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  1. AbsatSolo

    New character brainstorming

    I would say Seeker-Pathfinder, as Survival, Medicine, and Xenology are all career skills Or hermit, perhaps Alchemist sounds good too, but I would keep it as a second spec (rp-wise), as the character is growing in power, and learns to manipulate nature, and not just use it It depends of your background, really
  2. I don't follow any written rules when awarding xp, and I don't justify the amount given. I usually give 15-20 per session, a bit more if they have done a lot of things, or if I want them to be ready for what comes next.
  3. AbsatSolo

    Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure

    I did. And Leia does makes snarky comments about how incompetent the "rescue crew" is, she does take Luke's guns from his hands, and she does open the exit. And Chew gets kicked (by Han, tough). ****, the princess keeps insulting everyone during the whole escape, to the point Han says he'll either kill or marry her. And that is the purpose of the comic here. Since the character are mute and you can't hear Leia describing how stupid Han, Luke, and Chewie are, the anime just SHOW it. It is not only here to make children laugh, it reflects the main character's perception of the situation, wich is : ****, these guys are d*mb as bricks. And that is why it's good, and well done. Also, just saying, of course anime does not means silly moment, I've seen enough to know that. But most of them visually exaggerate the emotions of the character,with gestures or facial expressions. That is what I meant in my previous post. And finally... SJW, for real ? Leia looks like an hysteric witch, not really glorifying IMO...
  4. AbsatSolo

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    ... You're joking, right ? If FFG were to offer new options for each time the protagonists steal a ship, the imperials/FO would quickly have nothing special left to play with... And now the idea of a rebel TIE Defender is haunting me... that would be insane, but it would break my heart T-T
  5. AbsatSolo

    Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure

    Leia is not exactly an NPC, you know... Also what is shown here is not that different from what actually happens in the films 😋 (just rewatch that prison escape, you'll see). You seem to miss the point that it is the anime version of the scene, so of course they exaggerated it, to make it funny. We should be glad they didn't just re-made the scene, and actually tried to do something new. Edit : also Han, Luke, and Chewie had their own episodes where they could shine as well
  6. AbsatSolo


    For me, I am a smuggler to the core, and Gambler would be my favorite tree of all. It may seem like it's all about game mechanics (re-rolling dice, flipping destiny points), but I absolutely love the "All or Nothing" talent and the feeling of High risk for high reward it provides. This tree encourages you to play bold, especially when you also have the Charmer tree as well.
  7. AbsatSolo

    Next Campaign

    I am currently GMing a short adventure about surviving order 66. I found it quite hard to make it a real shock, as my players were clearly expecting it (my lack of experience for describing such situations and creating an athmosphere didn't help me either). I had them first investigate on a separatist network that exfiltrates ennemies of the republic out of coruscant, spies and soldiers who crashed after the battle of Coruscant. After the players succeed in this task, the Order 66 is given, and their new prisonners become their only hope to escape .
  8. That's it ! Thanks a lot True, but the base power still has some uses,for infiltration, or to hide something (unlike influence for exemple). And with only the first controle upgrade, duration and range and the ability to affect people up to Presence,(45 xp) it is a very useful tool So, not that expensive. I may have a bias, though, since I am an absolute fan of this power
  9. Definitely sound like a Warrior to me. Increase both Brawn and Willpower at creation, at least both to 3 (Spend the reste as you like) The specialisation you choose will depend of your priorities. Go for Schi-Cho Knight to get good with with a lightsaber first, or Aggressor to have that "menacing" aspect, and a quicker access to additional Force rating. You'll be able to get the stafighter ace tree later. About the Force : if you want Force reflexes to make you hit harder, and evade better, the left side of the Sense tree is made for you. Just throw 20 of your starting xp in that branch. Or just take "reinforce" (or whatever the name of the power is) and enjoy a cheap, versatile power.
  10. No... The power that buffs tour Brawn and Agility... Isn't that reinforce ? I don't have the books in english, so I can't tell Also the power that creates illusions is a nice starter too (misdirect, if I remember well)
  11. Well, first of all, what is your character concept ? What will be your strong points ? In other words, what will be your career ? A general rule is to max the xp you spend on characteristics at creation, since you can't do it later. Also, for the force powers, reinforce, sense, and move are probably the best as starting power, as they don't require much xp to be useful. And since you are new to the system, I'll give you an advice : don't try to overspecialize. Optimised character builds are the plague of this game, and can easily ruin the experience
  12. Well, it will indeed speed things up as everything will dead after round 2. Actually I could use this in some specific situation, such as an ambush, or a raid. For exemple, the Vader's arrival in Rogue One's space battle, jumping out of hyperspace and immediatly destroying several ship. On this context, your approach would be the best. But in the context of a long-lasting battle, such as Endor, it is completely inadapted
  13. No they're not. I know you love proving and repeating ad nauseam that the system is broken, but you are being irrelevant. To quote someone on another thread, this game is not meant to be an accurate combat simulator, it is a star wars movie generator. You burn through minions, and you struggle against dangerous Nemeses Now if you want more difficulty, just do what has been said a billion times on this forum, change the number and size of the minion's groupes, until you find balance. Wow...really ? Well, I guess I'll be next, then
  14. That doesn't make sense to me. Each of these crewmen has a specific role in operating the turbolaser. You are basically saying that a single stormtrooper is a minion groupe because he uses several fingers to shoot with his gun. No. This situation is what the minion's rules are made for. You can't just ignore them and say that the system is broken With your approach, bringing a capital ship in the game isn't even an option, because they would blow anything to space dust in one salvo. That is not what we see in the films, and that is not how you should handle it.
  15. AbsatSolo

    Why or Why Are the Era books

    And... what do you expect us say ? Are you trying to start another salty thread about boats, and the time they take to arrive ? Because this forum doesn't need it, really It's not that complaining here has ever changed anything... If that helps you feel better, have a thought for those who are still waiting **** Nexus of Power, because the translation take years to be validated, because FFG doesn't give the slightest **** about its foreign customers