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    T_Kageyasu reacted to Worloch in Shugenja Emerald Magistrate and Game Balance   
    It is powerful, but does have some limiting factors that help it from being too much, in my opinion:
    1) The Techniques that are available still cost XP to obtain.  Having access to Kata does provide options but those options do require opportunity cost; IE - you have 3xp to spend.  Do you want a Rank 1 or 2 Kata, or do you want a Rank 3 Invocation or perhaps a Shuji/Ritual?  You have to choose.
    2) It is limited (iirc, afb) to Rank 1 and 2 Kata, which aren't the most powerful Kata
    3) XP spent on Title curriculum don't count for School curriculum advancement, so it will slow down down school rank, which has impact to most (all?) school abilities
    4) Kata generally require investment in Martial skills to be effective, again requiring XP to be dedicated, and in a direction that a Shugenja would most likely not be focused
    Sure, combining something like Striking as Earth with Fire Katana (don't recall the official invocation name) is cool, but requires the Shugenja invests in the Kata, and invests Martial Melee, as well as the Invocation and Theology.
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from P'an Ku in The Value of Composure   
    And only an issue when you have a GM that doesn't challenge PCs in creative and compelling ways. Yes, there are many ways to reduce Strife, but it should be a tug-of-war, mind games and all.
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from Avatar111 in The Value of Composure   
    It's ironic because imho I see these moments as characters standing out and excelling. They should be the best at what they were trained to do center stage. I agree that it shouldn't mean the other characters are humiliated, but said courtier shouldn't be standing toe to toe against the Maw. Conversely, it's imperative for the GM to create scenes for the diplomat and duelist to have their own moments to shine. This being said, I appreciate that Hidas make great duelists too. This isn't combat simulator (D&D) so it's not expected to be balanced for every scene and every challenge, that's why I think the designers made their ninjo / giri wheel.
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    T_Kageyasu reacted to Avatar111 in The Value of Composure   
    This is an interesting side of the system, the way that a lot of thing is very binary.
    It does create a bit of issues to have characters that are on different ends of the spectrum as extremes are quite extreme in this game. Your big crab can probably handle 5 times as many "mobs" striking at him than your courtier who would struggle against one.
    It is challenging for the GM, and not the ideal design, but I am sure you can find ways to challenge each players on their weaknesses. Its just that some things will be sometimes trivial for one of you player and absurdly difficult for another. Try to make it so that every player gets their "turn" at being the weak one in a scene.
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from Hida Jitenno in The Value of Composure   
    And only an issue when you have a GM that doesn't challenge PCs in creative and compelling ways. Yes, there are many ways to reduce Strife, but it should be a tug-of-war, mind games and all.
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    T_Kageyasu reacted to Magnus Grendel in The Value of Composure   
    Especially since it's also the ring driving "awareness" checks in narrative scenes. I find there are few things which terrify a player more than saying "you see....." [rolls] "....nothing out of the ordinary."
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from UnitOmega in The Value of Composure   
    And only an issue when you have a GM that doesn't challenge PCs in creative and compelling ways. Yes, there are many ways to reduce Strife, but it should be a tug-of-war, mind games and all.
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from Avatar111 in The Value of Composure   
    And only an issue when you have a GM that doesn't challenge PCs in creative and compelling ways. Yes, there are many ways to reduce Strife, but it should be a tug-of-war, mind games and all.
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    T_Kageyasu reacted to Magnus Grendel in Example Combat?   
    Broadly speaking, yes. Since you can't take the same action type (so no strike/strike or strike/assist), or one which requires a check, assuming you're trying to stab someone with your main action, the other one generally boils down to calming breath to recover fatigue or strife, or maneuver to..well....outmaneuver someone.
    Very much depends who and what you're fighting. Since minions don't spend  on anything other than their own 'profile' abilities, being in earth stance against a squad of goblins doesn't really help you; they need to chop through your endurance (and resistance) to incapacitate you before you take criticals anyway, so unless you have a specific technique like striking-as-earth, or a significantly higher earth ring, you'r getting no benefit compared to air stance (harder to hit you), water stance (recovering 1 fatigue per turn) or fire stance (more likely to put a minion down with each swing, reducing the number of dice behind each incoming strike).
    Equally, a 'stray critical' isn't always that bad. Assuming it's a relatively low deadliness attack, a character with a decent fitness can mitigate it down to 'armour damaged' without too much trouble. If the alternative is being incapacitated in the middle of a skirmish by a dozen fatigue in one hit from a fire-stance blow from an otsuchi, it's frankly getting away almost scot-free. There's a reason the option to not defend against attacks exists. 
