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  1. I've been wondering about this for a while. We know that the deck size has to be a multiple of 3 to allow for an equal number of each of the 3 Houses. But why not 30, 33, 39, or 42? Was the number 36 a result of lots of playtesting that people can shuffle their deck at least once in a game? Recently, I realized that 36 is not only a multiple of 3, but also of 2 and 4. If FFG wanted to, they *could* make a Keyforge deck with just 2 Houses in it, or 4 Houses in it, and they wouldn't need to change the deck sizes. I'm not saying that this would be a good idea: 2 House decks would probably need to be full of sub-par cards, and 4 House decks would need a lot of Omni cards and really good cards to balance out going between 4 Houses. But whether or not you think it's a good idea or not, I like that they thought far enough ahead to make it possible.
  2. Where do Imps drink alcohol? At the Dis-tillery. What's the strongest drink in the Crucible? Whis-Key Hammer.
  3. Feels like two different situations. When Destiny came out, everyone felt it would be big, because it was a Star Wars game. So a lot of collectors bought in early and invested deeply, thus accounting for the lack of product. The irony is that this meant a lot less people got into Destiny early, which meant that all those hoarded Destiny boxes were of less value because they cut off the demand before it began. With Keyforge, many people were skeptical that it would be popular. The lack of deck customization, the humourous art, the use of a new technology, and the graveyard of so many failed CCGs before it meant that a lot of retailers chose not to carry much, if at all. Thus FFG made less because one link in the chain (the retailers) misevaluated the demand. Hopefully with AoA, we'll get a supply equal to the demand.
  4. Whiz Canmaj

    Wild Wormhole

    One thing that should be mentioned is how Wild Wormhole can help 'momentum', or setting up your next turn. In my experience, Logos is one of the Houses you generally play out everything you have of it in your hand, as it has few entirely situational cards (Effervescent Principle withstanding). Sometimes the right move is to choose Logos on the next turn and use all the readied cards you have. However, thanks to Logos' generous card draw, I often have a handful of another House, and can drop 4-6 cards after going Logos. Using Wild Wormhole on the Logos turn rewards me for doing that by giving me a chance to use a non-Logos card put into play on my Logos turn. Getting 'Blypyp' or 'Mothergun' off of WW and then leading into a Mars turn creates a lot of momentum, even though you jump from one House to another. I'd rate it very similar to Phase Shift.
  5. Yeah, on second thought, I'd switch Lion & Unicorn as well. I went with Dis Phoenix because I feel both of them are very "magical" (lots of actions with big effects, and creatures with game-altering effects like Ember Imp and Succubus). If Keyforge had 8 Houses, I'd say Dis = Spider Clan.
  6. OP: Something like this exists in Millenium Blades. There are a lot of different franchises (both made-up and real) that you can jam together in a game. It's a lot of fun!
  7. Sanctum - Crab Shadows - Scorpion Logos - Crane Dis - Phoenix Untamed - Lion Mars - Dragon Brobnar - Unicorn IMHO!
  8. I'm actually very, very happy that the prize support is for non-essential materials. If prize materials could be used to win games (or are unique decks), you'd have sharks jumping into tournies and trying to win them for profit. I'd rather reward people who are planning to come out each week with things that jazz up their favourite game, than bribe people who would be reluctant to come out.
  9. Maybe it's just my perception, but it feels like there was a sudden glut of CotA product in my local gaming scene after Age of Ascension was announced. I sort of just assumed there was another print run, but then I noticed that some Starter Sets were being put up for sale next to them. Putting together another print run of the Starter Set, especially with AoA and its Starter Set coming out, seems like an odd thing to do: a lot of extra effort at the factory level. My suspicion is that somewhere on the supply chain (either at distributors or at the game store level) people were hoarding CotA products. The game was so hyped up, product was being quickly snapped up, and there was no new sets announced for a long time. People were probably holding on to unopened decks, hoping to get an inflated profit off of it because of demand and scarcity. Well, I'm just glad that those people didn't get that! 🤠
  10. Saga: Lots of different eras covered, heavily favouring Force Users FFG: Rebellion Era heavily covered, favouring non Force Users Speaking as someone who has an amazing range of Star Wars Miniatures, I still prefer FFG's system. One thing both systems are great at are the quality of the books. The Saga book covers have an amazing feel, and the FFG books look great on the inside and outside.
  11. I wouldn't say silly, but you are right, in that the Base Rules allows groups to do this without a Signature Ability. There isn't a specific Difficulty given for it in the book, so perhaps the GM makes it exceedingly more difficult than what the Signature Ability allows. But as others have said, the Base Rules don't prevent PCs from doing this, it simply presents skills that could be used for it without giving an exact difficulty. It certainly looks like the game is giving PCs new options, especially since some Signatures do let you do things the game wouldn't normally allow you to do. As a good rule of thumb, if a RPG has a robust and flexible skill system, any attempts to make new options for skills (as opposed to lower difficulties or improving successes) are probably going to have been already attempted by groups. I think people's suggestions for making Signature Abilities different from regular skill checks is good advice for making the Signature Ability still be worth taking. But if said Signature didn't exist, I doubt most people would be as stingy with the ordinary checks.
  12. I'm looking for supplements that give suggestions for environmental spends for dice rolls. I've been told that "Forged in Battle" has options for cities, wilderness, and space. I bought "Endless Vigil" and see that it has suggestions for city environments as well. Are these similar between the two books? Also, are the ones in "Savage Spirits" and "Stay on Target" similar to the ones in "Forged in Battle"?
  13. I'm not going to say that ICV2's methodology for their ranking is better than BGG's rankings. ICV2 basically polls retailers and asks them what is the hot stuff, without asking for any sales numbers and comparing them. It's all informal, but so is BGG. Personally, I value ICV2 over BGG because I trust retailers to report more honestly about what is selling well for them, whereas BGG can have anyone boost their rankings for any reason they want.
  14. I knew Keyforge was doing very well, but I didn't realize how well it was doing compared to other games. Apparently, Keyforge is #4, ahead of HeroClix, Star Wars Destiny, and Cardfight!! Vanguard. https://icv2.com/articles/markets/view/42624/top-collectible-games-fall-2018 I doubt Keyforge will get past Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokémon any time soon, but it's looking very strong.
  15. Key Hammer and Drumble. Get rid of your opponent's key, and then capture all of his aember.
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