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  1. Just got the second edition. On paper this game sounds like it should tick all of the boxes for me and my friends, and while I did enjoy it, one thing was apparent and has me worried for trying again: we were constantly under attack (we played the recommended starter scenario, three people playing). I expected our poor investigators to be in terrible danger but I didn't expect monster/cultist spam. It seemed like the app spawned a new monster about every two turns. We barely got through a second room before we decided it was late and should wrap up (obviously we spent a lot of time early in the session learning the rules). By the time the last cultist spawned and delivered the same dialogue line as the previous one I could see everyone at the table sigh in anticipation of rolling out a bunch of attacks to take him down. The investigators were still relatively fighting fit by the end of it, so it's not a difficulty issue, so much as it was just tedious. Every time we tried to get back to exploring and investigating a new enemy appeared. Nothing says Lovecraftian suspenseful horror like endlessly spawning monsters that you beat to death one after another...right...? So my question is this: is this normal and the game is supposed to run with constant battles, or did we just get unlucky?
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