    Equally equally, earth stance doesn't stop criticals. It stops criticals, conditions, etc being inflicted by your opponent spending . If, instead, they're performing an action whose 'success effect' drops the condition on you (like Flowing Water Strike or Heartpiercing Strike) you'd have been better off in Air stance to avoid being hit in the first place.
    Honestly, that's quite a nice idea. I don't mind the intent of earth stance, but making it harder to inflict an effect rather than making you immune seems more sensible. Taking it to logical extremes; if Ashigaru Jim-Bob the Smelly is being attacked with a strike action by Seppun Ishikawa, captain of the Imperial Seppun Honour Guard, the idea (narratively) that he couldn't land something you would consider a critical strike with his first blow, no matter what he does is ridiculous.
    Make it as hard as you like, provided the possibility is there (an NPC like that will have enough dice to throw at it).
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from Avatar111 in Example Combat?   
    I don't disagree with you on earth stance, as the earlier editions equivalent of increasing TN to reduce damage was more balanced with the other stances you could take. The new system is firmly bound to the strife and fatigue gauges. I think increasing the fitness check to reduce criticals might have been a better mechanic rather than mimicking air. For example, multiply success results to reduce a critical threat by x2 rather than outright preventing opponents from spending Opps to threaten a crit. But this response isn't in "houserules" so I'll curtail the target conversation here.
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from Victarion13 in The most Korean place in Rokugan   
    The Yasuki and Mantis lands remind me of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia but I'm strictly talking more tropical and jungle like terrain. The mystical lands of the Kitsune and Naga I envision more like having a Thai aesthetic. I try to focus more on vegetation and geographic similarities rather than rw societal or cultural similarities... as alluded in previous comments, we're talking about a fantasy setting inspired by many cultures (predominantly Japanese) that at the same time isn't any of them. Looking for where Rokugan was inspired from in rl can be useful, but I'm leary of painting broad strokes when it comes to any ethnic similarities.
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from Avatar111 in Moving before Clashes   
    Maybe the range 5 is for challenges across the battlefield using tessen or war flags, etc. I don't see why "teleporting" keeps coming up.. a challenge is called, answered, and actions take place at the appropriate range. Do we really need an ESPN play by play leading up to combat actions? If anyone is doing anything other than getting into position, there's probably an honor loss or forfeiture on deck.
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from Avatar111 in Does Afflicted stack? How does a Hida EVER get tainted?   
    Just playing Fu Leng's advocate here, but if one approach doesn't succeed why shouldn't a PC be allowed to learn from their failure and attempt the same skill with a different approach?  It all depends on the circumstances and consequences of that failure. If the GM doesn't escalate the difficulty (wounds festering making TN more difficult, maybe the suspicious tower guard calling backup, or running out the clock), the PCs should have leeway. Personally, I agree with avatar that it's up to the GM to set the conditions for the skill roll (ratchet up the tension and economy), else why bother with a roll if failure or success is trivial? This game forces us to think about what makes for a decent challenge.. being exposed to the taint after a casual encounter with hordes of undead at the wall, or being lost and delirious in the Shadowlands without the luxury of a restful downtime scene? There needs to be a more guidance for setting up the appropriate challenges at all ranks of play, but this is a good start.
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    T_Kageyasu reacted to NFK in Does Afflicted stack? How does a Hida EVER get tainted?   
    How do you "spam" this during narrative scenes? Downtime scenes are already a defined concept, with some strict boundaries and some loose ones, but if nothing else they're distinct from the freeform intent of narrative scenes. And the game offers guidance on how to work these in various ways (page 248), like limiting what someone can do ("What Can Be Accomplished in a Downtime Scene?") to adjudicating how much free time PCs might actually have or not have ("Long Downtime Scenes") to discussing how to deal with lengthy timeskips ("Extremely Long Narrative Gaps"). There's also a sidebar (page 247) on how to pace scenes so the narrative structure doesn't get disjointed, but regardless there's enough in the text to keep things from getting out of hand. And like I said before, if someone is performing the Cleansing Rite then they aren't doing a different downtime action.
    Or on the other hand, if you're in a narrative scene then you shouldn't be doing a series of rolls in the first place. If you're making a bunch of rolls then you can move it to a conflict scene (page 247). If the action only merits one roll, if any, then you can instead move it to a narrative scene (page 249). The whole point of this business is that you should escalate or deescalate the complexity of play as the situation demands. If the PCs are in a position to "spam" whatever then the group doesn't need to deal with a lot of structure by making a lot of rolls. Maybe they need one roll. Or maybe they don't need any, instead getting a result based on their known abilities and group consensus. (Eg, "you can clearly talk circles around the local magistrates and get them to agree to a tax exemption".)
