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    KeyForge AMA

    House Mars will come back some day, right?
  2. Considering the tentpoles of the MCU were the superheroes other movie studios said were unfilmable 12 years ago, I think that Marvel Studios can definitely do it again. Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel definitely feel like they each have 2 more movies out of them, alongside any team-up films. And the X-Men gives the MCU a pantheon of recognized superheroes that could fuel superhero movies for twenty years.
  3. I don't know when the cash prize tournaments were announced, but I know that people were trying to be hardcore Spikes many months ago, even when there was no money on the line. People were insanely obsessive about collecting AEmber, even when they had to pay airfare to collect their prizes. So the cash prizes might take up more of the conversation, but there were people who were tournament grinders amongst our ranks all along. I know people worry about sharks buying enough decks to get the best ones, but I think as long as that kind of expenditure is more expensive than the tournament prizes, we should be okay.
  4. There was definitely a big swing in power level from CotA to AoA. I was personally expecting a slow and gradually decline, but they really veered hard into nerfing the most powerful effects from the first set. That being said, I do enjoy the AoA decks more than the CotA. They're more interesting to me, whereas the CotA decks are stronger if you know how to play them right.
  5. In this thread, we've had people frame roleplaying Nazis to be a value-neutral affair. They treat being moral as being immature, and present being evil as being 'deep'. We've seen apology for the Nazi-inspired organization and characters. And at no point have they been ashamed by the thought they might be confused for a Neo-Nazi. You don't have to defend fascism by outright saying it.
  6. If we went by what was strictly the best-selling on-going comic book titles of June, the Core Heroes would be Black Cat, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Venom. https://www.comichron.com/monthlycomicssales/2019/2019-06.html
  7. Honestly, I don't even like Ms. Marvel that much, but that dislike doesn't compel me to create a conspiracy board where new Marvel characters are connected to Advertisement for Male Razors, the design choices for board games, and the Reverse Vampires.
  8. Would you say that you had a lot of options during play, or were there clearly better options?
  9. My two favourite Houses 😭 This is interesting. I was expecting Keyforge would develop like how M:TG did, where each set had a new mechanical theme to it (Artifact set, Tribal Set, Graveyard set) with a visual theme to support it. Now it looks like the big innovations will be switching in and out Houses, with small smatterings of 'artifact matters' and 'Tribal boosts'.
  10. I said in my post that playing Imperials wasn't my issue; it was wanting to play them as morally equivalent to the Rebels because you (the player, not the character) believe that they weren't that bad. They can do whatever they want in their games, but they should know that intentionally playing as Nazis and trying (emphasize on *try*) to portray them in a favourable manner doesn't come across well for them. Moreover, anyone trying to present this as a valid argument either doesn't understand the history of Nazis and their post-war whitewashing by certain groups, or know exactly what they're doing.
  11. Because it's a superhero game based on the interactions between civilian identity and superhero identity. Black Panther is the ruler of a nation. Iron Man is a CEO. She-Hulk is a lawyer. Spider-Man is Marvel's everyman. They present interesting fodder to build alter-ego cards around. Perpetual loners and wanderers like the Hulk, Wolverine, and the Punisher are going to have shallower alter-ego options for them. I do have to agree with you on Captain Marvel, though. Would have loved to have Invisible Woman instead.
  12. I like how the game emphasizes the character behind the mask, and injects into the game the comicbook trope of a hero getting beaten, have a few scenes in the regular life, and get suited up again. I'm not entirely sure if I'll enjoy the gameplay. I can see I'll be doing stuff, but will that stuff be challenging or enjoyable? Not sure yet. Personally, I like Legendary and dislike Sentinels, and this feels closer to Sentinels.
  13. Sweet mercy. I don't mind the idea of an Imperial players' handbook, but the amount of equivocation in this thread is mindboggling. The Empire is evil and the Rebel Alliance is good. Pointing out how the space trains run on time doesn't negate slavery, dictatorship and planetary genocide. The moral failings of the Rebel Alliance are based on the desperation of its members to do good against such an immoral military power. I guarantee you that no-one who returns home to find their Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru killed by fascists would go "Yeah, but the other side is bad too". Roleplaying as a Space Nazi is a far different thing than pushing around a miniature of one. That's why there are hundreds of tabletop wargames about WWII, and only a few RPGs about it. The amount of identification with the Empire and its goals is very high when you are roleplaying the character of a Stormtrooper: you follow orders, you believe you are not wrong, and want your society to continue on. The amount of cognitive disassociation a player would have to go through to ignore what the Empire is about, and the obfuscation that the GM would have to do to give the stormtrooper PCs only morally-unambiguous jobs, would be even worse than playing it straight: you would know that you're playing bad people OOC, but the IC masquerade is a deliberate attempt to ignore something you KNOW is wrong. And God help you if you don't think being an Imperial is wrong.
  14. I'm running "Dead in the Water" (The adventure that came with the AoR screen), and I think it's one of the best adventure modules I've seen in any system. Definitely not a railroad. Lots of options and avenues for the party to engage with, with a meaningful countdown that pushes them towards doing something. The adventure writer really took into account for a lot of outside-the-box solutions.
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