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  1. I’d rather not if that’s ok Gink, covid and all that. As well as still being able to win, MSU is just so much fun, the simple pleasure of manoeuvring your fragile bucket of black dice is just great.
  2. The data does not really show us much beyond player choice for that period of time. it’s only showing one element of the picture. You really need to know the record of each of the players. As an example: if all the players who turned up with say pure MSU have a record of always being in the 25% year after, that gives a different picture than if all the players who turned up were novices with not record of winning or with a record of being in the bottom 25%. You must always look to see what story the data can actually tell you and what it can’t. In this case, it’s player choice and raw results, it can’t really tell you of one type of fleet design is better or worse than another. Data can be made many stories, but many of them are big smelly piles of digested grass.
  3. Just play it with the damage taken is rolled over into the next battle. This removes any advantage to large high powered ships ect. after all the player that skillfully keeps his ships free of damage or well repaired should have an advantage over they guy or girl who trashes all their ships but sneaks a win. I would allow all Games to go the full five rounds even if a person is tabled as the skill full player could get in some repairing if they judged their dials right.
  4. Still working all hours in some doomed effort to figure out how to enact a gazillions pages of covid directions from central government , while staring into space as the best plan we come up with locally for finding PPE is borrowing it from a veterinarian provider as health care provider after provider runs out..and social care has never had any to run out of in the first place..........All while very senior officials come on TV saying we have loads of PPE......but well....it’s just our leaders did not see the need to ******* well move it to were it would be needed within the 3 ****ity month timescale we had available.....I can only speculate why....but some very stupid cost vs likelihood ****ery comes to mind. I am very pissed, a bit of “oh Chris it’s a 0% immunity, R0 of 3, 5-10 percent hospitalisation, 1 percent mortality nightmare from **** quick do everything....even throw the kitchen sink and cat at it” 2 months ago..was needed..instead of the “it will be fine....carry on......we can manage...let’s not do economic damage it may miss us”.....idiocy we had. It would have made a huge difference to where we are going now......if anyone says hind sight....noooo it was obvious....they did not need to wait for the imperial college modelling to know this virus it had the potential to kill hundreds of thousands in the U.K. I am pissed, many of the people I know are pissed, some may even die doing their jobs...this could have been managed a lot better...look at Singapore ........I would like to insert my star destroyer collection up some very senior decision makers “where the sun don’t shine.
  5. Could I add a further option: G The 13 colonies would have been better off sticking with the United Kingdom ( after all Canada is lovely #lovecanadaitssonice).
  6. It’s a planetary sterilisation thread can we all please stay on subject. Although I will say that Disney is totally countrist.......I want to watch the new starwars film....I’m stuck in my house and have been for two weeks..and will be for another three weeks...with nothing to look forward to but siting at my home office working on covid “******* everyone’s” life up 19 planning.
  7. So we are stopping the conversation at planetary sterilisation.......
  8. Yes I’m a firm believer that broad church, power fo powers sake parties need to be broken into small parties that more directly represent a specific world view. The problem in the U.K is the first passed the post system. Our democracy is predicated on two parties, the winner taking all ( as far as forming the executive goes) and a formal strong single opposition party. The other issue is the Bizarre fallacy that plays out in which you are voting for an individual and not a party. But everyone votes for the persons party whatever the individual, even if they are a horror show of a local MP placed in a safe seat by the party as they are a power player in party politics.
  9. Well said, our politicians can seem ( and sometimes are) more focused on interest groups that pay them. But our systems in the west have more checks on power and hold those with power to account than any other system of government ever in history. Universal sufferage and the ability of the population to remove leaders as part of a normal check and balance is truly a wonderful thing. Yes we must always be vigilant, because universal sufferage is still a young concept so we must ensure those in power are held to account and we don’t loss what we have. But and this is huge........I may not agree with the politics of those like Boris Johnson ( or trump) but I know if they **** up to much and irritate the majority they will be removed from power by the choice of the people as part of due process, that’s priceless.
  10. Toilet paper...it seems that many people in the western world feel the only way to deal with a pandemic is to ensure you have a 6 month supply of paper to wipe your derrière.
  11. Unfortunately this is going to play bouncy around the globe until we hit herd immunity in most nations via either exposure or a vaccine. it will be back in China as it will be every nation that manages to reduce down the rates of doubling for a time. the bright side is that we are looking like a vaccine is going to be doable and it’s not going to a stone cold impossible ***** of virus like HIV ( our biggest global killer of a virus). Not to lessen it scary as **** nature if we don’t do extraordinary measures for the next year or two ( unless the bugger does like seasonal flu and change it surface protein structures swiftly, viral generations are fast moving). stay safe stay at home, walk in the countryside and care for your neighbours.....ohhh yes stop the **** buying a years supply of bog roll every time you hit a shop 😂😂😂😂😂
  12. Only in that we are clearly both lazy articles who could not be bothered to change our names from the default.
  13. It was difficult for most people to really get the problem, even now it’s hard for a lot of people to get there heads around. Those of us paid to actually contemplate this sort of thing understood, but it’s hard for most people.
  14. My victory class ships have DTA ( damage to antennas) they will not be participating in armada events for the near future.
  15. Very true and anyway politics is life, everything we do and are are has a political element.
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