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  1. T_Kageyasu

    Dueling Question

    It's a great way to escalate a duel from first blood to the death
  2. I've considered this too, but my trouble as a GM was revealing too much about the surprise subplots the characters might encounter. For a limited session campaign being upfront works best because characters need guidance so they feel competent enough to deal with situational challenges. If the intention is slowly building tension and revealing a thin veil between a normal and dark reality, maybe you can set the tone that those general skills only apply to routine, non esoteric lore.
  3. T_Kageyasu

    Moving before Clashes

    Certainly, and their hubris of combat superiority might lead to their downfall at the hands of a nameless farmer. In this game anyone can gank anyone, but status should matter. To my point, it would be nice if there was a quick way of assessing threats between combatants (politically, socially, pugilistically) that contributed to gains and losses of honor and glory. Maybe the average difference in status is staked by the challenger, which is converted into gains or losses of glory if victorious. So high status combatants would never formally challenge lessers (without loss) but have no problems with less formally hacking them to pieces during the course of battle. They might answer challenges, but not gain anything for it, aside from proving themselves.
  4. T_Kageyasu

    Moving before Clashes

    I agree, but think of battles in L5R more akin to chess where any pawn can challenge a bishop, and if the knight steps in to silence the threat there might be a small honor loss, but losing the game is far worse for everyone.
  5. T_Kageyasu

    Moving before Clashes

    Yes, this is more a question of honor and glory than anything else. There's no glory to be found in killing peasants or goblins (depending on their effective numbers), or bashing an artisan to pulp. An honorable samurai would let an inferior opponent retreat, but stand up to them if they persisted.
  6. T_Kageyasu

    Moving before Clashes

    Good point, there should probably be more emphasis on the importance of sizing up enemies both martially and politically in this game. Sure, if an artisan wields a sword and dons armor they shouldn't claim to be a non-combatant when Hida or Matsu show up... but then again, would Hida or Matsu debase themselves by quarreling with an unworthy combatant? "Agasha san, did you misplaced your paint brush this morning? I believe I saw one safely to the side of this battlefield"
  7. T_Kageyasu

    Moving before Clashes

    Forgive the sharp juxtaposition back to the topic of movement in battle, but it would seem that this game asks the players for more fluidity in handling the transition between combat scenarios. A mass battle, the rounds of which can take hours, feature epic momentary clashes or duels interspersed during the ongoing conflict. Combatants don't just teleport all over the battlefield (but it might look that way if you're only interested in snapshots). I think the same tempo could be effective for running clashes and skirmishes, or even intrigue scenes as long as everyone at the table is fine with the pacing of events. I think the game might excel at staying in cinematic mode, rather than rolling dice for the minutiae between scenes of interest. Granted the minutiae is vitally important if it determines whether your character loses an arm to an oni, but not so important if it kills the momentum of the game describing rounds of movement getting to an opponent you just challenged from across the battlefield. As always, it's up to the GM to set the pace, and know that it's ok to jump to the good parts.
  8. T_Kageyasu

    Moving before Clashes

    Oh sure, let them hack away at the unfortunate minions that happen to trod in their war path. It's an adversary that should cause a loss of honor to their comrade, not a nameless ashigaru.
  9. T_Kageyasu

    Stances and Invocations

    At least in the beta (core book not in front of me), if you didn't roll initiative you were able to immediately reduce strife and assume the Void stance before your turn came up. This suggests that absent a decision on your stance, Void is a default. In my group, I ask everyone for a default stance in case they need to react to a challenge before their turn comes up.
  10. T_Kageyasu

    Punishment for Peasants

    I'm pretty sure there is also a prison town for samurai in the Unicorn territory, far from the border with other clans. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name at the moment.
  11. Don't let the juicy insides fool you, it's really an oni disguised in an Acme watermelon costume.
  12. T_Kageyasu

    Deadliness and crit clarification

    Weird, must have accidentally included you in a quote by AtoMaki.
  13. T_Kageyasu

    Deadliness and crit clarification

    Brings to mind Tenchu, where insta-kill in one strike was only possible when targets were unaware. Just spit balling here, but maybe the assailant and target could make contested checks of skullduggery/athletics vs vigilance outside combat, or contested tactics checks in combat to prevent an enemy from using "dodge" to mitigate damage by gaining fatigue in the next strike action. Earth stance only prevents the use of opportunity for critical hits, but if you can't take fatigue, the damage needs to go somewhere.
  14. T_Kageyasu

    Deadliness and crit clarification

    My preference is "deadly as all ****" because you should absolutely feel like your character is living 2 feet from death in this game. But I think most people wouldn't like that very much .  It makes a strong argument for discussion and negotiations to avoid permanent maiming injuries... and the constant reminder of one's shame in defeat, which is worse than death right? The rules are just there, the setting let's you apply them as needed. If my PC is contemplating bite attacks after losing both arms, please just finish him off so he can die with a smidgen of dignity.
  15. T_Kageyasu

    Deadliness and crit clarification

    I see the Monty Python reference sprinkled about here, but I'm really thinking "Kill Bill" for the less silly bloodbath scenes. Spiked ball on a chain should be deadliness 3, or 7 (in "Kill Bill" mode).