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  1. Very cool stuff! How did it go with your group? Did the chain whip weapon work ok? I'd love to borrow some of these adversaries, if you're cool with it -- with credit of course.
  2. Awesome - I found the thread and will definitely check it out! Glad to hear you like it! Once I dig through the thread, I'd love to talk ideas and what worked at your table.
  3. Updated: Version 1 is now available. I play-tested it with my group and made a few tweaks. Enjoy! After watching the amazing Netflix series and playing through a few of the old games, I put together a Castlevania mod. It's in alpha right now, completely untested but available to check out. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AVimaBsF9UqKAQOWYy3E7_BQ7UoqzkKg The show really did a great job of showing how much story there is to be had in the Castlevania setting. So why not an RPG approach?
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