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  1. I think you're right. So you're basically adding 28 to the value of your ship in order to be able to sometimes get +1 attack die and give opponent -1 defense die against a ship that's already in range 1. and of course you have the possibility of moving most enemies if you choose to. I still think the extravagant cost of ensnare along with the tractor nerf is ridiculous. I also just think it's a bad idea to have a 73 point ship which can easily be taken out in one attack.
  2. Unfortunately, I don't have alot of actual play experience.. with that said, If you'd only had one nantex, one vulture and one infiltrator, I'd say just keep it boxed up. I've tried using Infiltrator + Nantex a few times in Fly Casual and it never really works out the way I want it to. (My RL play experience is pretty much using Nantex swarm v. variations of Rebel beef in several matches) IMO, Nantex have been hit with the nerf bat way too hard. (and consider that they were never a dominant list to begin with) Sun Fac and Chertek need to tractor (or at least put a token on..) their opponents in order for their abilities to work, but if they do so, their enemies get to rotate so they can get your Nantex into their firing arc. Since the Nantex has only 4 hull and no shields, any attack against the Nantex can potentially kill it. So you set up a situation in which you either one-shot your target, or you risk Sun Fac getting one-shotted himself.. and your Sun Fac with ensnare is worth 73 points. How likely is Sun Fac to iKill anything that's worth as much as he is? I've also tried using Gorgol with the Sith, figuring that he should be useful alongside a pretty beefy ship.. really though, I was still only able to use his ability once in.. I think 3 matches. (simulated) The upside here is that Gorgol is cheaper than other Nantex, and also lower init makes him a better blocker. Honestly, if you're going to playing some droids, you might want to try Berwer Kret instead of Sun Fac You could try something like: (36) Berwer Kret (nantex) (5) Gravitic Deflection Points: 41 (65) Darth Maul (Sith Infiltrator) (3) General Grievous (9) Hate (5) K2-B4 Points: 82 (26)DFS-081 (vulture) (1) Struts Points: 27 (23) DFS-311 (vulture) (1) struts Points: 24 (23) Precise Hunter (vulture) (1) struts Points: 24
  3. hmm.. Marksmanship wouldn't help me against rebel beef because I can't get past their shields. Just noted.. I can make this list now: General Grievous (Bulbasaur-22) -Daredevil -angled deflectors - soulless one Ship total: 55 pts 4x PAA (Nantex) -Gravitic Deflection -Marksmanship Ship total 36 pts. each I don't get to play x-wing anymore though
  4. I believe "collaborators" and "fugitives" applies to the First Order. I don't really put the emphasis on the First Order being founded by "War Criminals" though.. In point of fact, many of the officers who founded the first order were either not present for most of the fighting (Admiral Thrawn) or refused to commit warcrimes (Admiral Sloan). As I understand it, the remnants of the empire were hunted, but after some time the republic and the First Order came to an agreement that allowed the First Order to exist outside of the republic. The "Collaborators" and "Fugitives" part of the first order comes from the fact that they didn't simply sit out beyond the outer-rim and quietly die off. Instead they infiltrated criminal organizations within the republic and turned those organizations to the needs of the First Order. So while we tend to view the First Order as being a large and well organized military, the fact is most of their officers would have whet their blades as criminals within the republic and alongside people who didn't necessarily belong to the First Order, but worked with them for fun and profit.
  5. Aruzhan takes a quick look around as she prepares to head back to Uimi Mura. "well.. This bandit seems rather intelligent and well equipped. He was smoking, not exploding.. so we must be missing an element.. and he would have either had to wait for the rain, or called it himself.."
  6. Aruzhan ponders the situation.. "If there were a horse carrying a supply of this substance, perhaps it would need a roof over it's head in the rain. Then maybe the bandit quickly washed out the shrine when they left."
  7. "It seems like the sort of a thing a Dragon might do, but I doubt any of them would be involved in this."
  8. I agree.. my problem is that I don't know what they Dragonfly do apart from telling people "the pass is closed". I mean.. they are noted for their own shugenja school too, but they aren't in the "spirits" book.
