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  1. ((How meishodo works is not known in the empire. Remember that it’s a technique that was developed outside the empire, where the kami do not dwell and there’s no evidence that spirits from outside the empire communicate with kami any better than gaijin communicate with rokugani. So it seems likely to me that the spirit within the talisman creates the effect directly, but ultimately the GM should have some say as well.))
  2. (( with the boar at range 2, Aruzhan should be able to use grasp of earth. I have 2 earth and 2 theology, and roll one exploding success with strife and one blank on the ring dice. Each of the skill dice rolls an opportunity, so I end up keeping the exploding success (which yields a blank) and one of the opportunities. Fortunately, I should only need one success thanks to my meishodo talisman. I’ll use my opportunity for the grasp of earth ability to immobilize my target. I would do 2 supernatural damage and the boar needs to make a fitness test or be knocked prone.)) Aruzhan halts her steed as she slips one hand into the sash around her waist. Clutching her newly crafted talisman she utters a soft, but stern command to the spirit inside. A thunderous crack issues from the talisman and reverberates through the wooded scene. Then another crack, as if in response, sounds out from beneath the wounded boar as the ground under it’s feet begins to split open and cave in around the animal. Aruzhan wonders for a moment if the others sensed her hubris and joy as she commanded the spirit to do her bidding, but she soon reasoned that they were busy with their own thoughts.. and whether she meekly petitioned the spirits or commanded them is of little matter when the cause is just... right?
  3. ((Sorry. On the survey roll I would have totaled 2 successes and 1 opportunity. I have focus 3 and no tactics. I rolled my earth 2 and got one blank and one success with strife, so my initiative should be 4. ))
  4. Perhaps unexpectedly, Aruzhan releases a stressful sigh when Yasuki asks if they plan to stop at peaceful mooring inn. It seems yet another delay on the ronins’ journey may be necessary. When she speaks, her voice takes on a more pleasant tone. “I have heard that peaceful mooring inn is a wonderful place and we shouldn’t miss stopping there, at least for a short time.”
  5. “Yes. The shrine to fortune of white ants.” Aruzhan answers the question even as she turns to face the one who was speaking to her. “Sadly, my companions and I must continue our travels and don’t have the time to dedicate to this shrine that it surely deserves.”
  6. (( if that was our downtime, then I should try to craft my meishodo talisman.. it says I can use any ring to bind the spirit, but I feel like I should be using a ring based on the element of the spirit i’m binding. Rolling earth + design I get an explosive success with strife, a blank, and a regular success with strife and a blank. Keeping both non-blank dice, I roll another success with strife, but I don’t need to keep that, having already achieved the 2 successes I need.)) Even as the Yasuki approaches, the shugenja can be found “negotiating” with a spirit. She must have a close relationship with the spirits indeed, in order to feel so comfortable talking to them in such a manner. It seems she successfully wraps up the negotiations before approaching the group. “ ah. Hello Yasuki-sama. This is very interesting place, is it not? Oh please forgive me, I am Aruzhan, a shugenja.” ((P.S.: As I mentioned a few posts ago, I was making a talisman for grasp of earth.))
  7. (( I rolled theorize and got 1 success with strife, 2 opportunity, and 1 opportunity with strife. I ‘ll just keep the two opportunity, which I don’t really have any plans for. I can “extrapolate the motivations and desires of another character in the scene or wider situation.” would the spirits count as a character in this case?)) ”Shiroari.. the fortune of white ants.. Perhaps not as well regarded as he deserves.”
  8. “Well let’s find out.” Aruzhan collects some herbs from around the clearing and places them on a flat stone. Praying quietly, she burns the herbs and welcomes the spirits of void to come and chat with her. (( I’m trying to use commune with spirits void. Void 2 theology 2 I rolled one opportunity with strife, one success with strife, one blank and one success. I’ll keep the success and success with strife. I’m just trying to get an idea of the general nature of these ruins and the spirits around here.))
  9. (( void 2 i rolled one blank one explosive success with strife.. Theology 2 added one blank and one success. The explosive success gives a 3rd success. So the total is 3 successes, 1 strife on the theology void roll.)) After walking a circle around the clearing Aruzhan sets out her bedroll and begins to meditate, taking in the ambiance of this beautiful clearing.
  10. “This seems as good a place to rest as any. Sorry Hekasu-San, but if we move any faster it would be worse.” Aruzhan gladly slides off of wildfire and takes a walk around the clearing.
  11. (( on air + survival I rolled one blank and one opportunity. I keep the opportunity I guess. Perhaps I can use the opportunity to notice a good place to rest?))
  12. After wasting time at the border post and seeing one of her traveling companions hurt, Aruzhan is clearly ready to leave as soon as possible, and is in no mood for answering questions. “If it weren’t for the corrupt nature of the samurai here, Hekasu-san would not be injured now. I see no reason to tell them anything.” She mutters as she’s shifting the packs.
  13. ((To be clear, searching for medical help is an excuse to leave with some urgency, Aruzhan fully intends to simply use the trail to go around the border post. Also, Aruzhan intends to ride wildfire at this point, leaving the fully equipped horses for the less experienced riders.))
  14. “Well if the horses are ready then so am I. Hekasu-San, don’t argue and let me help you onto the horse, due to your injured arm. There’s no point to wasting any time here while we’ve got a man hurt.” Aruzhan impatiently stomps over to the horses and begins to untie them from the post. “I saw a path in the woods a short way back. Perhaps if we follow that we can find someone who can be of better help to Hekasu-San”
  15. Your monk asks “if i’m wearing shoes, can I count my feet as unreadied weapons?”
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