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  1. In the Android universe in order to hack something remotely it needs to be connected to the network. In addition you also have to be connected to the network actively. So, based on what I've seen I don't think guns and cybernetics are generally connected to the net (the exception being the spinal modem). Guns might be connected to the net if they are using the trigger ID lock, or have some sort of a monitor for police. However, just based on real world experience I highly doubt the actual firing mechanisms will be anything but as low tech as possible in order to prevent jams and malfunctions. There are also a few other interesting cases worth mentioning. Bioroids, might be able to be hacked. However, considering they are run by mechanical brains I don't think it would be easy, and I don't think their brains are actually connected to the net. Lower level robots are totally fair game however. All autonomous non-intelligent robots will likely be connected to some sort of network for things like GPS and stuff. Hoppers can be hacked I think. However, some of them are piloted by androids/clones and not by AI so those ones you probably can't.
  2. It always makes me sad to see how far the FF has fallen. 😥
  3. I don't know really, scenes that serve no practical value other than to make fans happy. I thought the Wanda scene fit that since the movie could have gone totally without it and it would have been the same. It's arguable though. It doesn't really matter though. I just didn't want people calling me misogynistic for not liking that scene even though it was for totally different reasons so I brought up a similar scene for credibility.
  4. Personally, my problem with it was not the scene itself, but the fact that they wasted that scene on a relatively meaningless moment. I mean, compare it to the other female character fan service scene (AKA Wanda going up against Thanos). No one complains about that one because everyone wanted it to happen. So, yes, give me plenty more A-Force all female fight teams scenes. Just make it matter.
  5. This sounds like a cool idea and I can't wait to hear what you end up doing. A lot of this whole thing will probably end up coming down to roleplaying and narrative stuff. Especially in terms of how well the character is able to separate player from character knowledge. My only bit of advice is to look at the mongrel from the CRB. It has the talent that has it transform into beast mode when it exceeds it's strain threshold. It also has a skill that let's it try and avoid changing or change at will, however, it requires a check to do so. I think a good place to start is with that. Then you could either have the player make two characters (which sounds like a headache to me, but it might be cool), you can just let whatever skill grant him the proper skill changes, or just handwave it and say the personality is a part of him and as such is only capable of doing that which he can already do. Perhaps create a archetype with a skill like this: Multiple Personalities When exposed to X stimuli (which would be largely based on what exactly the character type is) change into secondary personality. This second personality has separate memories and personalities from the primary personality. The character may have no knowledge of the actions of their secondary personality. If you want to take it to the next level include something like this: The secondary personality starts with no ranks in skills. At character creation the player gains 20XP which can only be spent to give skills to the secondary personality. After character creation skill ranks must be purchased separately for each personality (perhaps tack on an earned XP bonus here such as: the character earns five additional XP each session which may only be applied to skill ranks). Subconscious Memories Once per session the character may make a Difficult Willpower check to attempt to recall something known only by his inactive personality or gain ranks in a skill equal to his secondary personality until the end of the encounter. Suppressed Memories Once per session the character may make a difficult willpower check to swap personalities at will. The character remains in this personality until he swaps personalities again. For the stimuli for the first skill. You could choose anything from when it's night time to whenever the GM flips a story point. Just something that's bound to come up from time to time. Let me know what you come up with. This sounds like a very interesting character.
  6. slope123

    The future

    You certainly might get that with the Roman Dinosaur house.
  7. She is also an ethnic minority as well. She is (I think) Pakistani. If you look at her compared to other comic characters you will notice they shade her skin a few shades darker for this reason.
  8. There's also the fact that those characters aren't really mainstream popular currently. There is really numerous reasons not to include them. I do find it strange that there isn't like a token mutant character though.
  9. well if you need inspiration there is a wiki database of all the Netrunner cards that is nice for if nothing else cool names. https://netrunnerdb.com/
  10. I bet they are saving her for a Fantastic Four expansion.
  11. Are you using any of the gear options from the card game for your pdf? I started work on some supplemental programs based on the card game, and found that it had some rather interesting stuff (and a good deal of cool names).
  12. Captain Marvel's movie certainly didn't help with that.
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