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  1. slope123

    Fighting a force user

    I was reading thru this page finding a disappointing lack of HK. Let’s go kill some Jedi now.
  2. slope123

    Juyo Berserker questions

    I just found this interesting because a a GM I struggled to come up with situations that gave conflict. I usually just resorted to the “random dude is being mugged, do you rescue him and take conflict for fighting or do you ignore him and take conflict for that.” Even that was difficult since most of my campaigns took place in places where this didn’t make sense (not to mention how it ruined the flow of the session). However, later on I played in a campaign with a new GM to help him get practice, and I picked a force combat based character, and I found that conflict management was actually interesting on my end. I didn’t float up to paragon and I actually had to make difficult choices (thanks to dsp) to remain a Jedi, and the GM did nearly nothing to actually force this (other than the usually difficult campaign decisions). So, the tl;dr is either the system is designed for use with force powers, or I was just a good player and made it interesting by my GMunderstanding of the rules. I never thought about that for committing dice, but you are right. I wonder if there is a house rule that could be implemented here?
  3. slope123

    Questions about the niman disciple

    The latter does have a slight caveat (not sure if it helps or hinders). Namely that the target is engaged at the end rather than sitting at long range.
  4. slope123

    Can the clones breed?

    I don’t know of any clarification (but I bet there is a video interview on StarWars.com about this episode). I kind of just always assumed they were some sort of hybrids since they didn’t look like anything I knew of at the time. At this point it could really go either way based on what Disney intends to do. As for in game. I actually like the idea. There could even be an interesting sub-plot where a character tries to find their “actual” father, but are having trouble because of the matching DNA. I’ll have to remember this for future use.
  5. slope123

    Juyo Berserker questions

    I find all of this discussion very interesting. and as for my two cents. I’ve found that if a player invests heavily in force powers (especially combat based ones) the morality system or at least the path to paragon a little more interesting. I have wondered for a while if this is actually the developers intended use for conflict. It’s meant to be coupled with heavy force power use. That is why RP wise it’s difficult to implement, and without a very force-centric character it’s way to easy to skyrocket to paragon has anyone else noticed this in their play?
  6. slope123

    Can the clones breed?

    There is an episode of The Clone Wars called Deserter (I think) where a clone abandons his unit and attempts to live a peaceful life. Anyways it show s him marrying (a twi’lek lady I think) and he has two kids who look kind of like they could be human twi’lek hybrids. So, it seems there could be a basis for this in canon.
  7. slope123

    Let's Maths SotB Archetypes!

    I can’t remember where, but I think they mention somewhere in the CRB that if you tack on a plus 1 or minus 1 to one of the stats it doesn’t Change the XP. that said, I don’t even use the guides when crafting archetypes so this doessn’t Mean a whole lot to me.
  8. slope123

    Increasing Lethality / Long Term effects...

    I’ve found that much more than vicious 5 can kill quite effectively.
  9. slope123

    Beanstalk PDF?

    Most comic companies seem to have pulled it off quite well it then again, people are more likely to steal for sixty dollars than they are for five.
  10. slope123

    Shadows of the Beanstalk

    aren’t ther optional rules in the genesys core book for crafting? Something about adding hard points for each encumbrance.
  11. slope123

    Revisitng Replica Droids

    I like option three (which may be a subset of one I Guess) a droid that glitched and honestly thinks it’s a human (or organic as the case may be).
  12. slope123

    A quick question

    I’ve found that I like the colors of the Genesys dice slightly better (a little brighter) so I use those as much as possible, however, I currently only have one set so the SW dice get mixed in a lot.
  13. slope123

    On the Hunt - Sabine Wren and Bossk!

    The real question here is how are you going to paint Sabine?
  14. slope123

    Shadow of the Beanstalk TV/Book inspiration

    There is actually a character from the card game who considers herself a transhumanist. She’s basically a full body replaced cyborg who treats programs and bioroids like people. So, there is an aspect of this currently in the universe as some sort of cultural movement. Personally, I don’t like including body swapping in my story arcs, just because of how convoluted it can get if done badly (just look at superheroes), but it seems like it wouldn’t be to far fetched in the Android universe.
  15. slope123

    Ramblings of an old wargamer...

    @Thalandar have you ever played Imperial Assault? It’s not really a war game, but it covers a lot of the points for things you said you liked in your original post.