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  1. If the pirate uglies are released, I cannot see how they could be anything *but* Scum. They're pirates. The First Order did hire them to do some pirating, sure, but they also double-crossed them and cast them aside afterwards. If the Mining Guild isn't Empire, there's no way these guys aren't Scum. Of course, that's *if* they get a release.
  2. They seem to be rereleasing a lot of ships with paint schemes not already in circulation. *Three* Scum rereleases have new paint schemes so far, including two with a Black Sun scheme different from all of the Black Sun stuff from before. The new B-Wing is also differently-colored.
  3. Maybe we'll get one of the other racers. They surely cannot *all* be Resistance. Though I doubt any of the others will be so... unstable. I'm still hoping for that kludged-up Lambda the pirates had, though.
  4. Wait, an illicit that can only be used if you SLAM? Wot in tarnation...? I don’t think anything that currently exists can use that, so why have it in the pack?
  5. Don’t think a pilot can help the jumpmaster...
  6. Three pilots, one title, and two copies of one cannon isn’t worth $20. Couldn’t they have made card packs per faction? edit: also a missile and an illicit, I guess.
  7. When two of the three have large bases, one cannot maneuver, and one has no damage, I can definitely see why not.
  8. Well, auto blasters wasn’t in a republic or CIS pack...
  9. I’ve actually wanted the kitbashed lambda ever since I saw it.
  10. When the exception is something they had to specifically add outside of 2.0 releases, I think that’s enough to disprove the theory.
  11. Their stat line and ability are literally interceptor plus already. And right now our only other canon FO ships are one or two interceptors (depending if the one in the new movie is the same model as the one in the cartoon)
  12. Honestly, I hope they remove the whole “if a huge ship touches you, you die” thing in favor of actually being aware of your surroundings like squadrons in Armada.
  13. Too bad the Silencer is already an FO interceptor. Seriously, I’m not sure how they are going to keep differentiating all of these TIEs from each other and the Imperial ones.
  14. Matanui3


    Now I’ve got to decide if I want another C-ROC to use two at once or both my factions at once. And I would have loved if the escape craft lost a third or even half its points in exchange for being entirely unable to shoot. But that would be op, since it rarely shoots anyway.
  15. I’ve never even *heard* of anyone taking Zuckuss. -6 points might actually see some play...
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