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  1. @scrubbless Thank you ! Let's chat in the discord then.
  2. @scrubbless I recently saw your scenario "A strain on reality" and I am really impressed by your diary system, I was wondering if you agree to share your system / images with my scenario ? Of course you will be credited ... I am trying to understand how your system work and I will probably also improve my Shop system to get something better. Thank you
  3. What a surprise ! I didn't know that there was a shop system ! Someone knows how to use it ? I am little bit disappointed that I have wasted my time make a shop system by myself -.-''
  4. I am trying to add more than 1 button in my event, but everytime I test my event, only the first button appears ! It's probably due to the variable's value of the event (Quota variable) ... I want to add different solutions for a monster attack. Someone has an idea for this kind of issue ? By the way, thank you Scrubbless for the" old journal" solution, I will probably use this for my scenario. Edit : Solution : Quota will only display one button After sharing the issue in github, BenRQ gave the following answer :
  5. Thank you both for your answers. I am trying to add money in my scenario. So I was looking for a solution to show the money of the players without using an existing item. I tried to manage this using the UI example given by Scrubbless : I added a UI in the top-left corner of the screen, then when the players click, I call the event to show the information about the money of the team. But the mythos button is not working now ... I have to find an other solution.
  6. @scrubbless Thank you for all your answers ! Do you know if it's possible to completely customize a Qitem ? With a new name and new pictures ?
  7. Hello ! Somone knows if it's possible to print the value of a variable in a dialog box ? Thank you
  8. Someone knows how to manage the music in Valkyrie ?! Everytime I test my scenario there is a superposition of my music and the original music of the game ... Any advice ? I tried to cut the music in the event with the trigger EventStart but not success ...
  9. Thank you for your answer ! I agree with you, I had the same issues during some games. That's why I will probably add the map sizes in the description of my scenario.
  10. Hello ! Do you know how we can edit existing homemade scenarios ? I am really impressed by the UI manipulation of "The lair of Rlim Shaikorth" scenario, and I want to understand how it's work ... Sorry for my bad english, I am a french player 😅
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