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  1. thank you for that. might just make my own home brew mechanics to get them in more often.
  2. with out home mechanics is revealing Shadow of the Past during the encounter phase the only way to get Nemesis cards brought in?
  3. how so this gives you mobile heavy cover that doesn't need you touching terrain
  4. yeah i'm giving up on rule clarification during live stream. to much flipping back and forth for this.
  5. yeah kinda sucks that they only give light cover now. not worth it anymore
  6. so during the live stream i went ahead and ask about smoke tokens and of course multiple smoke tokens Per Alex Davy " Smoke tokens give you cover 1 full stop. so if your in a set of woods with smoke you wouldn't improve your cover." "the only thing that improves your cover is suppression." so unlike what the rules where it improves your cover by 1. it gives cover 1 (light cover) not improves it.
  7. so i'm a huge fan of ffg games own alot of the them (set for xwing) so in arkham lcg and LOTR they release more advance version of the original stuff they release (super hard mode i guess you can call it) do yall think they will do the same here also what do yall think/heard of future releases beyond what the first 3 expansions are.
  8. so i've just finish up maybe my 6th game so far including the intro game with spiderman/captain marvel. so far i love the game and the deck building with it but am not sure i'm doing everything right. 1. with Iron Man can you have both power gantlets out at the same time same thing with the rocket boost upgrades. i saw nothing in the rules that says you can't do this. as you exhaust each upgrade card only and not discard them and they aren't unique name. 2. with iron man i found that pair with justice seems really OP as it comes with more energy symbols for resources then other aspects. so his 1 cost repulsor blast can deal up to 13 points of damage per card (1 double energy and 4 other normal energy plus the 1 from the card itself). 3. what aspect do you feel pairs best with she-hulk in yalls opinion. in the games i've been in so far she feels good early damage but starts to drop off overall with aggression as it doesn't allow alot of untaping with it. we are planning to pair her with protection cards soon to see if that changes it. 4. some of the aspect cards say when paying for a card double the reasource for this card when paying for x aspect and it refers to a color card. does this apply only to those aspect cards or can the hero cards also be applied to this if they match the color background of the aspect like captain marvel has blue and red so is she leadership and aggression for her cards? 5. what are you favorite hero/aspect combos?
  9. just got done playing against ultron and the modak combo and i have to say the game ain't easy nor is it really hard (we won) we use iron man and she hulk to win and it felt amazing trying to figure out what is the best for beating this. i have to say this game can become boring after many replays but thanks fully they are suppose to come out with lots of expansions.
  10. i know this isn't a fully need question, but can we also get a rules update with a list at the end of which abilities actually stack together like spotter and all the other ones?
  11. will we see a campaign box? i mean like the ones from armada rebellion in the rim, with these you can theme them around certain core sets.
  12. if you can make units from any source what will it be (non canon and video games including)? do you have to have Disney permission to for any of the units you do create especially the ones with actors/voice actors before you can use them? if not then can we please get M.F. Mace Windu for clone wars :-D.
  13. what i was asking is if your leader mini was split down the center on the weak points i was asking to see if it would stack any.
  14. so with the new vehicles coming out i did ask about the multi weak points and being in 2 different arcs (the CW Tank has two different weak points side and rear) Rules Question: with the new tank being announce for legion clone wars. It has weak point 1 side and rear. I know the rules state you just have to have the unit leader in the weak point to get the impact 1, but with the tank because it has two weak points side by side can you get both if you have unit in both arcs (for impact 2)? FFG response Hi azeronbloodmoone No, you can only get up to Impact 1 from Weak Point: Sides. Cheers, Alex Davy Game Designer Fantasy Flight Games not sure if Alex understood what I was asking but this was the response
  15. so this question actually came up in the live stream with clones, set for it was with suppression, where a unit would panic if it had to many suppression on it. they said that since the unit never activates (i.e. go through its actions) and use it as fire support only then that unit wouldn't panic at all and just sit there, this would apply to anything that would trigger during its activation including stims (and if you have a way to make a unit recover with out it activating then this card can be used multiple times)
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