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  1. That is true. I would still rather use living creatures rather then droids. Droids don't give as equal of opportunity to rebel as the living creatures do.
  2. Thank you. So after seeing your questions here's what I've come up with: 1. The planet itself is barren. There is no plant life or any indigenous animal life. I guess by barren I meant naturally lacking. Underground though it has the Etaan crystals. Id say the planet itself has natural caverns and caves and that the cites are built on the large entrances to the underground system. 2. The mines are mining for the Etaan crystal. This planet is the only place in the galaxy to get this crystal and the crystals themselves are very valuable because of there usefulness in lightsaber tech, defensive tech, and upgrading the overall damage of a plasma bolt. 3. I guess the government doesn't exist, laws and regulations are all set by gangs or mining companies. The Human clan's main purpose is to keep the crystals from getting into the hands of the evil. They have learned to weaponize the crystals, and that is how they keep control over the other gangs and companies. They also control the ports/docks so they have the other companies/ gangs pay tariffs. They are the closest thing to the government. They stay in power because anyone who stands against them gets destroyed. 4. I like the slave idea, and ill probably use that, except the PC's reasoning of coming here was not to find more crystals but to find clues of the lightsaber that they already have in there possession. So instead of trading the job for a crystal, trade doing the job for access to the ancient mine. 5. the stats are more powerful, but they already have set stats. For the upgraded weaponry, I was thinking +3 damage, or +2. and the deflector shield would do +4, but it will be a very hard check to deflect a bolt and hit a target.
  3. Hi, I am a GM and my story is a clue-based story. The last clue they found was a lightsaber with a rare Etaan crystal. So they have planned to go to the planet of Etai. The fun thing about Etai is there is no info on it, so basically I can make up whatever I want. I found a fan-made website with some info. I'll post a link below. My ideas for the planet so far is: 1. the planet is barren and riddled with crime. 2. The form of government would be lawless, and everyone would do anything they wanted. The people in power would be restrictive, dictator, slavers, who controlled the mines. 3. The only form of sustainable, uncorrupt government is a clan of humans, who control who comes in and out and controls the other mining factions with force. 4. similar to the article, this clan will not take kindly to untrusted newcomers and will not be afraid to use any force necessary to stop someone from taking a Crystal. 5. The clan will be armed with Etaan crystal based weaponry, which will do more damage than the standard version fo the gun, and Etaan crystal deflector shields. 6. my plan is to have the group want to go into an ancient mine, to find an ancient sith sanctuary that lightsaber they have was from. In order to be allowed access to the min, the group, would be forced to leave their imperial escort behind ( long story) and somehow gain the trust of the human clan by doing some kind of mission ( clearing out a mind of raiders, or helping them take out a rebellion) for them to be allowed entrance to the cave. 7. they could also try to destroy the human clan and gain access that way. thinking maybe have a base for them and having a leader. What I need help with is how to bring this situation alive, making the city (Etaan) feel like an "underground" city riddled with violence and crime. I'm trying to find a way to balance all of the crime with the human clan and make it feel real while keeping the group's options open. also, I'm trying to find a name for the human clan. I'm also trying to find a way to map it all out, with the tunnels and the city. Any ideas are appreciated. https://aminoapps.com/c/star-wars-rp-amino/page/item/etai/Rr32_2xkHvIwWavZ5P4xGwnE8n3k4evDvb3
  4. Hi, one of my PC's is a hunter, and he hunts big game and also wrangles animals in the hopes to tame them/ ride them. I really want the hunting experience for him to be good, so does anyone have any suggestions on how i might run a hunt, that would be exciting, realistic and challenging. Ive looked through the rules and seen creatures in the rules but nothing on how to run a good hunt. maybe i'm overlooking something. We tried a little test run but I don't think it was very fun/ interesting. all comments appreciated.
  5. Does anyone know how to show that a vehicles inside another vehicles hanger?
  6. Thats a great idea! So if they don't follow the main story then then the story changes! i like it. thank you for the advice.
  7. And I already have 5 different planned routes that I can loosely follow and implement into most planets that my Pc's will want to go to.
  8. When something unexpexcted happens, i have planned events that I can choose to happen that will give me time to get myself back on track. The whole reason I wanted different adversaries was to gives my Pc's more freedom in the types of enemies they fought. This way I can actually tell my story and have the Pc's feel like they have a lot of choice.
