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  1. Ah ok, understood now I agree… somehow... but on the other side, just the fact that rules mention that I have to do something "in real life" doesn't mean for me that I cannot virtually skip an infinite number of mulligans, if there is no meaning to actually do it in real life. Or more pragmatically, it is usually ok to just do 20-30 mulligans, so that's my hand is "good". I would not be able to select the "perfect" hand anyways. Together with the other aspects I mentioned the scenario simply gets trivial. I am really wondering, why people here rather defend the way it is.
  2. Even me said in the initial post that this scenario is well-designed, not poorly designed! I also mentioned already that you would loose XP (resp. not gain XP) etc. Please don't think that I want to fire against this scenario. Quite the opposite! I am just dissapointed by this stupid flaw! We can discuss a lot about poison, XP etc. However, after I reached a certain state, from a rule point of view nothing does prevent me from selecting my starting hand card by card, because I can restart infinitely. Yes, that's not thematic, not "realistic", that's not fun, noone with brain should do this… bla bla… that's clear to me, but this is exactly what I mean! Where is the border? If my starting hand is bad, should I only redraw once (come back the next day), twice (the very next day) or until next month and retry every day? Why do the rules of that scenario allow me to do that? That's simply a flaw! It can be fixed very easily? Don't you think that this should be fixed? Why not? Do you think getting a trauma, for example, would be such a problem?
  3. Hi there, I really have to create this post, sorry... Why? Because it would be my favorite scenario (and I have all cycles so far), but it has such a significant flaw (and the first one which really bothers me) which makes me feel… no, never play it again. Even Forgotten Age! We love the idea of "Heart of the Elders"! Why? Because of the splitting into two scenarios, the re-usage of the exploration decks (back in the jungle, yeah) and the idea to have the ability to re-start scenario A as well in order to get all pillars. The scenario A is also well-designed, has a nice feeling, is not too hard (time to breath). WOOWWWW! Such great ideas!!!! Please more!!! As I said, it would be my favorite scenario. HOWEVER, the flaw… ****SPOILER ALERT**** After taking the first hurdle… you can restart the scenario again and again? Without any penalty? WHAT??? I really thought a lot about it, but I couldn't find any reason why you shouldn't start the scenario over and over again? Ok, you might not get that many XP, but besides that? What are the consequences? - If your starting hand is bad… start all over - If you get hurt.... start all over - If the wrong mythos card is drawn… start all over - If the exploration deck is bad… start all over - Once you've got another pillar… start all over => The scenario is trivial! and even worse: ===> Performing well in the previous scenarios is not needed!!! You get all pillars "for free" in this scenario! So, why bothering in previous scenarios (once you want to replay the campaign and know how things work). This is taking all my joy playing this campaign! That's a big bummer in my opinion??? As said above… don't get me wrong, a perfect idea! It's also ok to have a scenario which is not too hard, finally (a kind of catch up mechanism for the rest of the campaign). However, not having any penalty is a FLAW. It would be that easy to fix! Just integrate a minor penalty! The scenario would remain easy (and awesome), previous scenarios (pillars) would still have a little bit of significance. Why not requiring "gas" for restarting (given that you can restart at least once/twice for free, e.g. you automatically get two gas before starting the first time)? Wouldn't that be thematic? Or at least one investigator gets a psychotrauma for a restart (also not THAT bad). I hope that this will be fixed! FAQ? Or latest with the "Return to…" box :(
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