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  1. Obviously they just have very large mouse droids in the First Order.
  2. I bought a C-ROC after 2.0 released because I was hoping to be able to use it. I'll be happy to try pretty much everything Epic has to offer, if my playgroup will have it.
  3. Matanui3

    Snap Shot

    Does this potentially replace Juke on Seevor? Seems like a good way to get early jams without needing Swarm Tactics...
  4. If 7b is a different ship, you have to count the shuttle and it’s stand-alone cockpit as two ships as well. That will leave Resistance with six ships as well. The real loser here is the First Order, stuck at four if I’m not forgetting anything.
  5. The real question is what if the enemy is touching Rhymer, but the attack range would be one? He can attack at attack range zero, but the enemy isn’t at that range.
  6. The problem is that if you turn right, you can't rotate, and if you rotate you can't turn right. And turning right is not recommended in general because it's got relatively poor blues. Not being able to go one entire direction with a large base is so bad, since it's already really awkward to fly. If only R4 wasn't Small Ship only...
  7. Just be aware that Saturation Salvo spends an additional charge, but Reload only recovers one, so you'll still run out.
  8. How is this rule anything new? Previously the RR very clearly said that you got an extra attack die at range 0, even though you normally cannot attack at range 0. Which would be the same ruling. And yet, Rhymer worked fine before.
  9. Snap Shot is the top card in the Y-wing spread. You can see no missile or torpedo slot icon. And everything from an upgrade card is explicitly not a primary attack in 2e, so primary weapon stuff shouldn't work with it anyway.
  10. Matanui3

    IT'S BACK!!!

    As I said, R4 is small ship only. The Punishing One already has a droid slot.
  11. Matanui3

    IT'S BACK!!!

    They can't un-nerf its inability to go right or rotate its turret in any useful way. Unless they make R4 no longer small ship only, but I can't see that happening.
  12. Rhymer only works with a [Missile] or [Torpedo] attack, while this is a [Talent]. It's really odd that it has the ordinance icon when it's only available in the one range with no range bonuses, but perhaps if there was a Grand Inquisitor effect with a talent slot in the future...
  13. Matanui3

    IT'S BACK!!!

    It's not all right. It's all left, and no right. FFG, please, I just want to play Dengar. I need a toilet seat buff.
  14. Can anybody make out what the text is on Snap Shot?
  15. The MGT has the older expansion (by second edition standards), since the Headhunter *just* came out. Yeah, when I saw the paint scheme, that was my thought. As well as, "N'dru's card could be considered a modified version of the new paint scheme if you squint, but nobody in the M3-A flies anything even remotely like this."
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