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  1. Are you talking about anyone specifically Avatar111?
  2. This is true in any RPG, but is par for the course with L5R, considering all of the clans, families, and career paths. Many things simply need to be carefully orchestrated by the GM and PCs. I'm not saying titles are perfect in their inception either, but it's far more engaging and balanced than the old multiclass rules!
  3. I think, again, Avatar111 that this boils down to differences in perspective. This is a game where name, rank, title, etc mean nearly everything and here we're comparing apples and oranges. Why someone would want to be a Yoriki vs an Emerald Magistrate might be the difference between PCs being a police or intelligence officer and being a personal body guard in the real world.. there are plenty of reasons I can think of why it would be better to handle the private security details of say, Natalie Portman vs the thankless hours monitoring persons of interest as a public service / government agent. Personally, I like how titles open doors for multiclass options and versatility from a mechanical perspective too. You have a system that works for your table, and that's great. For me, XP in L5R is a resource that helps guide character development not only in abilities and techniques but as a currency for interests and direction (as an honest indicator for planning campaigns as a GM). So yeah, I'm fine with XP being spent on character development and everything that entails (such as status increases, otherwise inaccessible techniques, etc).
  4. Well, if to some, the only benefit of a title or bond is the status improvement, shouldn't investment increase status further? In game terms it's the difference between a mediocre yojimbo and an excellent one (ie. guard of a more influential NPC). I'll completely agree that collecting/diversifying/hoarding skills and techniques at any rank means constraining access to higher rank abilities. That will backfire against your supposed "power gamer" when they are challenged by a peer with equivalent XP who focused on their studies.
  5. The old Burning Sands setting suggested something similar, in that the different codes of honor certainly exist among Gaijin cultures but deviate (focus more strongly or are absent a couple of tenants) enough that they don't quite resemble Bushido. Heck even Tsuno have a code of "honor" if ambition and creative cruelty can be considered principles. Should we expect a new set of honor loss/gain tables in the new book for foreigners within Rokugan?
  6. I'll need to look into that, and I just bought the Unicorn Novella. Plenty of reading for my miniscule free time
  7. Yes! Enough information to be useful for those creating timeline agnostic campaigns... I've become a glutton for (punishment) running adventures that don't take place during the current timeline. One of the best ways to appreciate the intricacies of Rokugani culture is by comparing and contrasting against another society, and these interactions haven't been consistent throughout time.
  8. Thanks! I'll need to check that out. I'm planning a campaign involving Gaijin artifacts, place names, etc and I'd like it to close enough to new lore.
  9. I'm curious how this will play out.. does this mean FFG will drastically alter the outside world to avoid infringement? Yet plenty of content they own (Unicorn) are based on property they don't (background in the Burning Sands). Keeps the lawyers employed I guess. Reminds me of when White Wolf took over Ravenloft but couldn't write the name of a certain super evil "death knight" darklord of Sithicus (Lord Soth still owned by WotC or the Dragon Lance writers.
  10. Well, this is an interesting perspective because all of the extra world building doesn't have to ruin your vision of things. Rokugan as an isolated, highly traditional, conserved society has a populace largely ignorant of the outside world and you can run a lifetime of campaigns in which those heathen Gaijin have absolutely no screen time, are never encountered beyond those uncouth Unicorn. You can even run a campaign in which the propaganda machine of the Emperor is cranked up to 11 and any outside influence is viewed as heresy, which might be fun for PCs if they want to be against the establishment. Personally, I'm hoping for a FFG update to the Burning Sands campaign supplement published many years ago by AEG as one chapter will just barely scratch the surface.
  11. To follow up, the AEG maps of the world look more like Pangaea with Rokugan representing a substantial portion of landmass, but include many equally large or larger empires of the Burning Sands, Yodotai, etc. Don't worry gmcc, Rokugan is still very isolated and culturally xenophobic, and your table doesn't need to include this supplemental if it doesn't suit your vision or play style. There are some in the empire (Unicorn, Dragon, Mantis, Tortoise) who regularly keep tabs on the outside world for the Emperor and you still have many other clans to choose from.
  12. And we can't forget their responsibility of rooting out spiritual corruption, wherever it sows and festers with a good ol' fashioned inquisition! Enter stage left: Mel Brooks' nuns
  13. Interesting, I always thought the improvements in gunpowder weapons simply decreased the use of metal armor, which mainly stops the sharp and pointy hand helds, but not fast moving blunt projectiles. There's probably strategically placed stockpiles of Gaijin Pepper for the next time they try to invade, but what is the utility against more honorable opponents? Akodo's flexibility on methods of war notwithstanding.
  14. Paper Blossoms is a great piece of software for creating characters featuring everything you need, as long as you have source books readily available for the mechanical details. You can print the sheet afterwards and save the file if desired for updating advancement. Roll20 also has a fillable sheet for 5th edition, but I've never tried printing it out. Pages could probably be saved as images if you wanted to go that route. There's probably an pdf form out there too, but I primarily use these other methods for PC / NPC maintenance. Welcome to the newest edition!
  15. Whatever works for your table, friend. In regard to foundry content, I'll agree with sndwurks that some materials are better suited for setting and custom DLC, rather than a +0.5 edition. I'll also suggest "gazetteer" updates for running campaigns in other historical periods of Rokugan, especially if cultural shifts and perspectives differed, and entire clans or families were not yet in existence. Kind of like a Who's Who or Unexpected Allies for a time period.
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