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  1. From errata that makes me think the answer is no: I play Smaaash (CoTA 046), but each of my opponent’s creatures is already stunned. Do I have to resolve the effect against Smaaash itself? No. You may still choose to resolve Smaaash’s “Play:” effect against one of your opponent’s creatures, however you cannot put a stun counter on an already stunned creature so nothing will happen.
  2. I am not sure what you are defining as genuine counters in reference to this game. All action card effects happen instantly, and there is no way to interrupt that effect during your opponent's turn. This is the standard in keyforge, Bait and Switch just fails to be an exception. Bait and Switch actually has an abnormally high number of soft counters. The only counter to Scrambler Storm is to not have actions in your hand, and because you randomly draw cards, this isn't exactly something you can choose to do.
  3. I'm starting to suspect that they want the UK Vault tour to be blind sealed. If I am right, then the launch date will be May 31st.
  4. If you use Project Z.Y.X to play an opposing creature, the creature will go to your opponent's hand. If that creature had a "Play:" ability, will that ability trigger? Play abilities don't trigger until after the creature enters play. So the real question is, does "If that creature leaves your archives, put it in its owner's hand instead" trigger before or after entering play?
  5. Revert

    New Favorite Card

    Card now fully revealed. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/12/age-of-ascension/ https://www.reddit.com/r/KeyforgeGame/comments/bglzkz/this_is_the_most_hype_card_in_age_of_ascension/ Agent Hoo-man: 2 Power: Martian Agent: Elusive. Choose a friendly non-Mars creature and an enemy non-Mars creature. Stun the chosen creatures. It is great when you only have Mars creatures.
  6. It is extremely good in dis mirror matches, and against specific creatures with constant effects, like Hunting Witch, otherwise it might has well read destroy 1 creature. And I know this is an over simplification. Having a card that lets you destroy any creature is still an above average card, so I do think this card is extremely good, but as long as cards like Bait and Switch, Time Traveler, and Numquid the Fair exist, I have a hard time complaining about this card. This card feels like it fits well within in the upper tiers of power level. If I judge this against cards that are frustrating to play against instead of power level, I still end up with this card well outside the greatest offenders; Lash of Broken Dreams, Restringuntus, and Succubus to just name a few that can be more frustrating. I agree this card is more powerful than the 2 cards you mentioned, but Dis is also much better at affecting board state than both Logos and Shadows, so it only makes sense that its card is more powerful. Overlord Greking is in the same house, and can theoretically steal multiple opposing troops, and doesn't need to worry that the next set having a card that can destroy upgrades. I'm not against the idea of it exhausting the troop it takes, but only if the rule was added to all cards that can steal cards. That way the change can be part of the rules and not part of a the errata. I don't think this card is nearly imbalanced enough to justify an errata. Sneklifter is one of the few cards that makes me wish this game has deck building, as I wish I could have 1 copy of this in every deck. It is a strong counter to the Library Access and Nepenthe Seed combo. When they don't have that combo, it is still amazing for countering any of the other artifacts in the game, I don't even care if it takes an artifact that I can't use (like Mothergun). In the rare occurrence that you are playing against a deck with no artifacts, it still gives you a creature you can reap with. But again, I can't find myself willing to call it overpowered as we need strong counters to Library Access and Nepenthe Seed, but again again, if a rule was added to make whatever it stole come over exhausted, I wouldn't mind that.
  7. Sorry about resurrecting this thread, but this is the first result on google when searching for the OP's question, and this thread does not contain the answer. Here is the list of cards that are limited to 1 per deck according to the below youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSXbqpD1paw Key Charge Chota Hazri Lash of Broken Dreams Burn the Stockpile Bait and Switch Key Hammer Master of ... (you can't have a master of 2 and a master of 3) Library Access Wardrummer Ether Spider Restringuntus Replicator
  8. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/22/power-up/
  9. If you are limited to 1 of each shard per deck, this could also be accomplished by using shard of life along side Song of Spring.
  10. As the newest article says, 6 of the 8 finalists of the vault tour were running Bait and Switch. So I figured it would be appropriate to have a discussion about how to counter Bait and Switch. The below sentences are phrased like facts, but they are very much person believes, so feel free to argue about them. All decks can attempt to manage their amber through play style. If you ensure that bait and switch can never steal 3+ amber, then you are probably going to be in good shape. 3+ stealing occurs if you have 5 more amber than your opponent or greater. Stealing 2 is still a good trade for your opponent, but keeping yourself with 2 amber of your opponent is often handicapping you more than it is worth. Cards that counter: Key Charge (Forging Keys Early reduces valid times to play Bait and Switch) Chota Hazri Key of Darkness Restringuntus (Prevents opponent from being able to play Bait and Switch for at least 1 turn) Control the Weak Scrambler Storm Pocket Universe (Reduces amber available to be stolen) Safe Place Iron Obelisk (Increasing opposing key costs increases the amber your opponent has on average, and that reduces valid periods to play Bait and Switch) Lash of Broken Dreams Grabber Jammer Jammer Pack Murmook Miasma Deep Probe (Looking at your opponents hand at the start of a turn can tell you if Bait and Switch is even a concern this turn) Psychic Bug Imperial Traitor Card that make it worse: Capturing Ether Spider in Particular The Sting
  11. Revert

