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    That really is a weird question... Are you looking for species that look similar or an equivalent in terms of culture ?
  2. At least, it seems like you don't have have to wait for the translation, or you would have said "+2 years"
  3. I really have no idea of how much air 46000 people need to survive 3 days, but you could imagine that the ship has some secondary emergency life support allowing them to last long enough for the siege to be interesting. The investigation cruiser could show up on day two, followed by the reinforcement 6 hour later if it managed to call for help. And on day 3, when the imperial start to suffocate : That idea is REALLY awesome, love it
  4. They seem to be part of really powerful rebel cell... That's more a siege than a raid, then. How long do you think it's going to take ? I am thinking days, 2 or 3 at least. And then they'll have to deal with the attempts of the imperial to take back the control (both soldiers and engineers...that could be an occasion for the computers guy of the party to make some opposed checks in his speciality) Also you can have an imperial light cruiser be sent to investigate, as an ISD reported missing is not something the empire would take lightly. They'll have to destroy/disable it before it can call reinforcement.
  5. Well, I guess it is a bit too late to you tell you not to let your player have such firepower, since they already have an Interdictor Anyway, I would say that it is possible, but not without careful planning of the operation : do not let them just jump to the Imperial Star Destroyer, shut it down, and take it. And even if the stats say they can, do not let them do it ! As you said, battle between capital ships are mostly cinematic, and nothing is supposed to stand against the power of these ships) Make them search for some information about the exact location of the ship, perhaps some way to intercept their communications, in order to jump out of the hyperspace just behind the ISD (so that the Interdictor don't get blown up, as it will be the first target) Have them defend the Interdictor against waves of TIEs trying to disable the gravity well They also need some way to deal with the crew... how many soldier is there in an ISD already ? And finally, they need to be able to "reboot" the ship and leave before the imperial reinforcement arrive, or their catch is likely to become a deadly trap Out of curiosity, what are your players going to do with it ? are they rebels ? pirats ? Also, how much Obligation would bring the steal of an ISD ? ^_^
  6. AbsatSolo

    How would you stat this bomb ?

    I'll go with the Armor piercing grenade. How much does it cost ? (I don't have the AoR book)
  7. AbsatSolo

    Recovering lost memories

    So you roll a test to see if they remember, describe the memories they just uncovered, and roll a dice to find what amount of conflict they get, am I right ? To me, this is not a good way of doing it, for several reason. First, unless you keep it very short, these memories will break they rythm of the game, as the players won't be doing anything except listening to your description. Second, and that is just an opinion I have about the "lost memories" kind of scenario, you will be deciding what your player's characters did, and I personally find it hard/frustrating to play a character without controlling its background (important question : do the characters know from session 0 that they have such a terrible past ?). Third point, that is tied to the second : you'll be giving conflict to your players for actions they did not actually do ! And that is a real problem to me. As I said, I am not a big fan of these scenarios, but here is how I would handle it : make them play the memories as actual encounters, and let them decide what conflict-awarding action they took. This does not necessarily imply telling them "ok you are bad guys, what do you do ?". For exemple : First memory : some guys (actually the good ones) attack you, you must defend yourselves. Second memory : this person tied on a chair has a critical information for you, make her talk (you'll have to make the victim arrogant, or brutal, so that the player don't know for sure that the guy is nice : make him insult the players, threaten them...). and so on... and at the end they finally find their true enemy... which is a Jedi protecting the innocent the players have been slaughtering all along. That is very hard for the GM to do, but I don't see another way. Actually I am not satisfied with it, as it implies throwing the player in a situation without context, and therefore not really letting them a choice, but it is better than an arbitrary dice roll for GM-decided action.
  8. Hello there ! I am currently working on a new character concept, a female bounty hunter named Kira, who "turn everything she touches into a bomb" (YES that IS a Jojo reference) So I would like to create a weapon similar to what Riff Tamson (the shark guy) uses in the Clone Wars show, during the battle on Mon Cala ( at 3:14 in this video ), an explosive with a short blast radius, but a great power against a single target. Is it described in any of the books ? If not, how would you stat this thing ? I would go with (dmg 5, crit 3, range Engaged, Pierce 3, Blast 3). I first wanted to give it Crit 2 instead, given the terrible injuries that it could inflict, but I'm afraid that it would be a bit strong against nemeses (even if you have to reach engaged range first). Also I don't want it to be a knife, but rather something you can stick on the bad guy's armor with a discretion roll. What do you think about it ? Also, quick question while I'm at it : does Pierce apply to characters affected by the blast ?
  9. AbsatSolo

