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  1. I've been thinking about this for a solo game I'm running for my wife. She's a peasant ronin right now, but once she finds and challenges her samurai father and impresses a great clan she'll be a samurai herself. So when she eventually joins a school I think I'll just do a long downtime where she learns their ways and permanently freeze the worldly ronin school where she left it. At the same time I'll grant her the starting ability of the new school and have her purchase the techniques, and from there she can advance as a rank 1 member of that school. She will treat her school rank as 1 for any use of abilities relating to that school and rank up as normal. Still having access to the old school may be a bit powerful, but she can also never attain mastery in that school either. That said, if the power level doesn't bother you I think this will work just fine. ****, if you're totally unconcerned with the power and the former school is something like ronin that they wouldn't be barred from possessing give them the option to devote xp towards and eventually master both. You're the arbiter of what's fair for your game, but I think this system will make the bookkeeping manageable.
  2. So what I'm getting here is that you don't like mechanics and want to remove them in the most roundabout way possible. Opportunities with mechanical purposes other than critical strikes? Gone! School abilities once per turn? Gone! I've seen you talking about how your rules set is vastly superior to FFGs "broken" game all over the forum and, um, I'm not seeing it. I think you don't like dealing with things you can't easily manage or control from players. Also in regards to diagonal movement on a grid: it costs more for a reason and most iterations of D&D before 5th, which considers grids optional to begin with, counted 15ft for every two diagonal squares because diagonal movement gets you where you're going faster.
  3. No, I'm saying I don't think it's a stretch to use the Whispers flaws for low honor, not that low glory makes you unknown.
  4. This. The Shosuro school is the warrior school in the core book for Scorpion. Aside from having full access to kata they are the only Scorpion school to start with a daisho. The school says you prefer to avoid straight-up fights, but you can still win them. You're just even better at backstabbing.
  5. I'd argue that violating Bushido enough that you sink into the territory of Flaws also makes the "Whispers of..." flaws an option. A samurai who who lies and betrays to the extent that their honor is destroyed is likely to have that noticed and assigning "Whispers of Treachery" as their honor flaw seems very justified. On a humorous note, the character in that flaw's flavor text is a Scorpion who's only response to being accused of treachery is, "Would you believe it's for a good cause?"
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