    Wild Wormhole

    Kandy, I did list every card that could be bad, and did not rank how bad. I felt like I was trying to stuff too much information into one post. So some of the things are only slightly bad. In exchange, I didn't list any of the cards that have a decent chance of doing nothing (ex: Bait and Switch). I was really uncertain if Chota Hazri was bad enough to make the list. Kelfi Dragon made it because it changes 1 amber and 1 unpredictable card to 1 amber, and 1 amber for playing 1 card is a bad exchange rate, but I could see removing it as well. Truebaru made the list more due to what happens when you have 6 amber instead of what happens when you have 2. My personal definition for dead cards includes cards you are discarding for no effect. A card you would prefer to discard for no effect over playing is probably my definition for a dead card. A card can change from dead to alive depending on board state. Twitchy, That is why I called out having 2 different types of cards from the list is worse than having only 1. If your only backfire cards are board wipes, then it should be easy to plan around (not currently commenting on how often you will have the opportunity). If you have a board wipe and a Pitlord, that is much harder to plan for. My point is that enough bad cards exist that the average deck with wild wormhole would have been better without wild wormhole. I'm not saying that it is the worst card in the game, just that I find it confusing that people keep referring to it as an "amazing card" and giving it high rankings. Everybody seems to be talking about it as if it is a A- or B+, but all I can see it as is a C-. Below average, but not so below average that it ruins a deck.
  12. Revert

    Wild Wormhole

    Kandy, Maybe I am overestimating how bad having a dead card in your hand is. Having 2 wild wormholes in your hand while sitting at 3+ amber because your opponent keeps preventing you from forging a key, and you can't risk it hitting 1 of your 3 EPs feels like a big self handicap to me. Twitchy, If you have reliable archiving, I could see them working out. And if you have few enough bad hits that you can keep them in your hand, I can see that working as well. But I am not sure how to define "few enough". 2 might be too many if they are different types of cards, and 3 might be too many regardless. If I need to worry about hitting EP or a board wipe, then the number of safe turns to play Wild Wormhole would be relatively few. I feel like I'm getting dragged too far into a hole about how good it is in specific decks, instead of looking at how good it is on average. Wild Wormhole is in 125,259 decks, but only 47,809 of those decks have Library Access (38%). In decks without library access, it is 1 amber plus 1 unpredictable card. If you didn't have Wild Wormhole in your deck it would instead be 1 predictable card. I don't think 1 amber is a good enough payment to make an unpredictable play instead of a predictable one. In a deck with Library Access (1 amber, 2 Draws, 1 unpredictable play vs 1 Draw, 1 predictable play) I can see a valid argument, but all of the cards in the list below risk ruining that (assuming I don't miss any). I don't have a good way to get a percentage for that, but seeing how we are starting at 38%, I have a hard time believing it is reasonably high. I am including rarity next to the card. Coward's End (C) Arise! (C) Gateway to Dis (C) Effervescent Principle (C) Phosphorus Stars (C) Save the Pack (C) Champion's Challenge (R) Earthshaker (U) Guilty Hearts (R) Hecatomb (R) Oath of Poverty (R) The Spirit's Way (U) Truebaru (R) Kelifi Dragon (R) Pitlord (R) Grommid (R) Treasure Map (R) Shatter Storm (R) Key Charge (C) Chota Hazri (U) Horseman of Famine (S) Horseman of War (S) Three Fates (U) Tendrils of Pain (U) Key Hammer (U) The Sting (R) Epic Quest (R) Hysteria (U) Ammonia Clouds (C) Mating Season (R) One Last Job (R) Poison Wave (C) Commons x 9, Uncommons x 7, Rares x 14, Special x 2
  13. Revert

    Wild Wormhole

    There are definitely decks I could imagine/build that it would be good in. Brobnar in particular seems to have very few cards that can backfire. But even in your example, the risk of hitting Effervescent Principle seems like a big deal to me. That means any time you have more or equal to the amber as your opponent it could backfire pretty horribly. You are not only loosing a good amount of amber, but you are also gaining a chain. Your phase shift and library access combo might be enough to overcome this, but that would still make your deck the exception and not the rule in my mind. Maybe I just don't want the boat hard enough.
  14. Revert

    Wild Wormhole

    People seem to really like Wild Wormhole. SAS currently has it as a 3.5/4. I don't get it. It seems like too much of a liability in most decks I see. If you have any board wipes in your deck, it becomes too risky to play. If your opponent has an empty board, that gets extended to basically all damage actions, as almost all damage actions don't include the word "may". If your deck has artifact destruction, then that is another entire layer to consider. Even if it does let you play a card from outside of logos, you are almost always going to playing the card at a sub-optimal time. I will admit that it works well with library access. But even then it doesn't feel like such an amazing combo that the card can justify how much everyone else seems to think it is good.
  15. The supply issues were very frustrating, but with how popular the game was at release I am not all that surprised, guessing how much to print for a new game is hard. My area has had the attendance drop in several stores for the same reason. This lack of attendance has caused a lack of chainbound events. Most stores near me are only hosting 1 a month instead of 1 a week. Basically, I think you anger is justified, but I don't think there is anything FFG can do about it now. As far as prizes go, I would be thrilled if a local store started having chainbound events with no prizes and either no or very small entry fees. I am more excited by the power level system than I am about any prize.
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