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  1. You can play Library Access up to 3 times just by playing it + sacrificing 2 seeds, and in this case I managed to draw it a 4th time after shuffling my cemetery into my deck.
  2. From what I can tell, it goes into discard immediately ?
  3. Feel free to test it on the Crucible ! It's a ton of fun to play (granted, you can't see your opponent's priceless face when you draw your entire deck - which is arguably the best thing about this deck)
  4. I found this rule written in this google doc (I don't know where the gdoc is coming from nor where the ruling comes from) but here goes (line 162) : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wkQ6N7cxoTV4gflk7iW1GcHHCN8e-MOkbul1D1QFJdM/edit#gid=0
  5. It happens before "play" effects take place if I'm not mistaken, so I'm gonna assume you draw before. Either way, you can chain the cards as long as you have a Library if you have your deck in your hand : You play Library - Graveyard only has the Library Play card A - refresh the deck, draw the library, card A goes into the graveyard - graveyard only has the card A Play card B - refresh the deck, draw card A, card B goes into the graveyard - graveyard only has the card B Play card C - refresh the deck, draw card B, card C goes into the graveyard - graveyard only has the card C and so on.
  6. While the deck doesn't generate a lot of aember without the combo... consider that you have your whole deck in your hand, and if you're picking Logos a turn after you combo, you still get to play 6 times each Logos card because you'll draw them back instantly once your deck is only composed of the one card you play. Like, 6 Twin Bolts gets you a nice board wipe and 6 aember, same for Labwork, that's already 12 aembers there per turn. I'm not even talking about reaping, should you be able to sustain some Trolls on the board for example. Also, yes, the combo takes two turns, but you can still play the seeds way before you get your Library, and two turns for drawing your whole deck doesn't sound too bad. If I had to pick this deck's flaws, it's pretty sensible to being slowed down in the early game, sensible to very fast decks, and can be annoyed with artifact control/destruction (because here, controlling the seed is essentially destroying it).
  7. Alright, sounds a tiny bit odd that they didn't specifically address it but I'm fine with that reasoning (solve as much as possible and draw if you can).
  8. I agree I wouldn't draw anymore, but in some games you either take a penalty for having an empty deck, or possibly lose. In keyforge that is not explicit, and I was wondering if anything happens in that case. So far my only answer seems to be "nothing happens you keep playing", but I'd like a confirmation on that.
  9. https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/a6442925-6a98-4729-bb73-17ccce808b6d Library Access + Nepenthes seeds drawing 3 each time I play a logos spell, and then refreshing the deck and drawing Library again for a total of 4 draws per spell. Yes, the deck is that stupid.
  10. Basically the title : what happens when all your cards are not in either the discard or in the deck? I've had this situation yesterday, where I had about 28 cards in hand and the rest in archive/in play, and I had to draw 4 each time I play a logos card with Library Access. Atttachment is my hand during the turn - which made us question the deckout, because lul Library access. Thanks !
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