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  1. So with all the bad news regarding the SWRPG lines I wanted to try and get some stuff before the prices jump through the roof. My problem is that I only have the cash right now for one more book (poor college student ). Since I only have enough for one right now my question is which book is the best to get assuming I only have enough for one more. Currently my collection consists of the Force and Destiny Core Book, Rise of the Separatists, Collapse of the Republic, Disciples of Harmony, and Endless Vigil. Currently the ones I am looking at are Dawn of Rebellion and Unlimited power (along with all the other line nonspecific books). For those who have all the other books what are your suggestions?
  2. I saw on legends of the galaxy that someone put together pdfs of the Clone wars talent trees, however, when I go there the links seem to be broken. Does anyone know another place I could find them?
  3. My players are interested in running a much more Edge of the Empire focused game, however, I only have the Force and Destiny rule book, and while I understand obligation in the most basic sense I don't have the actual rules so I don't really know how to run it as a GM. For added flavor does anyone know of any particularly interesting organizations I should include that my PCs can owe favors to, and I have no idea how to handle talents based on favors like in Genesys. Has anyone here done this? What were the results? Does anyone have the rules for obligation they'd like to help out a poor GM with?
  4. thanks guys. I decided to get the vets, and I'll probably grab some snipers later because they look cool.
  5. does anyone have any suggestions for building a quick imperial army? I still have the imps from my core set and I want to at least round out a simple list.
  6. Just curious, but what exactly makes Rebel Veterans so valuable? I see that several people have suggested them as an early starting unit.
  7. So, I've finally got around to rounding out my army, but I can't seem to find any place with good suggestions on what to start with. Currently I have two starters and Sabine, and I want to build a Rebel army. Which expansions are the best ones to get?
  8. I want to point out that if you are having trouble coming up with stats for non humanoid characters that the Star Wars books have stats for a lot of alien races that might fit what you are looking for. Just take a look on their forum, I think they have a race menagerie or something you might be able to use.
  9. Based on what we see in the show and the movies someone of Yoda's species would probably look something like this. Brawn: 1 Agility: 2 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 3 Presence: 2 WT: 9+ Brawn ST: 11+ Willpower Adept with the force: Once per session when making a force power check you may suffer one strain to add one lightside/darkside pip to the roll. At character creation you gain one free rank in discipline. You cannot train discipline over rank two during character creation. This could be a little strong with all abilities stacking on willpower, however, this seems quite close to what we see in the movies.
  10. I'm kind of worried that FFG might stop doing the Worlds of Android sort of thing and instead just release Genesys Sourcebooks instead. That is kind of my theory right now anyways. I imagine its rather hard to sell a singular sourcebook without any sort of mechanics for a totally new universe that they won't know if anyone will buy.
  11. I suspect that one of the main reasons that they are doing the Keyforge book is so that they can release a sourcebook with all of the lore from Keyforge. They seem to be working to build the lore in the universe to an extent. I suspect that this is less for Genesys players and more for Keyforge players.
  12. I'm running the pre gen adventure with some people and I want to give them a good experience with their first time using the Genesys system. The problem is, I've run a couple of games within the Android universe before and I have a hard time constructing the ambiance of the cyberpunk world. I have significant experience with the Star Wars RPG and I have little trouble with that since I have consumed mass amounts of Star Wars media, however, Android has little media connected to it. So my question is this. Does anyone have suggestions for world building notes or something within the game to help flesh it out?
  13. Not sure if any of these actually answered my question (which it looks like I'll have to write FFG for), but thanks for the extended history of the LCG model.
  14. thank you that was helpful. I'll try that.
  15. Hello, I am a college student working on writing a report on Fantasy Flight Games and their innovative decision to use the Living Card Game business model, however, I can't seem to figure out who actually came up with the idea of the living card game. My best guess is the designer on the first LCG Nate French, however, there doesn't seem to be anything confirming or denying that information. If there are any LCG veterans on here who remember the early days and know some sort of information that could help me that would be much appreciated. btw, I also posted this on the main LCG thread, but that one seems rather inactive so I decided to also post it here to get more traffic.
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