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  1. Interesting , the argument that landos effect steps out of the standard pathway and is not triggered in the spend defence token step, is possible. for me he’s spending a defence token, which is done in the spend defence token step. Also if he could step out and ignore accuracies he’s effectively got built in ECM that could be used 4 times per round, that’s a powerful ability on top of the standard Ace brace pack and a reasonable set of upgrades and ability’s....that’s lots of points.....
  2. Krysta will work very well with expert shield tech equipped doom pickle, you can now not have the ECM ( Krysta covers you) so your defence retro fit can be really nasty advanced projects and EWS or reinforced blast doors. expert shield tech just becomes dirty with 3 redirects with EWS, you can both ignore small death from a thousand cut attacks and force fighters to attack from a different arch that you want to fire your main battery from letting you play flak games with your second attack....EWS is great at stopping the traditional exploitation of the doom pickles lack of gunnery team and expert shield tech with 3 redirects is a lovely way to keep your pickle ticking through a fighter swarm.
  3. I actually rate R1 as the best star was movie outside of the original 3 and it may even top them ........everyone dies........it’s Shakespearean.
  4. Yes but hopefully you should be exerted control of where he’s going to be putting his nose.
  5. Doom pickle with max defensive build strait in the face, pins it Down, double arc. Then fly your winged mc80 strait into the now static ship, as he’s a big static arc you can drive it in just right. He will not last against a co-ordinated Doom pickle and winged pickle attack. Don’t go with small based ships they just die to these beasts ( even mc30s just can’t last) only one that really has value is a red dice CR90 as you can get into the stern without coming to close. Fighters are good, he’s going to keep running over them, pop them on the nose and he’s never shaking them.......it’s also a mare for his own fighters as if he gets it wrong you can place them a long way back from your own. Just remember he’s got shots from three arcs, all but one of which are potent, which is why little ships suffer. Sculpting the battlefield is powerful against such a long big base...obstacles just keep on giving especially if you’ve driven a doom pickle in his face.
  6. What else is buried in there we must ask ourselves.....
  7. That’s the assault frigate...jack of all trades, master of ummmmm, the Ackbar conga.
  8. Maybe a better term is pay to be competitive.
  9. Well I’ve not met a long term serious armada player who has not spent money on extra unwanted ships such as Nebs, mc30s etc for the cards we needed for our preferred list to optimise it to give it the best chance of winning..... Just because the game is well balanced does not mean serious committed ( who have the money) players don’t ensure they have fully optimised lists do not pay extra money and so have better lists than a casual player ( or guy who has little money) who just gets the ships they want/can afford and manage with the cards that come with the ship...... There is no way a player who started early and just purchased wave one/two and left it at that could produce a list that can compete on level terms with a player who’s kept up to date with every wave and optimised his list with every card he wants from whatever set. That’s the definition of to pay to win in my book. I had great success with many lists, but as the meta changed the lists became less competitive and I had to purchase new ships and redesign...that is Im afraid pay to win. And I beg to differ on MSU lists, many types were very potent including all mc30, all glad, glad and raider etc all were very competitive at on point........I did plenty well with assault frigate lists early waves...until they stopped working well, then 6 activation fully optimised msu lists for a long time, but it just got harder and harder now it’s the old rad bomb.....I just keep adapting and paying to make sure I have a chance at winning.
  10. So did anyone else get a less than positive response when their SSD turned up at the house..... mine was “how much did that plastic spaceship cost then” followed by “ where exactly do you think that’s going”....
  11. A good joke never dies, but it may get a nasty FAQ
  12. Yep it’s a great model and the competitive versions seem to work well, 250 points allows a bit of a fleet build and the ship has that unstoppable stream roller feel, yet actually be well balanced to both play and play against....
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