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  1. Ah, missed that. Always learning...
  2. Zabov

    Card sizes

    Ultra Pro Matte Eclipse are also good for KF.
  3. So yes it is possibile to shuffle your discard pile, form the "new" deck and draw because of library access.
  4. Zabov

    Shadow self

    Ok I was confusing fight with combat, considering "fight" as "attack".
  5. They could FAQ the purge rule saying that it occurs instead destruction. This way there will be no bad-penny-like weird interaction anymore. As for the "you" we came from over 20 years of card games and we are now used to intend the rulings in a specific way. "you", "you may", "your opponent", etc... they always refer to the controller of the card and always should. If they intend to refer to the active player they should say it clearly writing "the active player".
  6. Zabov

    Shadow self

    Does Shadow Self deal damage if attacked?
  7. The biomatrix backup example is probably the first time in a card driven game where your opponent get to choose for abilities on cards controlled by you. I don't like it. Also about Pitlord + Restringuntus: declare "no house" means to just skip all your turns without even draw. It's just sitting there and watching you opponent win. I found it a very poor rulings case as in any game it shouldn't be allowed to create a situation where a player simply plays alone. It's not fun, for anyone. Hope they'll rethink and fix it.
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