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  1. Thank you all, the quote from page 118 was not absolutely clear for us (english is our second langauge 😃 ) aaaaand somehow if didn't read or remembered that statement on 115 -.- that would have cleared it up.
  2. Hi everyone, I tried to google this but didn't find an answer. We play a custom setting of Genesys and wanted to implement the runes magic as found in Realms of Terrinoth. Now we can't quite settle on this in the group, if the character has the runes skill he can use the enhanced effects of the runes but can he also cast any other spell (like an arcanist) as long as he has any rune? So for example the character has the ARCANE BOLT RUNE and uses his runes skill to cast a barrier with it. Would that be possible? Can he "missuse" the Arcane bolt rune to channel any spell but if he would cast an attack spell he would gain the boni? Or would he have to use a Rune that has a barrier effect on it to achieve this?
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