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  1. Well, that is why I limited myself to 5 tokens for Han Solo, meaning 4 ships at range 1, which is difficult, but probably possible. The idea that one could get 8 tokens is indeed ridiculous. Without preordainding ennemy position i-e without Baze or Han, the best is 6 tokens replacing Baze by Perco in my previous rebel list and barring the Moldy Crow the best achievabable is probably 5 : a two-crew transport with an advanced droid brain crew and PerCo does a calculate action, gets coordinated a focus action by the second ship, and gets another token via some other trick What are the upgrades that can pass tokens ? (Or generate them on the non-coordinating ship So far I have : K2SO 0-0-0 but it would need a 3rd crew slot, and an ennemy ship Amylin Holdo Darth Sidious (republic lacks a two crew ship, sadly) R4-P44 (needs an ennemy) C1-10P gives an action, but gives stress before the action phase Ahsoka Tano gives an action TA-175 Kraken keeps a token from last turn Minister Tua give one more action, but the Empire doesn't have acces to an advanced droid Same for Grand Inquisitor, and it needs an ennemy Anyone else? *Edit* Assuming the upcoming laat has 2 crew and a gunner, laat(c3po, PerCo, Ashoka) and arc(Sidious) with lower init can get 1 reinforce, 3 focus, 2 calculate, so 6 as well
  2. Another one ? -Resistance sympahtizer, with Han Solo and Perceptive Copilot -Logistics division Pilot (resistance transport), with C3PO and Amilyn Holdo It becomes a game of "how many ennemy ships can you manage to get at range 1 of the Falcon" Being coordinated a focus, jousting a Swarm at range 1 (don't do that) taking an evade action, and getting the 3PO calculate thanks to Holdo, gets you : 2 focus, 1 calculate, 4-5 evades (4 ships at range 1 seems possible, 5 is far stretched) So, 7-8 green tokens , and the Falcon isn't even stressed *Edit* Of course the "good guys" factions are the best at sharing/generating tokens I'll make an honorable mention to Scum, though : -Trandoshan slaver (YV-666) with IG-88D, Perceptive Copilot, Han Solo Gunner - Tansaari Point Veteran (M3A) as a Squad Leader The Slaver get 2 calculate, 1 reinforce, 2 focus -> 5 tokens, not bad for a faction of selfish ****s *Edit 2* The best possible with FO seems to be 4, and that is only on turn 1 with hyperspace tracking data 😕
  3. I'll play -Lothal Rebel (vcx-100), with Baze Malbus and Perceptive Copilot -Blue Squadron Scout (U-wing), carrying K2SO ans Jyn Erso The VCX gets a calculate from K2SO in system phase, does a blue manoeuvre to get within range 1 of 2 ennemy ships, reinforces, and is coordinated a red focus action, wich give it 3 focus token, plus 1 evade from PC->Jyn Erso And I'll do better : -Rebel scout (HWK-290), with Baze Malbus, Angled Deflectors, Moldy Crow -Blue Squadron Scout (U-wing), carrying K2SO ans Jyn Erso It works exactly the same, but the Crow already has two focus tokens from previous turns Final result : 4 focus, 1 evade, 1 reinforce, 1 calculate Makes me think that I have never, ever used Baze Malbus in one of my lists...
  4. Things are not looking good for poor man Palpatine, really. No emergency powers, no possibility to give ordre 66, he is not on charge of the war effort, so no propaganda telling everyone how he is saving the republic everyday... I wonder how he will manage that. Your setting sounds cool, tough, I'd really like to play with that Can I be put on a waiting liste, just in case there's some room for me ?
  5. Sorry if it has been asked before, but do you think one could create a sensory effect such as a sound, a smell, or even a taste, by using the Misdirect power ? Would you allow it at your table ? RAW, it doesn't seem to be explicitely forbidden, but only visual effects are mentionned
  6. More like : Despite m'y n'est efforts to write un correct english, this stupide machine jeeps remplacing thé words I type n'y thé closest french match, making m'y already confused texte a physical pain to read (Oh it knows the word "pain"... I wonder why)
  7. How important do you want the boon and the bane to be ? For a character asking for a deeper comprehension of the Force, I would say he gains a better vision of how the Force flows around and through everything, and a better ability to understand how to use it in new ways Mechanically speaking, he gains a 5xp discount on the Control upgrades of the force powers, as they are the ones that give new aspects to them. On the other hand, the sheer amount of information he gets can "overload" his mind, making him more vulnerable to ennemy Force power (let's say 2 black dices (1 ?) in opposed Discipline checks... and keep it a surprise, that can make a good scene to RP)
  8. So it would be the Force offering its help to the character with some "light side energy", rather than him using it ? Is that what you meant ?
  9. So, I'd like do discuss what happens when a force wielder uses the opposite side of the force ( ie flips a DP to convert black pips, or white if you are a darksider). What are the causes and consequences in terms of character emotions, or reactions ? For a light side force user, it is quite easy to imagine how despair, anger or hate can make a character tap into his emotions to gain more power. But what happens narratively when a darksider does the opposite ? What pushes him to do so, how does he feels while doing so ? How would you as a GM (or a player !) describe this ? TL;DR : how to RP a darksider using white pips ?
  10. What exactly make you confused ? Is that the fact that the control upgrade to modify your attack dice is unlocked after ? Because that has no importance on how the skills interact, only the wording is to be taken in account, and it is pretty clear here
  11. It applies for all ongoing effects, so yes, it does apply to your attacks And should you attack twice, for whatever reason, it would apply tout both of your attacks, thanks to the duration upgrade
  12. I think it really depends what kind of slaves you are talking about Are they war prisonniers, or victims of a raid, meant to serve as an expendable workforce ? They are problably not worth a lot, around 3000-4000 Do they have a specific skill set, are they from a rare/robust species (such as wookiees) ? Then they would cost between 8000-10000 (same level as a droid, or a little higher) Are they "special" or "luxury" slaves ? (beautiful males or females for some kind of harem, or people who used to have a high rank in a primitive society and therefore bring prestige to their owner) Then they are worth a LOT, between 15000 and 20000, I'd say
  13. I would say Seeker-Pathfinder, as Survival, Medicine, and Xenology are all career skills Or hermit, perhaps Alchemist sounds good too, but I would keep it as a second spec (rp-wise), as the character is growing in power, and learns to manipulate nature, and not just use it It depends of your background, really
  14. I don't follow any written rules when awarding xp, and I don't justify the amount given. I usually give 15-20 per session, a bit more if they have done a lot of things, or if I want them to be ready for what comes next.
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