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  1. I'm not arguing that it won't be the Hare, just pointing out the Monkey Clans origins should it take a long time for the book to be published.
  2. Well, outside of the Monkey Clan, assuming the War/Lion book takes a very long time to come out.
  3. If two weapons are at range 1 but on opposite sides of the character, doesn't that make them range two relative to each other and require a movement and two actions to obtain both? I'm just kidding, a little joke at the expense of those who can't handle range bands as written
  4. Call it what you want but the video looks awfully like a skirmish. I see no reason why you couldn't throw in various techniques from a duel in a skirmish (some Crane always fight using quick draw, even during mass battle). Regardless, I'm glad your table worked out when range bands work and when they don't. On second thought, maybe these street thugs are dueling:
  5. I highly doubt a street thug would require the approval of their daimyo to initiate the formal resolution of grievances through ritualized martial conflict. Sure, there could be an unsanctioned duel between samurai who are bitter rivals, but the formal procession still exists to maintain a semblance of honor. Range bands aren't required in a duel with melee weapons because leaving is tantamount to forfeiture and we can safely assume opponents are tethered together.
  6. There's a huge difference between sensible approximation and destined to fail video game simulator. As a rule of thumb, if PCs are asking what they can and cannot do because of target distance, that's an appropriate use of range bands (and it does work). If it would take longer to explain distances between targets on the figurative screen (or actual whiteboard) than complete a player's turn that round, maybe it's time to make life simpler and more fun for everyone involved. Now I'm curious if anyone has ever successfully played using strict range band rules with more than two PCs at the table.
  7. Names are meaningful, it's Covid-19. Otherwise, I like the idea of a living rpg campaign for L5R. It certainly works well for Star Trek Adventures and building a strong community and creative content.
  8. I wasn't surprised when the Crane book, I mean Courts of Stone, didn't have the Sparrow Clan. Sure, the Sparrow are literally the most down to earth clan in the empire, but they originate from a Crane lineage and train remarkably long winded storytellers fitting courtly roles. Maybe they should have been in Path of Waves for their lower position among clans? Here's hoping they are in the Dragon Clan book, for philosophical differences with the rest of Rokugan Proper.
  9. I think this party composition is entirely doable and might be a lot of fun as a player or gm. I'll add that shugenja are incredibly rare and even one per party constitutes a valuable asset to the clan, while 5 should be regarded as ominous. As such, they wouldn't be set out unprepared or undefended. Consider giving each a guard, or have the bushi be a captain of several minion guards. Adventures might take place after dungeons have been cleared of lesser evils or minor threats. I'd love to hear how this turned out!
  10. You can purchase a digital version at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/browser/filter/id/10109
  11. Certainly not both, but I could narratively understand arguments for relearning and fully embracing a new school. I think it's probably just better to take a new title unless a completely different career makes more sense.
  12. I'd be fine with this as long as you lost your original school ability for the new school ability.
  13. As mentioned, narrative style requires narrative decisions. That said, perhaps the use of opportunities during a skill check can help adjudicate number of targets etc. just try to be consistent and let the players know "the rules" ahead of time and maybe even before points are spent on invocations.
  14. It wasn't always this way. Seems like it might have been a response to an increased frequency of bots reposting L5R nonsense from reddit that contained hidden links. Either that or not having as many moderators anymore? Pure conjecture here
  15. I absolutely agree, always depends on the crowd and who you might be interacting with and want to impress. It's a more dynamic way of thinking about roll checks and consequences.
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