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  1. Victoria6677

    Design Feedback

    I agree with that. It would be easier if there’s was a design that makes it possible to have informations about a collection or exapansion before adding it to your collection. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ https://downloader.vip/the-pirate-bay/ https://downloader.vip/yify-yts/ https://downloader.vip/rarbg/
  2. Victoria6677

    This Game NEEDS a 'Back' Button

    I agree too. It also needs a possibility to pick up the game where it was left. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox
  3. Victoria6677

    Update to Work on Nvidia Shield TV

    It would be really if it was accessible on Android TVS cause i can’t get it from amazon neither. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ShowBox Tutuapp Mobdro
  4. Victoria6677

    "Ugg Tect" will come back?

    I tried this game and it’s amazing ! I really liked it. I think if there’s a lot of demands, it will be in sell again