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  1. Well I installed the software and only when player turned up did I find out that a webcam is absolutely required!!!! I ran out and bought one and I can't get the app to scan any QR codes, so we got a second one, and we still can't get it to work, there is no manual entry option for the deck codes, great job!!
  2. I've used Key abduction to win many games, sometimes forging keys for 0 cost with it, and one time even being able to cycle it through the discard pile, back into the deck and drawing it with Battle fleet to play it a second time on the same turn for a 2 Key turn without paying any Aember! As for your question 2, the only things you might not be able to play just for their aember bonus is upgrades, which must have a creature to go onto to be playable.... It doesn't necessarily have to be your creature though!
  3. If I have strange Gizmo (After forging a key destroy each creature and each artifact) in play and a soul snatcher (Each time a creature is destroyed, its owner gains 1[A]) After forging a key I get to decide timings as I am the active player, I assume I can do the timings so that I gain the Amber from my own creatures being destroyed, but can I make it so that the soul snatcher goes out of play after my creatures, but before the opponents creatures, thereby denying them the amber?
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