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  1. My personal ruling is yes. If the answer was no, then Livia would have almost no good targets. I don't think the rulebook is clear enough to make a definitive ruling
  2. I would suggest contacting keyforge by email. They rarely post on this forum, and confirming the validity of a tournament is not something a random user can do. They are expecting a certain number of prime championships to take place, so if one is missing, then they will most likely want it to be fixed.
  3. If you want counters, get the worlds collide starter or deluxe starter. If you don't, then just buy decks from any set. These would be the 2 most fun options in my friend group. I specify the worlds collide starter because they used user feedback to make it better than the call of the archons starter. Its not a huge difference, but why not get the slightly better option.
  4. I would like it if the FAQ for Neutron Shark on page 29 of the rulebook was updated to specifically specify whether the top card of the deck still gets discarded or not. The way that it is worded I believe the answer is yes, but being absolutely certain would make me feel better. This ruling would help me understand if a destroyed card's ability ends immediately, or if it ends after it finishes resolving (and it just can't be repeated if it is destroyed). This FAQ is the only section of the rulebook I can find that touches on the idea that an ability would end if the card is destroyed. Every other section dealing with destruction and abilities is about how destruction prevents the ability from triggering in the first place.
  5. Simplegarak, I know Target had its big fiasco, but the set isn't actually out yet, so any terms used for the first time in Worlds Collide wouldn't have been defined yet in the rulebook.
  6. All rulings at tournaments have been made based off of the rules as written, and not the rules as intended, so ... yes, I am going to care about the rules I am forced to play by. Whenever I play this card, I will graft an action even if it is bad. Now if I am playing game, and my opponent chooses to not graft anything, I am not going to call him out on it, because I care more about the fact that I am not cheating than I am not being cheated. Like I said in the opening, I am perfectly happy playing games where you have to trust your opponent. I am just calling this card out because I don't want keyforge to make the same mistake in the future. The Anomalies are from the future, so they might be play testing set 4 cards with this effect right now.
  7. Examples include: Board wipes Cards that give you chains Cards whose effects are dependent on having no creatures in play. Key Charge when you're not close to forging As a side note Alpha & Omega cards will be amazing to graft.
  8. Because they may have an action in their hand that is bad to graft. Either because of the risk of it being destroyed before they can trigger it, or because its effect doesn't work well on turns where the active house is the Infomancer's house.
  9. Infomancer requires you to trust you opponent if they play the card without grafting an action onto it. Something that you can only do if you have no actions in your hand. You could claim that you have no actions, and there is no good way to prove you wrong. I don't mind games where you trust your opponent, but this game seems to have been avoiding effects that cause you to do this, so I felt I should call it out. Infomancer - Creature - Elusive. Play: Graft an action card from your hand onto Infomancer. (Place it faceup under the card.) Reap: Trigger the play effect of an action card grafted onto Infomancer.
  10. How do you check you Vault Tour Points? I see my Vault Tour rank, but where are my points (if I am not in the top 100 ... currently)?
  11. I don't think the rate in which you game power levels from playing chainbound is high enough when using the vault tour as a standard. I know power levels currently mean nothing, but I feel like people who do well in chainbound deserve more bragging rights. Vault Tours establish power level 3 as the minimum power level for the best deck in possession of a serious player (I know this doesn't have to be true, but in general it is). In which case, the best deck among players who regualarly visit a single store should be higher than that (or at least equal to it). As far as I can tell, there are currently 92 3-power decks and 6 4-power decks from purely chainbound (these numbers are likely to have false positives). This means that there are less people who have earned 4-power decks from chainbound, than there are players who have won vault tours (8-power). These players deserve some sort of boost for their amazing accomplishment (I don't think anyone at my store has gotten higher than 2-power from chainbound). I am not suggesting raising them to 8-power, but mainly because store level chainbound events are more likely to have people attempt to game the system.
  12. At Gen Con they had a keyforge vending machine (I have an image for a similar machine below). All you could buy was sealed decks. I don't know how well it actually did, but I definitely had some friends who bought decks purely for the novelty of getting them out of a vending machine. I was think it would have been even more exciting for me if they had opened decks in the machine, but all you could see was the archon (and the houses).
  13. How well do you have to do to go to the World Championship? Keyforgegame.com currently displays the top 100 players. Is that the cut off? If there is no way to know, then how many players does fantasy flight tend to invite to their other games?
  14. I don't know why Brad Andres would need a secret facebook group, he was at Origins. I can confirm this ruling was made there, I was a couple tables away when it happened. The justification I heard is that Destroyed effects occur before being destroyed, so the neighbors get archived because Archimedes is still on the board when the effect he gives to his neighbors trigger. Because this Destroyed effect removes them from the battle line, the battle line collapses and Archimedes now applies his constant ability to his new neighbors, causing this effect to repeat until everybody but Archimedes is in the archives. Tolas's effect occurs when someone is destroyed, but Archimedes effect occurs before someone is destroyed.
  15. That would require the card to be using a keyword before the keyword existed. Also, Logos already has 2 alpha cards, so making library access alpha might actually make it worse in tournaments than making it purge itself. In casual play, where games are longer, alpha is definitely the better way to handle this, but the article specifically called out that these changes were made for the tournament scene. This would mean that you could play cards in the middle of other cards effects, which is not something that is currently allowed by the rules. This leaves people the opportunity to double library access through the use of mimicry. Their biggest problem with the combo (according to the article) was how long it took to do, not how reliable it was, so being able to do it at all is a problem. This doesn't solve the problem with Reverse Time.
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