    All that said, going back to the original quandary of "why don't all the Hida have this" the real answer is that you needn't treat the rules as the "physics" of the game world. ("Rules-as-physics" for short.) Instead the rules are around as a lens for interacting with the game world. Sure, maybe a lot of the Hida do have this ritual and thus feel like they can risk further exploration into the Shadowlands. Or maybe another group doesn't and consequently they don't pass more than a hundred feet into such blighted territory. Either way, if they're NPCs they don't need any kind of stats if they're not doing things onscreen.
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    T_Kageyasu reacted to AtoMaki in Moving before Clashes   
    Oddly enough, in the Beta, there was an Assessment Stage instead of a basic initiative check at the start of each combat that served exactly this purpose. No idea why it met the cutting floor, it was a pretty neat feature... 
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    T_Kageyasu reacted to JBento in Moving before Clashes   
    There's ALWAYS something at stake - H/G are very big deals. Refusing a challenge because "fighting is risky" fails Courage and (probably) Honour - you've already set yourself up as a combatant by being, well, a combatant, so now you can't weasel out without being, well, a weasel.
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from Hida Jitenno in Moving before Clashes   
    Good point, there should probably be more emphasis on the importance of sizing up enemies both martially and politically in this game. Sure, if an artisan wields a sword and dons armor they shouldn't claim to be a non-combatant when Hida or Matsu show up... but then again, would Hida or Matsu debase themselves by quarreling with an unworthy combatant?
    "Agasha san, did you misplaced your paint brush this morning? I believe I saw one safely to the side of this battlefield"
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from Avatar111 in Moving before Clashes   
    Yes, this is more a question of honor and glory than anything else. There's no glory to be found in killing peasants or goblins (depending on their effective numbers), or bashing an artisan to pulp. An honorable samurai would let an inferior opponent retreat, but stand up to them if they persisted.
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from nameless ronin in Moving before Clashes   
    Oh sure, let them hack away at the unfortunate minions that happen to trod in their war path. It's an adversary that should cause a loss of honor to their comrade, not a nameless ashigaru.
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    T_Kageyasu reacted to Suzume Chikahisa in Punishment for Peasants   
    Bugaisha/Outsider Keep, probably? Not exactly a prison, but certainly equivalent to exile.
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from Coyote Walks in Spirit Hunters, a Shadowlands Preview   
    Don't let the juicy insides fool you, it's really an oni disguised in an Acme watermelon costume.
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    T_Kageyasu reacted to AK_Aramis in How good is this game?   
    Some guidelines should one do this - I've done it this way:
    Listed TN's : use the associated ring as the optimal ring, TN is divide by 5, round down then subtract 1. Any other ring should be at least one higher. 
    Converting Characters: use the listed ring, at 1 level lower. Use the closest skill; Sincerity is about the only one that isn't self-explanatory - It's the ability to appear sincere, no matter what you're saying. It can be used to lie, to convince people you're being truthful, or even to hide your enthusiasm, as needed. In short, it's a tie to Sentiment and/or Culture, as situationally appropriate. Damages, just look up. 
    School abilities? fake them as best you can - many are now Kata or Shuji. Pick one that sounds close; for the schools that exist in 5E, you have the rank 1 already.
    Replacing Characters: it is oft just as good to simply swap out for a suitable template and specialty package, possibly changing the demeanor, and maybe adding a key Kata or Shūji, and/or replacing the existing one.
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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from P'an Ku in Spending Void point and critical strike   
    Exactly, if an opponent misses the TN it's not even necessary to dodge, but "hitting" the TN means that it's necessary to take fatigue in order to avoid actual damage. Narratively, in my games taking fatigue includes superficial scratches, bruises, ripped clothing, damaged armor (as a consequence of resistance), even if it only affects the aesthetics.
    We're so ingrained to think that critical damage needs to be quantified that it's hard to reconcile taking a critical hit without a numerical value associated with that damage. My argument for why L5R makes more sense (compared to some other rpgs) is the ridiculous number of times a PC would take a gigantic amount of damage without it resulting from a critical hit, or when a critical hit rolls laughably low damage.
    L5R does a great job of maintaining the threat of consequential combat with death but one of many possible outcomes.
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    T_Kageyasu reacted to Coyote Walks in Spirit Hunters, a Shadowlands Preview   
    We shall no longer fear the tyranny of the watermelon!

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    T_Kageyasu got a reaction from Avatar111 in Deadliness and crit clarification   
    Weird, must have accidentally included you in a quote by AtoMaki.
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