  9. Ok i understand, thank you for the advice. once i get more accompanied to Gm'ing this game I will try to start using these tools. its just at the moment its easier for me to take that traditional pursuit. again thank you for the advice!
  10. Im ok with doing a little extra work so that my PC's can enjoy diversity.
  11. Yes, but for the wrangler i don't know of anything to put, and i feel like by doing that you lose a sense of difference. especially because in my campaign they will be coexisting.
  12. Hey, i'm fairly new to star wars RPG and don't really know if this is the right forum. Im am going to do a campaign with my friends placed in the empire rebellion time, but as a twist im going to have the ancient Sith be a living thing that went into hiding and will come out of hiding during the campaign. Its very fandom and im not looking to be correct according to cannon, the only issue is I do not have any Sith trooper adversary cards or skills nor do i think any officially exist. I know many Gm's have made there own adversaries to use in there campaign and was wondering if anyone has ran a KoToR campaign or something of that sort were they would have needed sith soldiers and stuff like that. I did find one thread from a year ago or so, that someone had created the base sith trooper, the sith grenadier and the sith commando. On the wookieepedia page though, it talks about, sith Elite gunners, sith heavy troopers, sith wranglers, sith advanced troopers, and sith guardsmen. all of which i would love to use in my campaign, especially the wrangler, because one of my PC's is being a beast tamer. So if anyone has any made up adversary stats or any recommendations on how i could change the following ones i have so far, please post below. all advise welcome! here is what i got so far from the inactive forum. Made by Kylor238. Sith Trooper (Minion – Human) Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence 3 3 2 2 3 2 Soak Wound Threshold Defense 5 5 1 Skills (Group Only): Discipline, Melee, Perception, Ranged (Heavy), Equipment: Sith Assault Carbine (Ranged [Heavy], Damage 9, Critical 3, Range [Medium], Stun Setting), Sith Laminate Armor (+2 soak, +1 defense), Sith Energy Shield (+1 defense vs energy weapons and sonic weapons [stacks]), Vibrosword (Melee, Damage +2, Critical 2, Range [Engaged], Defensive 1, Pierce 2, Vicious 1), Z2 Stun Baton (Melee, Damage +2, Critical 6, Range [Engaged], Disorient 2, Stun Damage) Sith Commando (Rival – Human) Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence 4 3 2 3 3 2 Soak Wound Threshold Defense 6 16 2 Skills: Discipline 1, Melee 2, Perception 1, Ranged (Heavy) 2 Talents: Barrage, Spare Clip, Toughened, Abilities: Tactical Direction (spend maneuver to direct one Sith Trooper minion group within medium range. The group may perform an immediate free maneuver or add +1 Boost die to their next check) Equipment: Sith Light Repeating Blaster (Ranged [Heavy], Damage 11, Critical 3, Range [Long], Auto-fire, Cumbersome 4, Pierce 1), Vibrosword (Melee, Damage +2, Critical 2, Range [Engaged], Defensive 1, Pierce 2, Vicious 1),Sith Heavy Armor (+2 soak, +2 defense, +1 lightsaber soak and defense), Sith Energy Shield (+1 defense vs energy and sonic weapons) Sith Grenadiers (Minion – Human) Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence 3 3 2 2 3 2 Soak Wound Threshold Defense 5 5 1 Skills (Group Only): Athletics, Discipline, Ranged (Light), Resilience, Equipment: Sith Blaster Pistol (Ranged [Light], Damage 6, Critical 3, Range [Medium], Stun Setting), 2 Frag Grenades (Ranged [Light], Damage 8, Critical 4, Range [Short], Blast 6, Limited Ammo 1), 2 Concussive Granades (Ranged [Light], Damage 10, Critical 5, Range [Short], Blast 8, Concussive 2, Disorient 5, Limited Ammo), 1 Thermal Detonator (Ranged [Light], Damage 20, Critical 2, Range [Short], Blast 15, Breach 1, Vicious 4, Limited Ammo 1), Sith Laminate Armor (+2 soak, +1 defense), Sith Energy Shield (+1 defense vs energy and sonic weapons)
  13. Hey, i'm a new GM and i'm planning on using the Sith in my first campaign, I love the three that you have here so far, but i was wondering if you had any different Sith troopers stats made up (for Ex. Sith Elite Gunners, Sith wranglers, Sith advanced Trooper, and Sith guardsmen). I would love to have more of a variety to use in my campaign, especially the wrangler because one of my PC's is a Wrangler for his character. I know its been a while since this page has been updated, that is why I ask. Thanks!
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