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  1. Hey guys, i signed up for my first legion tournament that is taking place in 2 weeks. I browses around here looking for list ideas and decided to try a strategy focused on going all infantry to try to focus on objectives. -Leia (esteemed leader) -Fleet troopers (+scattergun) -Rebel troopers(+Z6) -Rebel troopers(+Z6) -Rebel troopers(+Z6) -Rebel troopers(+Z6) -Rebel troopers -Rebel commandos(+sniper +hunter +environmental gear +HQ uplink) -Rebel commandos strike team(+proton charges) -Rebel commandos strike team(+proton charges) brings me to 646 points. I’m hoping to be able to take ground and hold it long enough to eek out objective based wins in the long run. I’d appreciate any play-tips you have on how you would utelise this list!
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