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  1. ok thank you, he is really strong so x)
  2. Hi there, can you please help me about this one : if my opponent has no aember, can he uses artifact ? thank you
  3. ok, all clear for me, thank you again.
  4. Thank you a lot for your answers, I have a last question about Pocket universe, I am not sure to understand if the aember is destroyed or if it goes to the general pool. And in the case that it goes in the general pool, does it means that it goes to mine if I play that. tank you again
  5. Hi there , here are some cards i have a question about, could you please tell me what you think about all this. for this one, if my opponent has only one creature and I have some, Do I have to deal 2 damage on one of my creatures after I have done 2 damage on the opponent's creature ? for this one, let's say that there is 2 aember on it, and this is my opponent that have this card in play, if I destroy it, does the 2 aember go to his pool, or to mine like " capture ". for this one, let's say that the card that is on top of the deck is a card that you can't play ( an upgrade when there is no creature for example). where does this card go ? ( it stays on top of the deck, hand, discard ? ) for this one, I would like to know if you can use it on a a creature already exhausted and/or stun? ( also, can you use it on opponent's creature ? In general, can we use upgrade cards on opponent's creature ? ) for this one, I would like to know if you reapeat only once, or 3-4-5 times, untill your opponent as the same amount of aember than you or less. for this one, Does the card means that you deal 4 damage to a creature that is not on a flank then 2 damage to one creature next to it, or 4 damage to a creature not on a flank then 2 damage on the left and on the right creature. for this one, it's quite like my first question, if I reap with it, do I have to deal 2 damage on one of my creatures if my opponent doesn't have any creature. for this one, if I put an oppoent creature in my archive, and this creature have a " destroyed " effect, does this destroyed effect triggers or not ? ( Well I guess its not destroyed it just leaves the game but I wonder ). Thank you for your help, sorry if it's a little bit to big :/.
  6. Kayten9

    Card list

    Hi, Can someone please tell me where can i find a list of all the cards of keyforge ? In english with a picture would be the best , thank you
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