    Sprucing up the combat encounters

    You could use these riot trooper (from The Force Unleashed), if you want your players to enjoy a bit of close combat I would make them Rivals with 3vig, 2Ag, 2Int, 2Cun, 3Will, 3Pre 5Soak (they're troopers) 12Wound and 13Strain. Give them 2ranks in melee, plus 1 in Discipline, Commandement and Coercition to keeps the civilians calm I don't have the stats for the electrostaff right now, but it's pretty nasty, if I remember well Also they are quite easy to introduce in the game, as they could have been deployed to keep a rioting population in line (fear, you know), on a world your players try to rally to the rebellion. They could work well in pairs with your shield defenders. You could also use this : The jumptroopers (also from TFU), being super fast and mobile, can be used to make a very good end-session fight if used properly, or against player in a landspeeder from exemple. They would be rivals as well, stats 2-4-2-3-2-2 , 4 soak (lighter armor) 12 wound and 12strain. Give them a light blaster with autofire (that's what they have in the game) Also they always explode when they die, so your players can't get their stuff Edit : I just hope I did not make them too strong, I don't have the books right now to compare with the existing rivals. If it appears that my riot trooper is stronger than the royal guard, then feel free to rework it. I tried to make them relevant for high-level campaign (I assumed that your players must have a bit of experience , if they get bored when hitting stormtroopers)
  10. AbsatSolo

    Countering Sense

    Is that written somewhere ? Here we are dealing with different applications of the rules. To me, an opposed check would be needed only when facing someone who is trained, or as a social check to orient toughts when searching for something specific, as Garran said.
  11. AbsatSolo

    Countering Sense

    Shame on you 😠 You could also be reciting some verses, or fucusing on a memory or an object in your environnement. Many of these techniques are explored in the Inheritance cycle, from Christopher Paolini (Eragon, read it, it is a wonderful book really) : there is a whole part of the story in the last book narrating how Nasuada resists Galbatorix's interrogation, by "dividing her mind", and forging herself a new indentity. But again, this requires intenses training and great willpower to be maintened, as you never know when someone could be reading your toughts The problem with this technique is that it disturbs you as well Actually, the very fact that the target knows about telepathic powers and is able to conceal its toughts is already a valuable information
  12. AbsatSolo

    Countering Sense

    I feel like we are losing the initial subject here. You are not being rude because you just happen to hear it. And a specie that would just happen to hear the toughts other wouldn't be at fault for doing so. Actually one of these species is described in the books, but I can't remember its name. It is when you actively use this ability to spy someone that it becomes an issue, when you put your ear on a door, or read someone's toughts. I'm not saying "this is wrong" ; I'm saying that it is not something that can be made without a good reason. Note that what I was criticizing at the begenning was not the use of the power itself, it was the attitude of the user. Edit : Garran nailed the two issues perfectly in his post, I think
  13. AbsatSolo

    Countering Sense

    In this case, yes, the roll of the power alone is enough
  14. AbsatSolo

    Countering Sense

    HappyDaze, I agree with you except for one detail : As a GM, and when the player is looking for a specific information, I would always ask him to orient the toughts of the target by talking to him, even for minions -after all, the minion has no reason to think about his secrets all the time. I would make it an automatic success in the minion's case, with no opposed check, but the question must be asked, because otherwise the information wanted is just not in the surface toughts
  15. AbsatSolo

    Countering Sense

    I wasn't saying that you had a "sentence-like tought", as you say, but rather that you felt the urge to drag his attention and that your subconscious acted in consequence Actually, I'm being really confused right now. You almost convinced me with the second part of your post, but with that : With that I can't agree, although I cannot figure out why exactly, and even less express it in proper english 😕