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  1. Aren't you just suggesting that we play Quick Build? You can already try to set up a tournament for that, if you want.
  2. Given that you want to be able to force a reroll if the enemy gets good results and force no reroll if the enemy gets bad results... why not make the rule just “if you roll too many dice, cancel all results. You lose, you get nothing, good day sir!”
  3. Or perhaps just “don’t bother with an evade on an Upsilon”?
  4. How is the RZ-2 any worse than any ship with a turret? Or even just two arcs like the Firespray? Do you also have an issue with those? What about the resistance bomber? It may be bad, but it can cover three arcs with guns and one with bombs - do you see that as a design fail?
  5. If they limited force to being spent once per round, I could see more force powers being taken, for something to do with your extra charges.
  6. Its funny, because the only illicit released since 2.0 launch can’t be used by a single scum ship.
  7. Bringing up Hyperspace as a solution to pilots being unplayable is pretty laughable. The entire concept of the format is that a lot of stuff isn’t playable. Wedge currently isn’t playable in Hyperspace, for goodness sake!
  8. Why would you ever put this on a Z-95? The math really does not check out. Since you are reducing it to 3 HP, your reinforce only helps against 2 attacks, max (since it cannot reduce damage to zero). If you factor in that one of those evade results is cancelled by your loss of a shield, it only really gives you one evade, and this is assuming neither of the first two shots you take have three or four uncancelled damage before reinforce. Focus tokens will probably get you an evade result over your lifetime, can be spent for offense, and don’t cost extra.
  9. I’m not sure about Old Teroch or Fenn Ray, but with the reduction of the generics, the I4s need reduction as well. Kad Solus probably isn’t 7 points more effective, and no way is Joy Rekoff worth even a point more. In fact, Joy should probably cost a point less. That would be fine, since you can only take one of her, and she’d be 5 points more expensive if she had a pilot ability anyway. The discount would essentially be her pilot ability in this case.
  10. There is actually a similarity in a way, in that each obstacle has you roll a die, and only has its additional effect (damage or strain) on a different subset of results.
  11. Matanui3


    Welp, sounds like it's time to change Target Lock so that when a ship locks you while already having a Focus, you can lock them back.
  12. Gunboats ’nuff said. (okay, they aren’t exactly iconic, but they are apparently popular and very hard to find)
  13. The annoying thing is that there are many ships I don’t ever need to buy more of because I got all I needed in 1e stock and the conversion kit. But on the other hand, I need them to reprint the StarViper badly, because the kit only covers two, I don’t want to buy another kit for a single ship, and the Singleton cardboard is hard to find and expensive on eBay. Also, I really want the new Black Sun paint on a StarViper.
  14. I don't know why everyone says struts aren't straightforward. They are relatively simple if you aren't daunted by the amount of words the effect needs. Except for weird corner cases from rolling off the rock, then hard-turning back on the next turn. The droids just get confused from flipping back and forth too fast.
  15. Oh right, forgot the roll wasn’t default.
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