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  1. Yeah, I realized this was almost certainly the correct way to interpret things after I posted, but was hoping someone else would say it. I don't think there's really any question that this is what happens.
  2. Assume your creature will survive all fights, maybe it has skirmish. It's perfectly clear what happens if the opponent has three or more creatures in play. This came up in a game where my opponent had only two creatures in play. I readied and fought two of them. What happens on the third attempt to ready and fight? Do I ready, fail to fight, and then have a ready creature to do with as I please? Then, same question if the opponent has 1 or 0 creatures. My thinking is that the ready always happens, and then the card effect stops resolving as soon as a fight can't happen. So 1 opposing creature would mean Ready, Fight, Ready, stop resolving the card. 0 opposing creatures would mean Ready, stop resolving card. Thoughts?
  3. Can I suggest an analogue in support of not destroying a 0 power creature? I honestly don't care which way this goes, but it clearly needs an official ruling. Quote from rulebook: "If a creature has as much or more damage on it as it has power, the creature is destroyed and placed on top of its owner’s discard pile" Analogue: If a bridge has as much or more weight on it as it has weight rating, the bridge is destroyed Question: Does a bridge with a weight rating of 0, but which also has no weight on it, get destroyed?
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