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  1. Legends of the galaxy has both. http://www.legendsofthegalaxy.com/Oggdude/
  2. I couldn't find them all on twitch either. Did a search on YouTube and found a playlist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpbRqZT7-tc&list=PLLL1zSUoYLg_rnsIvffDnhDvxTdsnLDaO&index=1
  3. I haven't played a force sensitive in quite a while, but with being new to FFG's version I thought I would try one. Here's the background of my current character. Born on Arkania during the clone wars. First in class growing up, constantly skipping ahead. Quickly mastered medicine and genetic engineering. At the age of eleven did a science project and genetically altered his hair to have a light blue streak. (Was reprimanded for making himself the test subject) Graduated from the science academy early as valedictorian, age thirteen. Immedialy offered a position with a presitgious genetics research facility. Had a desire to help people more directly so works part time at a hospial. Also has found a knack for tinkering and computers and dabbles in both as hobbies. Has been working professionally now for six years. Married at seventeen. Child a year later. While focusing on a genetic puzzle to cure a disease, needed a datapad from across the room. When he went to get up to go get it, found it floating in the air next tim him. Once distracted by the floating pad, it then fell to the floor. Initially thinking it was a joke, but no one was around. Another time, in the emergency room, a patient was having trouble breathing from an accident. While waiting for a bioscanner, in a moment of focus he could sense that there was a punctured lung and proceeded to treat successfully. Researching into these occurances he discoveered he had sensitivity to the force, something that was considered fiction in scientific circles. Discovering more history in the archives of an old library found a locked archive that had a holocron. Found even more information slicing a computer or two and found out there used to be organizations of force users and the empire eliminated them. Computer hacking detected and fled the planet rather than face the empire. Vowed to study this power and discover more about the force and to continue to help people where he can. Currently 4 BBY, out of money, and stuck on Tatooine for the last year living in Mos Espa taking misc jobs working on comps/mech/Med for the people there but making just enough to get by. Frustrated at the lack of progress. We're currently 300ish xp in, doing jobs for Teemo in Mos Shuuta and around Tatooine. Every so often I would get a strange feeling but not be able to track it down. Finally figured out the source and after many interactions, convinced a blind and lame padawan that survived 66 that sits around town carving wood to teach me sense.
  4. Knockdown and Ensnare item qualities can help to keep them engaged.
  5. Hello OggDude, My group and I are new to FFG's SW (slow adopters) and wanted to say thank you for an excellent tool! Possible Feature request. I have a server that I use for our gaming groups related files and have started using the SWCharGen. I used the portable install and a relative data path. I was thinking that way my players wouldn't to have to install or configure anything and we also wouldn't need to reconfigure if we relocated the files for playing at a different location. The problem I'm having is the cache file is stored in that directory as well and any time more than one instance of the chargen/gmtools is run it's denied access to the cache file. (And I expect may cause problems sharing an sdf file) Would it be possible to add a checkbox option to the portability section to still have the cache file be in the users AppData? Thank you sir!
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