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  1. We just has a maverick control the week in Brognar at our release event.
  2. My biggest excitement was getting a deck with a dragon in it. After three games i pushed the deck aside... the deck did not support protecting aember enough to get him out ever, so i started playing my untamed deck instead and have had a lot more fun with the support of brognar and logos.
  3. I actually like this ruling because A] the card has broken free from its creator and lives by the rules of the crucible, and B] I have 4 decks with this card in it as 1-2 of, so I now have a was to demonstrate to people i demo the game to the importance of tactical decision making as using the card as ruled means that the card is more useful for aggressive plays and recursion than a defensive loophole for recursion. I also don't particularly love the 'Racist' martian faction.... which is why all 4 decks i own seem to have been hobbled with them.
  4. Brobnar has the only dragon. Mars has a city smashing thing and a dominator robot that has to wind up from stun to do its work. Dis has some of the coolest looking cards, and hand plus board disruption. Shadows literally win games by denial and using the opponent's success against them. Untamed has a card whose flavor text is: "At the heart of every bear lies... another bear". Sanctum are literally energy angels in power armor, everything 40k junkies would love and a great concept from Babylon 5. LoLoLoLogos are all about hand advantage with archive and draw, and their sci fantasy beings into robots [also 40k inspired, or so it seems] and experimentation chaos are fun as heck. So who to choose? Brobnar. They still have a dragon.
  5. Having a deck that contains two of the aforementioned cards, both in one faction, and having placed over 200 games under my belt with it against a variety of players with their own decks, I would argue that the extra forge key never really gets off due to cards that punish you for having 6 or more aember stored. I have consistantly run into shadows that rob all but 6, knights who capture, and even dis thieves who whittle below the necessary minimum 13 aember between 6, reaping, and playing a new turn. Now, I do not have 2 dust pixies, nor do I believe that it would be that much of an improvement to have to build the combo hand up to forge two at once with the specific 4/36 robbing handspace while trying to play out the game otherwise to get two in one turn. So, if not just a dumb combo piece, what does this card archetype actually do? It protects your pool from shadows thieves, knight captures, dis capture or thieving or discarding, or brognar capture or discarding of your aether. The fears that this archetype changes the meta are considerably unfounded up to this point, but i will happily wait until i have 1111 matches under my belt to give you the +/- 3% on how many i was able to double forge with access to two of this effect in one faction.
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