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  1. Dwarrowdelf Cycle Adventure Packs: As of today, 4 of the 6 are still available here https://imaginaire.com/en/catalogsearch/result.html?page=2&q=lord+of+the+rings+the+card+game Only The Long dark and Watcher in The Water are out of stock.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Encounter sets used apart from the Fate of Wilderland set are all from The Wilds of Rhovanion deluxe expansion: Grey Mountain Goblins, Hills of Wilderland and Gathering Gloom.
  3. Thanks for the corrections Allonym. After reread, your corrections are right on!
  4. My best guess translation: EVENT THE RETURN OF THE KING Cost 1 Leadership Song ACTION: Search your deck for a guarded attachment and put it in play. Shuffle your deck ALLY LOYAL HOUND 1,2,0,2 Cost 1 Lore Creature Cannot have attachments. RESPONSE: Discard Loyal Hound to cancel up to 2 damge just dealt to a hero you control. ALLY MESSENGER RAVEN 1,0,0,1 Cost 1 Leadership Creature Cannot attack, defend or have attachments. RESET ACTION: Return Messenger Raven to its owner's hand and name a card type. Choose a player to look at the top card of his deck. If that card matches the named type, add it to the owner's hand. If not, discard it. EVENT THE GREAT HUNT Cost 3 Lore You must spend resources from 3 different heroes' pool to pay for this card. COMBAT ACTION: Choose and discard a non unique enemy in the staging area. ALLY SHERIFF OF BYWATER 1,1,1,2 Cost 2 Tactics Hobbit, Sheriff The Sheriff gains +1 Willpower, +1 Attack, +1 Defense as long as you are engaged in combat with an enemy with a higher engagement cost than your threat level EVENT GWAIHIR'S DEBT Cost 1 Tactics You can only play this card if you control an Istari character and another unique character with the Eagle trait. ACTION: Look for an Eagle or Istari ally in the first 5 cards of your deck and put him in play. Shuffle your deck. At the end of the turn, if this ally is sill in play, return him to your hand. EVENT REFORGED Cost X Spirit ACTION: Choose an attachment with a printed cost of X in the discard pile of a player and play this attachment for free. (The chosen attachment can belong to any sphere of influence) ATTACHMENT MITHRIL SHIRT Cost 1 Spirit Artifact. Object. Armor Guarded (location) Attach this card to a hero. RESPONSE: When attached hero receives any amount of damage, reduce it by 1.
  5. Some weird distribution has just happened again. The Fate of Wilderland is already on retailer shelves in Quebec in its french version. Funny but still In development on FFG Upcoming website. https://imaginaire.com/fr/jeux-casse-tetes-et-puzzles/le-seigneur-des-anneaux-le-jeu-de-cartes-le-destin-des-terres-sauvages-paquet-aventure-francais.html?q=le destin des terres sauvages Starting to wish I had bought french version of game instead of english!!!!
  6. Latest news: yesterday my local retailer listed Framsburg available Thursday 02/07
  7. I did not buy it but I found someone who did. Don't have pictures but text is (my translation): Outmatched: Attachment, Tactics, Condition, Trap. Cost 1 Play in your area unattached. If unattached, attach Outmatched to next valid enemy that engages you. Response: After attached enemy resolves his attack, ready defender. Quicker Than Sight: Event, Spirit, Cost 0 Return to your hand a Sylvan ally you control to cancel a shadow effect just revealed during combat.
  8. Saw on site that Fire in the Night is coming out this week but not Framsburg?
  9. I could have bought french version of Fire in the night (also on the shelves here) but since the english version is supposedly no more than a couple of weeks away, I passed.
  10. Actually not much of a spoiler. There on shelves here!
  11. Man the Walls - reduce the cost of the next ally.... by 1
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