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  1. I'm so sorry that happened to you. ANA/FFG aren't very friendly with replacement parts anymore. You could "check the box" and send them a quick email and explain the situation, but they'll probably just send their condolences and shrug. Eldritch Horror Fandom has a complete list of all Monster and Epic Monster with all their information, just no photos. https://eldritchhorrorgame.fandom.com/wiki/Monsters Once you get to a point where you can, you might have to remake them.
  2. Def try and call them. I did a Late Pre-Order. Like, I ordered mine a few DAYS before preorders would normally ship out (before everything was delayed) and mine shipped out today. Must be a mistake.
  3. Me and my partner are big Arkham fans, with Eldritch Horror being the first game we ever picked up. We haven't played it on almost two years, not since Masks released. So when COVID locked us down (NYC, here), we immediately knew we wanted to start playing again. We've since started a campaign (with minor house rules, because let's be honest... FFG botched the whole campaign thing) using the full rogues gallery of Ancient Ones. I've learned that Abhoth is still my favorite for the Cultist Encounters alone. With all our mandated free time, we also thought we'd try our hand at making a couple custom investigators. Cut to EIGHTinvestigators later. This was super fun to do and I wanted to share for fun/feedback/community participation. Here's the link to the BBG thread where you can see the full size artwork/download them if you want! https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2441046/returning-eldritch-horror-leaving-custom-investigaFine Print: None of these illustrations are my own and I've added credits to the back of the investigator sheets.
  4. I've gotten three separate notifications over two weeks that my Blood of B preorder is being processed. I think FFG's processing center had to gain a Madness condition.
  5. Depending on our mood, we’ll sometimes only allow the Auto Fail to be drawn once per round, setting it aside and putting it back in the bag at the start of the Mythos. But if we do, we also do the same with the Elder Sign. Sometimes we just can’t do three Auto Fails in a row. 🤷‍♂️
  6. That's a very good point in regards to mix-and-match Daisy front and Daisy back. I told my partner he might have to suck it up and paperclip two Daisy's together. She's a librarian, it's thematic. 🤷‍♂️
  7. I just downloaded Valkyrie today and have gone down many... many rabbit holes the past few hours learning how the program works. Very excited to dive into this! Me and my partner are obsessed with MoM, but only recently learned about Valkyrie. Seems like a good time since we aren't leaving the apartment anytime soon... (NYC, here). Scrubbless, you campaign looks EPIC. Have there been any thoughts about a Custom Investigator Tool? I've made a handful of custom investigators that we've used in the other Arkham Files games and we've used proxys so far in MoM, but ti would be awesome to actual have them incorporated in the game.
  8. I got mine from Staples. It’s just called Sticker Paper (216mm x 279mm), but I’m sure you can get a higher quality online. Like Mimi said, though, if you sleeve you could just slip your print out in - And I’m guessing that was FFG’s intention by not providing the full art for the card backs. We’re weirdo outliers and don’t really like sleeving, so sticker paper has been a godsend.
  9. This might not be an ideal idea for everyone, but me and my partner have used printable sticker paper for custom cards and stick them on FFG's cards. We bought a second core set a while back, so we have extra investigators/personal cards. We're also big fans of creating our own investigators. So we just use printable sticker paper and stick 'em to the extras. This does add a tiiiiiiiny bit of thickness to the cards, but not enough to be disruptive. And if they're sleeved, you'd never know the difference.
  10. Isn't this defeating the purpose? FFG made it sound like the biggest reason for delay was not wanting to ruin small businesses. But if it's only delaying U.S. until June, people are just going to buy it from international markets... Just feels like this should've been a global delay.
  11. New York City here, Upper West Side Manhattan. It was just announced an hour ago that 100% of non-essential workforce are to stay home starting Sunday. I'm a Type 1 Diabetic so I've been doing that for the past week, anyway. It's going to be very difficult to get New Yorkers to stay off the streets, they're a stubborn lot. Even during a pandemic. Both my writing group and AHCG group are done meeting for now, possibly going to start remote meetings/play. Excited to have the time to work on a home brew campaign! Everyone stay safe.
  12. Definitely a Survivor. Her class in AH3e is Survivor. I also think her talents would be manipulating the Chaos Bag in some manner. For AH3e, Phil said she'd be able to skip the Mythos draw if she wanted (for a tax). Or maybe she shakes things up during the Encounter Phase. That would be new and super interesting.
  13. Woah!! Did not see that coming... While this is super super cool, I kinda hope this isn't what they were referencing. Since only a very small slice of the fandom could enjoy this. Crazy Idea Though (and not saying this is the "new product"): How cool would an Arkham Files Murder Mystery Dinner Party be? Like a print-at-home package. Maybe someone in the party is a cultist and you have to figure out who. Or the King in Yellow is slowly driving your dinner party mad.
  14. I haven't seen people talk about about it much, but they mentioned in the AMA last week there is a "new type of product" they are releasing between Return to TFA and Innsmouth Conspiracy. Any fun theories?? My partner is hoping for the return of the minis (using updated MoM 2ed models), but I think I saw in another thread that wasn't something FFG was getting back into (aside from with MoM). Another friend thought it could be a storage unit for investigator/class/weakness cards, since the campaigns get their own via Return To's. Any ideas?
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