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  1. Hey all, I just wanted to start a quick discussion about a single card in which you think consistently pop up in winning decks, and be the 'deciding factor' in the win. I play a lot of games a week (50-60 between online and in person - yes i work on a computer with multiple screens). I have a few fun decks, but I have one deck that wins 80-90% of its games. My deck is a high cycle, aember control deck - with a kicker of Brobnar with 3 Krumps and 2 Angers. If you'd like to see that deck - here: https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/436bf260-8ed9-4b15-b105-d58cf993b67d Below are the cards that I consistently see in every loss I am handed. Which are the cards you struggle versus? Key Charge - This card, when paired with the correct deck, seems to be a killer. When my deck is up 10 amber to 0, with both of us having 2 keys forged and the opponent somehow wins....GRRR Lash of Broken Dreams - When a good Dis deck has this card, paired with 'pull all creatures of one house out of the discard pile'. I struggle and end up losing with 8 ember. Bait and Switch - This card doesn't need an explanation - it's a card that should read 'swing a game, even if you're getting your butt whipped PS - I purposely left out the Library Access deck in your hand combo - because it's broken and I'm convinced that will somehow be taken care of in the future.
  2. To be honest, I haven't seen a maverick card that just helps a deck. Im sure a small percentage of mavericks helps combos. Just a personal opinion
  3. It's a good, generic, run down of the Shadows house. I play just as much online as you do - so I have to agree. Every deck that tends to beat me has Shadows in it.
  4. Derrault, LA does draw off of a LA. Why would you think otherwise?
  5. I second thee's opinion! When someone gets the whole deck in hand. It's boring. End of story. Whoever argues against it is dumb
  6. Problem is - you need to draw well to beat it. Giving that deck yet another chance to win
  7. Here's a post off another forum I found - There's a way to forge 3 keys in 1 turn and instantly win the game. Here's how it works. And here's a sample deck that pulls it off quite consistently: https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/834a5145-17f4-46a5-9044-55a196ecfd0a Pieces of the Combo Library Access: Each time you play another card, draw a card. (Library Access can stack. If you play 2x Library Access, you draw 2 cards each time you play a card).Nepenthe Seed [Omni Artifact]: Return a card from your discard to your hand. Phase Shift: You may play a non-logos card. Key Charge[Untamed]: Lose 1 amber. You may immediately forge a key at current cost. (optional): Timetraveller[Logos creature]: Play: draw 2 cards (optional): HelpFromFutureSelf[Logos action]: Return a timetraveller from your deck/discard into your hand. Pulling off the Combo Put Nepenthe Seed down. Pass your turn. (this is optional. If you have HelpFromFutureSelf + Library Access + ~3 more logos. don't need Nepenthe Seed). When you have ~ 3 other logos cards in addition to Library Access, play Library Access Use Nepenthe Seed to fetch Library Access Play Library Access again (draw 1 card from LA#1). Now, each time you play a card, draw 2 cards. Play your 3 other logos cards to draw 6 cards. If you played Timetraveller, draw even more cards. And if you played Phase Shift, play a card of a different house and draw 2 cards for that too. Keep playing logos cards and draw your whole deck into your hand. Many logos action cards like Foggify have amber on them. Keep playing these action cards to gain amber. You draw so fast your discard always has only 1 card, and you get your cards back immediately. Repeat until you get to 21 amber. The rule of 6 only stops you from playing the same card more than 6 times. But you can gain amber from different cards. Play Phase Shift, then Key Charge. Repeat 3 times. You have won the game.
  8. I dont know if 'all in' really describes an unlimited draw deck. Its based off a couple cards (in which some you can have multiple of) that then let him hand your own deck.
  9. Hey Guys, I've been playing a LOT of KeyForge lately. Like easily 10 games a day (between Crucible online and in person at shops). There are some decks that have unlimited draw potential combos. There is absolutely no way to beat these decks 99.9% of the time (yes you can slow them down with bait and switch and intermediate graft ect) but when they gain 20+ aember a turn and draw their whole deck, what the heck do you do? Kinda is frustrating me about the game, and am hoping those chains/card restrictions come out soon. Anybody run into these kinda decks?
  10. Hey man, I live in the Phoenix. What’s that event you’re going to in Jan? I’d like to hop in
  11. Hello Gentleman. Listened. Loved it. If you ever want some outside insight let me know, I’d love to participate :)
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