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  1. So I just got this deck containing two Duskwitches and one Skybooster Squadron. Duskwitch makes it so all my creatures come into play ready. Skybooster Squadron has the ability Reap: return Skybooster Squadron to your hand. So if I have a Duskwitch in play, I can just play Skybooster Squadron, reap with it, return it to my hand and repeat the whole process six times. Thus gaining six Aember a turn with just these two cards. Opponent should make sure to kill the Duskwitch as soon as it hits play.
  2. Where is the problem? Ammonia clouds deals 3 damage to all creatures, which will destroy Duma. This will make Duma's Destroyed ability trigger, which will in turn remove all damage from the other creatures, so they won't die. Interestingly enough, the damage might even trigger the abilities of dust imp and/or Grenade snib, before Duma saves them. Am I right? The active player will choose the order in which all of this happens. So if I choose to resolve Duma's ability first, dust imp/Grenade snib will no longer die so their abilites won't trigger any more. Is that correct? I'm confused 😕
  3. I agree. I play on thecrucible every now and then and I hope that this increases my awareness of those issues in offline games.
  4. I prefer online play. I played with my son a few days ago and it was really hard to keep track of all the interactions. "Oh right, the first creature should have come into play ready" "Wait, did I pay you Aember, when I used my artifact?" "Oh, I just realized, you couldn't forge last turn because of my murmook." Those things don't happen in online play.
  5. You could go to the mastervault, scan through the decks and write down all languages, you can identify by the names.
  6. Found some really nice looking deck boxes at etsy.com. Unfortunately I have yet to find a nice box, that holds multiple decks plus all the tokens, keys and markers.
  7. In most scenarios, that I faced so far, it didn't make a difference, if I dealt 6 or 8 to the opposing creature. And Valdr usually dies, when fighting a big creature. I would rather have an 8 power creature or something like a 4 power creature, that gets 2 power markers, when fighting a flank creature.
  8. Valdr has a strange ability. Dealing +2dmg to a flank creature seems of very marginal value to me. He can kamikaze into something really big or kill a 5 power creature with 3 armor and live to tell the story. Apart from that, the ability seems mostly useless. Unless I missed something.
  9. There is no such rule in the German translation of the rule book. There it explicitly says, that you can only forge one key during the forge a key step. I think, you might be wrong.
  10. I've played magic in the 90s. It has become much more streamlined in that time. Take a look at cards from the revised set and before and you know what I mean. We've come a long way since then and ffg has learned from the mistakes made in magic through the years. But with that background, it is no surprise, that there are some issues with keyforge and its rules. That being said, I will not join this discussion, as to me it's obvious, how poltergeist works.
  11. Putting a mostly useless card in your deck is probably a way to make up for the fact, that you have 4 niffle apes and 2 niffle queen.
  12. You can attack the same creature multiple times in the same turn. But each attack resolves separately. So if the opponent's creature dies, you can no longer attack it to trigger fight effects. On a side note: Fight effects trigger after the fight, but only if the creature survived. And fight effects only trigger when the creature attacks, not when it is being attacked. All of this is covered in the rule book.
  13. No. It means, that you lose an ämber and can forge a key midturn at the current cost, which is usually 6,but could have been altered by some other card.
  14. This could be an interesting topic. Post a deck, you feel is underpowered and let the community help you understand how to play it optimally. Mine is called Edzard, Student des Felds and you can find it on the app. I feel like it has quite a few cards, especially Brobnar cards, that would be much better, if I had more creatures, that are better at fighting. What do you think?
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