list! Does the ion cannon work for you in the gunboat? Maybe some torps would do more damage?
  12. Hi! since 2.0 was launched, I've seen many lists focused on bombers, punisher, phantom... It seems they are the most popular imperial ships right now, and they can be seen everywhere. But what's your experience flying tie agressors, inquisitor or gunboats in 2.0? I'm a bit lost with them, so I would appreciate some help to make the most of them. Thanks in advance!
  13. I had thought in homing missiles too, but with FCS instead instinctive Aim, I think it should be more useful, but I have to try it 🙂
  14. Hi! I have the feeling that -at least in my local area- I see very few Tie Inquisitors on the table... Maybe isn't it a competitive ship in 2.0? I was thinking about trying a semi-swarm with maybe 4-5 tie fighters and a lone tie inquisitor. Has anyone tested it? Does it make sense? Thanks!
  15. Just to tell you that today I tested the 2 juke-onyx + alpha list... being a complete disaster, due to my clumsiness planning and moving the ships 😕 Today I wasn't inspired at all, so I will try again early next week!
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