  9. The mechanics of minor clans have changed since 2nd edition though, most minor clans only had 3 techniques. (and one family) The Mantis were special in that they had 4, Them getting their 5th technique was part of them becoming a great clan. Really though, creating minor clans should be fairly straight-forward these days. All clans in this edition follow the same basic mechanics.. I think if you know the lore.. or the "20 questions" of your clan, then the mechanics will be obvious.. The most important thing is to know why your minor clan exists in the campaign, and why it exists in Rokugan. For example, I ran a campaign based loosely on "the mouse that roared" in which "Mouse clan" declared war on Scorpion clan, largely because Scorpion clan was selling "knock-off" Mouse clan brew. So I know that mouse clan has to be expert in producing brew, they get +1 labor as their skill. The ring is a little more difficult at first, but ultimately mouse clan is fighting a war for it's own survival, so even though Mouse clan appreciates and exemplifies traits of other rings (they are precise and subtle as air, efficient and charming as water..) The main motivator for mouse clan is really earthy at this point.. plus Earth goes along with Labor in Production.. so mouse clan's ring is earth. I can add in some of the traits from other rings by using those rings for the family and school bonuses. Mostly because they'll be conflicting with the scorpion, water and air become the rings associated with the family. As you can see, filling out the clan/family/school lore provides the basis for knowing what their mechanics will be.
  10. Didn't FFG say they weren't going to release anything until sept. 1 due to covid? Or was that only for x-wing product? Also, I think I finally figured out what the plan was. The minor clans in each book are related, in some way, to the major clans in each book. The Toritaka are strong allies of the crab that, in old lore at least, eventually fold into the crab clan. The Shika are an off-shoot of the Crane, and the Centipede are an off-shoot of the Phoenix. It's difficult to find a minor clan that has ties to the Lion, but I believe the "war" book will contain Lion and Badger clans.. since the Badger in this era act as mercenaries and, at least in old lore, were allied with Toturi. I still strongly believe there's meant to be a book on crime/justice. While all 3 remaining major clans are known for their magistrates, I think the key here is that the Wasp are the minor clan most involved with crime/justice (because they're bounty hunters) and the Wasp are an off-shoot of the scorpion (who can represent both the criminal and legal aspects of the book). The question then is, what minor clans are tied to the Unicorn and Dragon, and what aspects of Rokugan are those clans involved in. Personally, I've long had a feeling that there should be some kind of book on "nature" in Rokugan. While writing stories, I often find myself googling what types of plants and animals exist in parts of asia. When my characters go hunting they often catch a.. "uhmm.. something.." or they may be delighted by the smell of the beautiful.. "uhmm.. would they have roses?". and I know other players have had similar experiences.. for example one person asked why the silhouette of a wolf is listed in one place as 0 and another place as 2.. Now this may just be an editing error, but it turns out there are two different types of wolves in Japan and they are very different in size. So while "nature" may not seem like an inspiring topic in the way that "spirit realms" is, I feel like it's necessary. Okay, so both the Unicorn and Dragon have ties to nature.. To be honest, I first thought the Dragon would be a shoe-in for a book on nature because the founder of the Kitsuki was a naturalist and many Kitsuki continue to follow that path. Meanwhile, I rarely view the Unicorn as being naturalists (I don't think they study nature, the way the dragon do).. However, the Unicorn do have their strong ties to their horses and dogs and they are the best survivalists in the empire. Furthermore, they are tied to Fox clan and Fox clan has almost druidic/ranger-esque ties to nature. So I think there was intended to be a "nature/the land" book that was intended to have Unicorn and Fox clans. That leaves Dragon clan.. and what does Dragon clan represent? Who are they tied too? Well, it looks like Dragon clan has ties to a couple of minor clans that I don't really know much about.. what they represent could be pretty easy though, depending on scope. The Dragon are known for their monks, they are also known for alchemy, naturalism, and deductive reasoning.. This led me to believe that a dragon clan book could be based on any of those things, again.. in this case it's a matter of scope. The Dragon clan book could be "Philosophy and Science".. or even something as broad as "education". I feel like, if we can figure out what minor clan has a tie to the dragon and excels in one of those areas, we could figure out what the dragon clan book was going to be. (sparrow clan seems very philosophical and educational, but I don't really think they have ties to the dragon, do they?) Of course, since publishing is going to another company, it may all be a moot point now.
