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  1. I am planning to do all my storage folders (campaign books and map tiles) from the same leather for harmonization. That is why I didn't do 4 different pouches. Also I like to store all heroes in one folder.
  2. What do you think? It took me months to do: Hand made leather storage solution for hero sheets (Descent: journeys in the dark 2nd)
  3. How come you have 6? I bought all expansions and got only 5.
  4. What we used to call them: - Tavern - Streets - Sewers - Obstacle / Encounter - Tower / Outpost
  5. In my cards expansion icons and card numbers are cut out. Images are not in line (little bit rotated). Although, cards are correct size
  6. I just bought 3 missing expansions to my descent collection and noticed, that expansions mentioned in the title of this post have very poor quality. Just look at this terrible cut of the cards! I am only one experiencing this? Is there any explanation for such poor quality?
  7. This is what I wanted! It uses two physical expansions! I love, when they mix expansions in their campaigns. Value of bought expansions just rose to the roof!
  8. I found this in oath of outcast quest. What is this attribute?
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