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  1. I feel like everytime we hear about Ronin they are bushi. Are there ronin shugenja or does something about being dishonored cause them to lose their shugenja abilities?
  2. The pre-made adventures like Mask of the Oni give experience based on achieving certain goals by the end. Have GMs been typically just giving out that xp at the end or giving out time played xp as well? If giving both have you been giving less xp for time than the recommended 1 xp per hour?
  3. Question for GMs. When do you normally switch from narrative to intrigues?
  4. Am I understanding correctly that the immobilized condition only lasts one turn no matter what? The book says that if a character did not perform a movement action they may remove the immobilized condition. I just feel like that makes things like Grasp of Earth or snaring weapons less powerful. I normally play D&D where typically a roll of some kind would be required to free yourself from stuff like that. Has anyone house ruled a check to free yourself from immobilized?
  5. In your games which way do you normally do it? I can see how GM assigned giri can help in getting the story started but I can also see how it's more fun for the player to come up with it on their own.
  6. The book says that you can't raise a ring above 3 during character creation and that if a choice would do so to pick a different ring instead. Does that mean you can still make the choice that would normally raise the ring above 3 but pick a different ring or you have to make a different choice? For example, if I'm making a Kuni Purifier even choosing Void as the Kuni family ring it maxes the Earth ring. So could I not choose that they stand out at their school through thoroughness, patience, or calm or could I choose that (for narrative purposes) and just essentially get a free ring increase of my choice?
  7. Thank you for writing these. I've read each one so far as well as some other stuff on your blog and it's really helped.
  8. How long did it take you to get through the beginner box adventure? Would it be reasonable to try to get through it all in one day? (Figuring on like 6 hours of gaming time)
  9. Thanks. I got into the game a few days late so I haven't been able to pick up a starter set yet. I figured that had to be what it meant but if I really didn't want to be wrong.
  10. Newb question, but when a card has "Action: Ready and use friendly creature" does that allow you to then use an off team creature? The definition of Friendly is just that it's on your side.
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