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  1. My question is, does the conversion kit convert one of each type or two? I’m assuming one but I’m not 100% sure
  2. During an attack, do I only resolve one critical effect? This is something that has confused me as a new player
  3. As an x wing player who is also new to armada, it is a very different game. X wing is a lot of thinking on the fly, adapting immediately to everything going on. Armada is almost a very complicated chess, meaning you have to plan in advance a lot more. (In my experience at least)
  4. Hello everyone, I’m looking to paint my x-wing and armada collections, and I’m wondering what some good brands are. Thanks everyone!!!
  5. I think aces packs would be awesome, but they’d only cover the ships included, unless they added extra pilots for other ships, but for new players that would cause issues.
  6. I’m fine with those prices. for non-faction upgrades, I’d definitely say sell pack like they are doing with legion, but for new cards, not more proton torpedoes etc. and I’d love if they did more faction specific upgrades that made playing different factions feel more unique, which could happen quite easily if they did faction specific card packs so that people don’t have to buy copies of ships.
  7. Personally, I think they need to do faction card packs, because most ships from the preexisting factions have been reprints of what’s in the conversion kits to avoid having to make people buy so much more for a couple cards, which would seriously mess with the buyers. If they could do relatively cheap faction upgrade/pilot card decks then I’d definitely buy. Then we’d have more unique factions rather than only elite cards being the only real difference between factions, outside of specific characters or ship titles.
  8. I think it would be interesting to add Thrawn to the movies. And I’d be happy with some other “EU” stuff like K-wings and E-wings or even the interdictor being added to the screen. I just want more than upgraded TIEs, X-wings, and A-wings.
  9. I agree. I didn’t even watch the preview and I already knew most of what was on the article
  10. And even though I just got into armada, if you position ships right, a CR 90 can get away with a five die attack, doing quite a bit of damage. If you took an x wing (T-65) it would have trouble against almost anything. The nice thing about armada is that any ship can do some serious damage to just about anything.
  11. I feel like the only decent reason that x wing got a 2.0 was the massive power creep. So many ships became obsolete because there were new mechanics. In armada, it feels like the ships from wave 1 are used as much as 7. However, a few rule changes, such as flotillas would make sense. I just want more ships. And maybe more unique squadrons. On the SSD article, it does just feel like a reprint of the first article, but I’m still excited for what the expansions going to bring, especially with a 10 die attack, not including command and card effects. Could one shot a few ships and cripple others.
  12. Well, reports come in, and bank gave me my money back for fraud.
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