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  1. Firefly was Not my first thought but I see the similarities. When I saw the design of the Razor crest my first thought was it looks a lot like the SS-54 Halo from Filoni's clone wars bounty hunter Sugi.
  2. Gotta say that since being updated to Rise Of The Separatists being "on the boat" 7 1/2 months ago (6th Sept 2018) FFG have announced Allies & Adversaries book in December being in Development, then at the printers, on the boat and now in the shops ! So they can develop, print & ship a book faster than they can reprint ? .... and we're still waiting on an update of what happened to the ROTS being on a boat or on fire lost in the china sea in a sinking boat impounded by the communists who warped the book cover out of spite .... or whatever. Piss poor way to run a Games Supplier Company, especially when they go to the trouble of having an update site to show what's supposedly happening with release dates ... then do nothing about it for half a year. Guess this Star Wars RPG isn't worth their effort anymore. I know they're not great money spinners but still, You kinda expect some sort of update when you pre-order from them. Being treated like a mushroom has to be Bad for customer loyalty and therefore Bad for Business
  3. SavageBob, missed that minor bit of news ... However even reprinting wouldn't delay it 7 Months on a boat. They say themselves it takes 4 to 6 weeks approx to get the books by ship so even if they were returned reprinted and then reshipped that'd account for 4 to 5 months ... what about the other 2 months on top of that time ? Think about it and how flimsy excuses are just that.
  4. I notice that as usual Rise Of The Separatists is still stuck on the boat.. 7 months it's been on a boat now ... However the Allies & Adversaries book that was in development just 4 months back is now Shipping ! So it's kinda a slap in the face to everyone who pre-ordered a copy of ROTS But I'm starting to think Rise has been Recalled to be re-done to fit in with it's follow-up book Collapse of the Republic. I'm wondering if they're going to release both together later in May/June 2019 as a double whammy ? It'd fit with a lot of their previous releases that were delayed and delayed then suddenly 3 or 4 books released at once. Still not a good way to keep a game system alive & vital. I know a lot of folks have switched to other game systems now because of FF's continual delays in release of their games unfortunately.
  5. It's Just such a shame FFG are being silent on the subject and keeping the fans waiting on releases, as this is what Kills an RPG dead. It killed off others before as players lost interest because nothing new was being released and more and more delays without explanation just frustrated the RPG fans until they gave up and made their own stuff, ignoring the manufactured products, as not worth the frustration/time/cost/delay etc I know FFG are releasing other star wars products and they seem to be developed, shipped & in shops faster than the RPG books but all that does is make folks switch off from a games supplier when they overcharge for their new "premium" products and ignore their ongoing lines in favour of more profitable ones. Oh well, guess we'll all just have to wait and see when the RotS book surfaces and what happens to the next release(s) or if anyone can be bothered ....
  6. Thinking the Ship carrying these tried a Kessel Run and got eaten by the Summa-Verminoth :D
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