  11. "Baka!" Aruzhan charges toward Hekasu with a wild look in her eyes as she tries desperately to swat his hand from his mouth before he can taste the water. With too much ground to cover, she only manages to meet her target after the deed is done.. so she swats him again and growls.. "It's easier for the Kami to prevent a fool from getting poisoned than it is to cure the fool later!" Seeing that Hekasu hasn't spontaneously combusted in front of her, the Shugenja sighs as she centers herself. She mumbles a quiet invocation, using "Kiss Of The Pond Woman" targeting Hekasu.
  12. well.. the campaign is kind of "epic".. but in many ways it's unfulfilling. My original intention was to have the These PC's spend a little time in each clan's territory doing some adventuring as a way of getting my players familiar with the setting. For that reason, there are some things which should probably be their own epic campaign, that my campaign has treated rather lightly. I mostly used "Reclaiming Daylight Castle" as a way to introduce my players to the Naga, the Scorpion, and the plague. (since the powerful spirits they needed could be found in the Shinomen and their quickest path was through Scorpion lands) At this point my campaign is kind of stalled with Daylight Castle being on a promising, but incomplete path to reclamation. The issue is that I don't really know how this timeline is dealing with the scorpion clan coup and exile, the abolishment of the Akodo and will the Crab ever ally with the shadowlands.. stuff like that. Also I'd rather not have to write my own adventures, but the printed adventures only last 2 or 3 sessions. P.S.: in terms of game time.. my PC's already had experience, connections, and could teleport vast distances. So the time sync for my campaign really comes down to how long you think cleansing rituals should take, as clearing the Kansen out of a room basically involved walking through the room with the Naga pearl (or the artifact that keeps the shrine from being over-run in "Mask of the Oni" and then performing a cleansing ritual to keep the Kansen from coming back into the room while the transplanted kami do their work. Cleansing the grounds outside the castle proper would probably be more difficult and may even take a completely different tactic.
  13. My players cleansed daylight castle. In my campaign, After the events of "Mask of the Oni" the players went to the Crab and asked about mustering an army to take back Hiruma Palace, but Kisada wouldn't allow it, as it would take too many soldiers off the wall. (and Considering Moto Tsume was about to make a major attack on the wall, it turned out Kisada was probably right.), However, the PC's had been on very good terms with the Ratling tribe from "Mask of the Oni", and in one side quest they had also met a Heroic Ratling chieftan who was running around the shadowlands saving other Ratlings from the growing shadowlands army.. That cheiftan ran a warren that was beginning to suffer greatly from over-crowding.. So they ended up helping the PC's take and Garrison Daylight Castle in order to have a more secure place for some of them to stay. Also Hida Yakamo had showed up in the middle of the fight with "His personal bodyguard" in defiance of Kisada.. Yakamo assigned some low-ranking Kaiu to help rebuild Daylight Castle, but that still didn't solve the problem of cleansing the palace and the surrounding lands. In order to achieve that goal, the PC's had to travel around the empire, finding powerful kami and convincing them to go to the shadowlands and chase away the Kansen. It turned out they would also need to use a Naga Pearl (and fortunately for them, some of the Naga were just beginning to wake up), so the PC's had to exercise some diplomacy as they needed to get the Crab, Ratlings, and Naga to work together.
  14. The shugenja turns her attention to the men as they open the well.. "Is there anything in there? If it's been tampered with, perhaps the culprit is not as spiritual as I had guessed. Is it drinkable?" Aruzhan puts some items back in her pack, not wanting to bother the spirits quite yet. "Perhaps in the town I can see more of the local invocations, so I can get a better idea of who wrote these glyphs." (and just to be sure, do these glyphs look like any of the prayers I might have seen in Aoi's estate?)
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