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  1. You can justify it however you want, but you asked the question and you don't like the answers you're getting. Whether it's because you're copping flack off someone you know or blow back on the chat feature in the crucible online. I personally think that quitting is bad sportmanship and I've won plenty of games (MTG, Hearthstone and Keyforge) because I held out until the very end. The only way to know if you're going to win at all under tough conditions is to see if you can pull something off. Saying "Hey, I'm scooping because I actually cannot beat you before you beat me. " Doesn't cost you anything either other than a couple of seconds.
  2. Elusive is not the opposite of Skirmish. No damage at all is dealt to either creature when a creature fights an Elusive target for the first time on a turn.
  3. Thanks. I see the mistake I made with John Smyth (being an agent card it couldn't ready itself) and how it's muddied the question. It's about the 1 use of john Smyth and the 2 uses of grabber jammer. So 3 total uses but only 2 cards being used.
  4. Seriously? No response?
  5. Looking to solve a dispute, please see below example. 1. Call Sanctum 2. Sacrifice Combat Pheromones. 3. Reap with Grabber Jammer. Gain +1 Aember, Capture +1 Aember 4. Reap with John Smyth. Gain +1 Aember. Reap Ability: Ready non-Agent Mars creature: Ready Grabber Jammer. 5. Reap withGrabber Jammer. Gain +1 Aember, capture +1 Aember. 6. Play/use your Sanctum cards. Combat Pheromones allows you to USE 2 other Mars cards. Say you had 2 John Smyth's on the board. You could theoretically bounce between the 2 to reap 6 Aember. Is this correct?
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