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  1. where did you get the information from that RPQs go to worlds? the two article that they posted on legion both state they go to high command only, and then worlds if they https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/25/plan-your-attack/ https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/30/the-future-of-organized-play/ or was this a podcast with the developers?
  2. so for those select events that have happen so far what has the player count been like (32 less, 32 or more, or 64+)? also has anyone heard if they have given the go ahead for stuff like gen con, lvo, and adepticon (before the high command battle) to name a few to give out RPQ invites or are they going to be world invites like what they said in the artical for Organized play?
  3. so over the past the average time from announcingt shipping now to released has been 2 weeks. the FFG has been very reliable with this. each of them being about 14-15 days released after appearing as shipping now. someone had posted all the release up to director krennic with each status update awhile ago i have a screen shot of this but can't upload as its too big. also the average rate from announced to release is 137 days. so with bossk and sabine being announce back on 6 febraury we won't see it till june no matter what. yes the down at-st is coming out first (announced 1 week later then sabine and bossk), its also not a mini for your army also it doesn't require a rules book update so it was easier to release then the new units.
  4. so i know when you do a attack to the transport any damage that goes through also hits the transported target, so has anyone heard FFG state that with bossk bombs his poison will also go through as well?
  5. i see more a unit cap coming in play later on that way it kinda force people to play with units they don't normally go for. specially right when legion 2.0 comes in or a huge point jump in commandos. we will see either after either this world or next world if they want to change up anything i guess.
  6. well this month it is looking safe. the only thing that is shipping is the down at-st and it should be here in 2 weeks.
  7. azeronbloodmoone


    no, the best way to explain it is is each card requires a rally step and each unit can only rally once per round
  8. its for any card ability, impact, command cards, weak point or armor to kick in. as step 5 says The attacker can resolve any card abilities that modify the attack dice. Then, the defender can resolve any card abilities that modify the attack dice
  9. lets see 5 black dice and 6 white dice per round per corps unit so a total of 66 dice per round. yeah no they don't need suppression on that weapon that is alot of damage potential no mater what. 6 corps unit throwing that many dice will easily wipe a army out.
  10. cool thing about mortars is they also have suppressive keyword so even with 1 hit your dealing 2 suppression a round to a unit.
  11. should it have suppression key word ..........no while its only white dice, its alot of white dice being thrown at once. also rebels aren't known for being suppressive to their enemies just more cunning.
  12. they did say at least 3 were for sure, but did hint at all 4 will be available and the reason is to give options for each weapon type
  13. so with armor pierce still goes though and with transports that is a guarentee damage to the rider then, with the immune to pierce okay yeah not guarentee but they can't spend dodges on those guys either. as for guardian well pierce can effect those units no problem which is still damage being dealt out to units that would need to be taken out. while yes rebel trooper squad is cheaper they require to get closer, and fleet troopers have the same range as the sniper basic weapons but when you put snipers at back of the field they can still hit you on the other side with only light cover at max to any unit.
  14. they can do alot of damage almost guarantee 1 point of damage per sniper per round, which can easily take out a commander or operative by round 2. also this is before they even get in close to be effective. the point value for both commando strike teams make them well worth it. also dodges can't be used against their shot so nimble doesn't come into play either or defelect.
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