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  1. Rabbitball

    Hunting Witch & Chot Hazri

    The idea is that you can't trigger an ability of a permanent that has already left play. So something with a Destroyed: or Leaves Play: trigger must trigger just before it actually leaves play. Something that watches for something else leaving play doesn't need to trigger beforehand because it can theoretically still be around to watch the other thing leave play.
  2. Rabbitball

    Pitlord and Control the Weak

    That is a reversal of the previous ruling and now the rulebook's latest ruling takes precedence.
  3. Rabbitball

    Keyforge Comprehensive Rules

    It starts with something like that but codifies the rules further. The intent is to make the rules so complete that apart from defining new keywords, any ruling can be predicted from the rules without having to resort to ad hoc rulings.
  4. Rabbitball

    Keyforge Comprehensive Rules

    I have it on my OneDrive now, but haven't made it public yet as it's still a bit rough. When I do, I will post a Dropbox link here.
  5. Rabbitball

    KeyForge GEM Troubleshooting Discussion

    It says Event Type: Casual. Casual events don't need to be uploaded. If you meant to run a Chainbound event; see above about promising your firstborn to Brobnar in order to get it fixed.
  6. Rabbitball

    Hunting Witch & Chot Hazri

    That's exactly right. You always gain things from triggers before any Play: abilities happen.
  7. Rabbitball

    Keyforge Comprehensive Rules

    There is a difference between posting the individual rulings as they appear and creating a rule set by which the rulings derive as logical consequences of them. Keyforge Compendium does the first; I do the second.
  8. Rabbitball

    Keyforge Comprehensive Rules

    I have been working off and on to produce a Keyforge Comprehensive Rulebook. As of now, I have stripped out things that are unlikely to ever be part of Keyforge and updated the things that are common or similar. The new keywords designated in the podcast are now added. Next step is to restore all the broken links (see rule XXX, for example), and to clean up the "what you can do in your main step" section to be more intuitive.
  9. It is a system for rating decks, but like all systems for rating decks, your mileage may vary.
  10. Rabbitball

    Evasion Sigil: Do Multiple Copies Stack

    That's the way I read it. There is no fight, therefore the triggering condition is no longer met for the second one.
  11. I prefer Terms of Redress: Thou shalt wear pants. 😆
  12. Well, if you can reverse the antisynergy, have at it. That's what playing decks give you. I mean moving your queen early is normally a bad idea in chess, but a queen move on the second or third move can be checkmate if the right situation appears on the board.
  13. No metric is going to measure everything. Part of what it can't measure is how well a player navigates the nuances of a particular deck. You seem to be handling it well; better than what SAS or ADHD might suggest. So take pride in that. I think what they aren't measuring is your effectiveness with the Soul Snatcher. Turning Bad Pennys into repeatable Æmber generators is normally done with Seeker Needles; you are doing it with Soul Snatchers and your way it doesn't matter if you attack or your opponent does. Add to that the idea of sacrificing your underpowered creatures for Æmber, and this probably explains your overperforming the SAS/ADHD ratings.
  14. Rabbitball

    Game Over man, Game Over!

    I have. For the first 10 games with a deck, I play knowing what I'm playing Now that I've done that for my entire lineup, I either go in sealed or pick a random deck just because. In some ways, not peeking at my opponent's list is similar to playing with chains on my deck.
  15. Rabbitball

    Game Over man, Game Over!

    I would argue that it's another style of play as opposed to another level. Remember that in competitive sealed play, there is no review of the decklist prior to the game. So I'm simulating one method of play. while you are simulating another.