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  1. Many thanks Cleto0 and @Eruletho, It's good to be informed and shore troopers are next on the list. I really enjoy the look of the tank so it's helpful to know the choice is solid -- when I'm ready for it. I plan on a really dirty, streaked and chipped exterior which will be so much fun to paint and model. I'll post fresh questions if I have them later, time to start experimenting with lists on my own. Cheers gents.
  2. Excellent everyone, thanks again. One more question while we're at it -- heavy support, with the point cost reduction for the AT-ST do you recommend it over the tank, or are both viable for their obvious differences? I will only get one of the two for a long while.
  3. Thanks for the feedback -- They look amazing as well. I'll pick up a box.
  4. I am an emerging empire player,and only own 2 units of storms (starter box) and one unit of snow Troopers. Any thoughts on if I should purchase Shore Troopers, or go with double snows, or another third unit of Storms from the expansion? Budget is tight, players in the area pretty experienced and hard-hitting. advice greatly appreciated.
  5. Ok, the above straight-up red trooper from previous post needed work, so I: outlined recesses of armor and helmet in black added weathering pigment to depict dust and desert grime on the legs. Still not thrilled with the red, and not many people like it sadly. I'll complete this unit since they are primered for it, but my next will be traditional White Troopers (with a bit of wind-swept sand on them as well). Comments and feedback welcome.
  6. You are cranking these out! really nice work. Do you use contrast paints, and if so, in what capacity?
  7. Looks amazing and that flock is stellar. What brand is it?
  8. I like certain Imperial officer! These are solid but have you considered spraying them with a matte finish like Testors dull coat? I'm working on some red troopers too.
  9. I love the unique metal on the speeders. all these look amazing.
  10. I'm enjoying this thread -- and yes the E-Web especially appeals to me. Love the off-black / metal of the weapon. The subtle and weathered white on the Snow Troopers looks great too.
  11. Not as keen on this scheme, but wanted something different. After spending too much time on the test model, it's time to call it, "good enough." Another six to go primered in this fashion.
  12. @ZealuxMyr thanks so much, i am going to have a buddy help me get a base coat down like this on mine. Cheers!
  13. Love this work. Is the tank airbrushed? The subtle changes in color gradient are amazing.
  14. I love these, really rad theme. Keep posting your finished models please!
  15. Hexcessive

    Legion 42

    ****, fantastic. All the way down to the texture and color on the desert basing. Keep it flowing please!
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